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Carlos Vega’s Philly DA campaign promises to be a big fat nothing burger for anybody that cares about the city of Philadelphia. The pitch? Dump Krasner. That’s about it. Just this year I’ve had (2) campaign volunteers promise to get me an interview with Vega. One of them just never followed up. The other promised I could get a phone call with Vega so long as I proved I switched my political affiliation.

For the record, I’m not registered to any political party. Also, I would never register with a political party just to get an interview with a candidate for public office. That’s an attempt to coerce my vote, and I’m unwilling to participate in that. While Vega can’t be held responsible for everything his volunteers or staffers do, he isn’t going to be responsible for any real change either. So let me break down these two examples real quick.

They Wanted Me To Literally Prove I’m A Democrat Before I Got An Interview

Carlos Vega’s Philly DA volunteers will get you a phone call if you prove you’re with them. I wouldn’t. But I will expose them for doing it:

A friend of mine told me to contact Freddy Godoy since he was working on the Vega campaign. I don’t know if he is contracted by Vega, or just volunteering. But he is definitely pitching Vega hard and even tried to deflect his “hard sell” tactics on me. Here are the other highlights:

  • Said that Carlos doesn’t care about political party, just winning.
  • Assumed I was a Republican without asking.
  • Attempted to coerce me to register as Democrat in order to get a call.
  • Refused to personally do an interview until *they* won.

This kind of conduct pisses me off. If Vega were really who he says he is they wouldn’t have to resort to these tactics.

Vega Is Silent About The City’s Corruption, Because He’s Part Of It

Carlos Vega’s Philly DA race is a big pile of complicity.

You can’t come around here and tell me you’re going to make the city a better place when you, along with everybody else, ignored some of the most glaring atrocities. Von Colln’s human trafficking is still a blight on this city nobody will address but me. Our DA was complicit. So was our police commissioner. Parks department. Streets. That victimized many more people than we may ever know. But it will go down into the Democrat-buried pit of cold cases along with Savitz’s victims & the PES explosion.

Vega won’t talk about our city council or the career politicians like Rendell who still lurk in the shadows. This man is more likely to help re-elect Krasner while pushing for future Democrat races than he is to beat Krasner.

Vega’s campaign is for voter registration, not to win the DA’s office.

This Entire Race Is Fake & Doomed

Let me break this down for you: Krasner is going to win.

If he loses to Vega, it will be part of a bigger plan to plant Krasner in a higher position. He has got to be eying a position in the Biden administration. Or the 2024 Harris administration Democrats are preparing for already. The Republican candidate has already said he will step aside if Krasner loses to Vega which means that Democrats are sure to win. Do you get that? There is no real Republican candidate.

If Peruto (the Republican “candidate”) really wanted to get Krasner out then why isn’t he just supporting Vega’s campaign directly? Because that would create an anti-competitive situation in our market that nobody could deny. But while the RINO’s keep playing their role everybody will pretend that there are (2) parties here.

Also, once the effort to convert every available Independent or Republican to Democrat is complete, imagine how this city will vote in the next Presidential election. Everybody promises to switch back, but how else do you think we ended up with an 8-to-1 majority of Democrats here? If this continues, there will not be even any fake Republicans left in 4 years.

Carlos Vega’s Philly DA campaign is helping Democrats, not Philadelphians.

Krasner Made The Same Promises Vega Is Making

Even the PBS fluff movie “Philly DA” about Krasner has him embellishing his career defending victims. Fighting for civil rights. It’s just what they say.

All of them. “Them” in this case being the Democrat leadership of this city who have been making false promises for almost 75 years. Since Rizzo there hasn’t been a Democrat willing to actually fight for the people of the city. It’s not actually what the job of the DA is. The DA’s job is to prosecute on behalf of the city if there is a criminal case to be made. Now, do you think the city prosecutes cases to help people out? Do they defend civil rights? Hell no. It isn’t what they are there to do. They are there to make money for the city by prosecuting crimes that have a payoff or benefit to the city.

Just like any other lawyer.

The job description isn’t, “fight for the common man.” It’s, “sue people who are screwing the city out of money,” that is unless the people who are screwing the city out of money are city employees. In that case, the job description is, “look the other way until your nose touches your ass.” That is what Krasner has been doing his entire time in office as the US attorney was nailing people for voting fraud & financial crimes.

Carlos Vega’s Philly DA Prospects Are Dim, But Useless

Maybe a real DA would recognize their duty to defend the city Treasury but Krasner certainly doesn’t care. Or he’s paid to ignore it. Start fake beefs with the cops, etc. But here’s the hard truth, folks: gang violence doesn’t cost the people who own our city enough for them to ever do anything about it.

Krasner didn’t. Vega won’t either. Vega has made no such promises and won’t make those promises either. Because underneath it all, he’s just another social justice warrior. Trying to convert Republicans to the Democrat party just to stick us all with Krasner again. Or, like I said, we will get Vega, who will do the same routine Krasner is. Except because Vega is non-white, he will make regressive progressives feel warm & fuzzy inside.

Will the violence wages on, and the city gets robbed blind by city officials.

Another One Bites The Dust

Micro-influencer Gemma made an empty promise of connecting me to Vega (with no conditions attached). But never came through. I’m sure my tweet storms and refusal to register as a Democrat have something to do with that. But you can read her tweet here if you care:

In summary, Vega is a shill and if you vote for him you’re part of the problem. We don’t need a new DA. We need no DA. Our city would be better off having victims represented by law firms doing pro bono work than funneling more money into an office that has never fought for this city.

Carlos Vega’s Philly DA candidacy is a huge lie.

Last, But Not Least, Who The F*ck Is The *Actual* “Fake” DA Candidate?

There is an account on Twitter called @ada_retired. At one time their profile bio claimed they were a “fake” DA candidate. They began by posting general ideas about the DA’s office. Criticisms of Krasner. But then at some point more recently their content switched to pro-Vega. Now the bio literally says, “Now supporting Carlos Vega.” So…I’ll jsut ask the question nobody else is wondering: does Carlos Vega run that account or operate it?

Because he is definitely a fake candidate for Philly DA.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligence as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattebphl