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A city run by extremists will abuse its citizens mercilessly.

Yesterday I met a Philly PD officer who I’ll call “Officer S.” Or “S” for short. S and I had a very brief but impactful conversation. I told S that I was exacerbated trying to get the city leadership to change their course.

He told me, “this city is run by extremists,” and said that “you’ll never win.” But we have to win.

A City Run By Extremists Will Despise Normalcy

Even though I support the notion of policing, I don’t love every cop I meet. The truth is that there are a lot of bad cops out there. Even good cops can act badly from time to time, and their position makes the bad actions critical. A few years ago there was even a list that went around of cops in Philly who had been involved in criminal activity or severe disciplinary action. Some of them got DUI’s. Others were involved in aggravated assaults; domestic or otherwise. S was not on this list, for the record.

One of the things that I found interesting about this was that there were about 66 cops on this list. There are however, about 6,300 police officers on the force in Philadelphia. They are one of the top 5 biggest police departments in America. So that’s about 1% of cops. Therefore no matter how many bad run-ins any of us might have with bad cops, you have a 99% chance of running into a decent one. But a city run by extremists will not allow people to think this way (if they can help it) because that’s normal. They want extreme. The extreme cases like Derek Chauvin & George Floyd, or other acts of brutality with police & civilians, are rare.

There were a few cases in this list of bad cops where it was clear the cops had abused their position. Tasing people who weren’t a threat. Assaulting civilians while off-duty. That kind of thing. What was more shocking were the leniency with which these officers were granted. I didn’t see a single case where the department dismissed somebody or fired them, etc. Few of these officers looked like they faced real punishment at all.

“Transformative Justice” Has Rotted Our City To The Core

Who are the extremists that S is talking about who run the city? Look at the people in power positions:

  • Mayor Jim Kenney
  • District Attorney Larry Krasner
  • City Council President Darrell Clarke
  • Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw

All of these people have pushed dangerous, deadly policies. Well before the SARS2 outbreak, this city was in major trouble because of people like this. They all believe in this concept of “transformative justice,” which really means “no justice.” Their belief could be summarized by saying something like, “if we stopped arresting people there would be no prisons.” They think that ultra-lenient criminal justice prosecution, for example, will yield a safer society. Newsflash: it hasn’t. It won’t. Because that makes no sense. You can’t eradicate crime by pretending it isn’t happening or letting violent dangerous criminals go free.

S showed me that certain low-level non-violent crimes can be an ultimate waste of the Philly PD’s time. If they had to administrate all the low-level non-violent crime in this city there were be too few resources to combat real dangers. Cutting a single public property vandal go free with a warning is one thing. But Krasner has let multiple killers loose, who go on to kill again. You’re not going to get away from a society with murder by letting people get away with murder. That doesn’t make sense.

They Think The Breakdown Of Normal Is A Good Thing

If normal is bad, then breaking normal down into chaos could be good. That is, if there is a way out of that chaos back into something that is good. For example, if refusing to prosecute violent crimes normally resulted in fewer violent crimes (long term) it could work. But it doesn’t. Obviously. Not even in the short term. But in Philadelphia you can’t convince these people that they have failed to achieve the result they claimed they wanted. You have to start to realize that they don’t care about the net result so long as the process looks transformative. So long as they can act like they’re being radical in their approach, they feel vindictated.

In the end it’s just lazy, ignorant, arrogant, and deadly.

However, in the process of transformative justice is a concept that you could understand as something like, “it’s always darkest before dawn.” In other words, things may get really bad right before they get better. So when things like the murder-rate skyrocket, a lot of these people actually think what they’re doing is working.

Imagine trying to “transform” something about yourself that would be radical. For example, if you overeat, and wanted to stop that. While you try to figure out (and stop) whatever makes you do that, you may actually regress. You could end up eating more food than usual, as your mind & body fight the change. But that doesn’t mean you’re actually on the right path just because you regress. In other words, if you regress on purpose to pretend you’re going to go forward at some point, you’re just being destructive. That would be like a person trying to lose weight intentionally eating more while lying to people about trying to change their habits. This is how our city government acts when it comes to: violence, homelessness, etc.

