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You have to understand crimes of complicity if you want to understand the New American Civil War. The first thing you have to know is that complicity is a crime in Pennsylvania. I’m sure there are similar crimes in other jurisdictions as well. For reference, here is the Pennsylvania statute.

Simply put:

§ 306.  Liability for conduct of another; complicity.

(a)  General rule.–A person is guilty of an offense if it is committed by his own conduct or by the conduct of another person for which he is legally accountable, or both.”

If you “look the other way” on something your direct report does, you are guilty of a crime by complicity. That’s the easiest way to understand this. It makes sense if you think on the most basic, moral level.

“If you see something, say something” only works if people know what they’re looking at

You can be both a victim and a perpetrator of crimes by complicity. That happens when you don’t know you were coerced into doing something wrong.

In that instance, your superior directs you to do something that you’d only know was wrong if you had your superior’s job. This kind of complicity is harder to catch for a number of reasons.

The first reason this kind of crime of complicity is hard to catch is because the people who could actually catch it aren’t in on it. They don’t even know a crime was committed. Once they find out they could potentially be implicated in a crime, it’s usually too late. This happened in the 2020 election a lot. Low-level operators and managers at local election offices did things that corrupted the election.

But they didn’t know it. Their superiors enabled it and directed it. Once all the allegations of fraud were flying around, anybody with any real information would be petrified to speak.

Whistleblowers Aren’t Needed If Crimes Of Complicity All Happen Out In The Open

One of the hardest things about stopping crimes of complicity is the fact that so many people can end up being part of it. The more people who become complicit in enabling or covering up a crime, the more guilty they will feel for being part of it. That makes it evermore difficult to stop. It has a cascading effect. Just look at how the deputization of mask adherence has forced people to pretend they are more vital than they really are. So people sit around waiting for some kind of bombshell evidence, when all we ever needed to see happened in plain view.

The clearest example of this happened in Philadelphia. Extractors were used to destroy thousands of mail-in ballots. But these major errors were never reported, examined, investigated, or even acknowledged. That is why the general public doesn’t even know anything wrong occurred. But if you break it down simply (as I have many many times) this extraction process made every ballot a naked one. If this is the first time you’re hearing about this concept, a naked ballot is a phenomenon that only impacted 16 states.

But those 16 states included California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, and other key battlegrounds. These states implemented a paradoxical secondary “secrecy” envelope for voters to put their ballots in, before placing that assembly package into their mailing envelope. Even if the voter did everything right, their vote should not have been counted since it can’t be audited. That’s why I called it a paradox. Had our election officials handled these ballots properly, we wouldn’t have had an issue. But since they didn’t, we have no idea who here.

Stopping The Ringleaders & Forgiving The Ignorant

Calls for “unity & healing” abound right now. Of course, that’s what we all want. But the questions remain about how to get there. