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MADE is a creative agency + media production studio. Our clients take on big challenges. That provides us ample opportunities to learn new things. We innovate new methods and practices to exceed the needs of the market.

Results MADE Produces

  • Generating New Revenue
  • Increasing Profit Margins
  • Operating Efficiently
  • Communicating Brand Messages
  • Developing A Rewarding Company Culture

In addition, MADE utilizes a combination of talent that has industry-domain expertise.

This is part of what makes us effective. If you want to know who’s behind our brand, click the button below.

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we offer solutions Made With clear expectations

MADE’s (5) core services are:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Creative Direction
  • Media Production
  • Marketing Agency
  • Business Development Advisor

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Industry segments

The Built World

Companies that are involved with design, engineering, construction, and real estate development are facing challenges right now related to talent and technology. Leadership at these companies also need to grow by embracing digitalization and other emerging technologies.

MADE has the experience & vision to support you.


Leisure Consumables

Human beings are unique in the animal kingdom in part because of how we spend our leisure time. People are inspired and motivated by the little things in life. Those simply pleasures are all things which are consumed on a regular basis and they require honest messaging to reach the right audiences.


Young people are faced with challenges that are of a new kind of scale. We have to change the way we educate the next generation so that they are taught to think critically. MADE has the vision and leadership to inspire students & faculty alike.

Professional Services

Providers of professional services need to demonstrate their experience and value transparently. By directing your brand identity, MADE will position you in the market to be found easily and understand instantly by your prospective customers.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Every major market segment operates differently. Though digital disruption has made common tools available to everybody, there are still nuances within each business. MADE keeps all variables in mind when developing your plans.

When developing or executing strategies, we take a bird’s eye view of your position to create strategies that really work.


If you have an unwieldy project, a difficult set of circumstances, and a tight time table, Kristen is who you want. As an empathetic consultant, she has the ability to understand complex business issues as well as interpersonal relationships. With a degree in Communications Studies from Rowan University, Kristen is an accomplished interdisciplinary professional who adds value to every MADE engagement.

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meet the bermans

Matt & Kristen are a married couple. They founded and own MADE together. Most people first ask them, “Why do you work with your spouse?!” The next question is usually, “How do you work with your spouse?!” The answer is, they are both committed to the same things. MADE exists to fulfill on the creative vision Matt and Kristen have, and they are just getting started!

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When you are looking for a competitive edge, Matt’s your guy. He is dedicated to client success and has a thirst for learning new things. Matt has parlayed his degree in Philosophy from Temple University to think critically. He offers a vivid consulting approach that opens up new strategic growth for clients. On the creative side, Matt is MADE’s senior copywriter, creative director, and heads up business development & sales..

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Case Studies

rowan university south jersey technology park (vr center)

Rowan University’s South Jersey Technology Park houses the school’s virtual reality lab. The school has been leading the mixed reality industry in R&D for over a decade. With new interest in virtual and augmented reality, the VR center is experiencing more inbound leads from the public. MADE works with the leadership of the tech park to develop a plan that is changing the face of this venture.


The VR center has now engaged in a number of private business arrangements developing virtual reality programs, and has a strategic plan to exponentially grow their revenue through this partnership. MADE continues to work with Rowan in expanding the capacity and profile of STJP’s VR center.

Services Rendered

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Development Advisor