This City Run By Extremists Needs Real Leadership

S & I had a very frank discussion about the kinds of activism or protest that the city has allowed in the past and we also talked about how the city officials have been cowardly. They have hidden from us. They are hiding information as well. I called the health department recently trying to schedule time to talk directly to Tom Farley. His secretary told me that he had zero time in his schedule whatsoever. Her excuse at the time? He was “dealing with” the news about one of the vaccines being ineffective or pulled. This guy is supposed to have been handling this virus for over a year now. What exactly is he so busy with? In fact, you’d think he has been wrong about a lot of things until you realize he too believes in transformative justice – in healthcare.

That’s why the city has a big social justice push about getting minorities vaccinated from SARS-CoV-2. You can hear it in all of their communications. Farley is an extremist in his views about medicine. In his book (which I have written about in the past) he makes it clear that he (like Fauci) believes in socialized medicine. Not because of any belief in the human being’s right to healthcare, though. It’s because he thinks this is the only way the government could control people’s lives to a degree that they reduce fatalities or untimely death.

If you actually took the time to read his book, or any part of it, you’d see that. You’d also see that he knows full well that the spread of diseases can come from places the mainstream doesn’t see. Yet he did nothing on his own in studying this virus locally other than reporting the numbers. I know that because I’m one of the 100 people who actually watched the press conferences he gives on Tuesdays.

Tom Farley Knew He Was Going To Have People Killed With His Reckless Actions

There was a press conference where Farley actually said things in the same sentence that contradicted each other. By the way, not only are contradictions no problem for the transformative justice types; it’s requisite. It is believed that there is some kind of impossible anti-logic to the practice of real societal change. In reality this is because all they do is form a cult of belief in a group-think protection racket and ostracize anybody who disagrees. From the beginning anybody with common sense would’ve said you shouldn’t put sick elderly people back into their general population.

In fact, the city of Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania governments both endorsed a policy to release prisoners from their captivity. Why? The theory was that they’d be spreading and getting SARS at an alarming rate which never happened. In fact, an official from the city admitted that there was only 1 case from their staff who deal with the incarcerated. 1 case. That’s it.

So Farley believed it was okay to release prisoners from their sentence (which has other problems) but decided the elderly don’t deserve equal treatment. For their crimes of what? Surviving to an inconvenient age?

How grotesque. But that’s our radical extreme city “leadership” for you. They really think this is all okay because it’s in service of their greater good (which will never come). Think about the prisoner release program for a minute. This was at a time the government was lying about the danger of this virus, and Tom Wolf had forced businesses to close with the threat of state aggression in response to defying his orders. Many complied which forced consumers to not be able to work or patron (some) businesses. Where were these released people going to work to pay for housing? Where were they going to get housing? Nobody in positions of power asked these questions. Because anybody with common sense knew this would increase the already out of control violence in this city. Which it did.

Complicity Kills

Farley, and the rest of these city officials were in lockstep with other cities/states like New York City. Whoever was setting the pace of this mess is responsible. But so are the cowards here that let it happen. At this point our city officials, even the good ones, are not in an environment where real justice can occur. Many are still in denial about what really happened in 2020 because it’s so shameful. But it’s time for the adults to wake up and stop pretending. Things will not get better if we continue on this path. S made it clear he thought there is no way to win, even though he agrees with me about the extremist problem here. That’s a sad reality. It is a kind of complicity. Accepting fraud, corruption, and complicity itself – has proven to be the real epidemic.

At least in Philadelphia, you have a better chance of the government robbing you of your civil rights than you do of getting SARS-CoV-2. This city government has robbed all citizens and taxpayers. That impacts everybody. SARS-CoV-2 is actually a nominal problem that we need to start ignoring in favor of these more important issues that are plaguing our city. We can survive this virus with 98.5% assurance – by doing nothing at all. We cannot survive the tail end of these corrupt “transformation” coaches in our government. Their complicity and cowardice are killing people every day.

A city run by extremists is always on the brink of anarchy.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligence as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattebphl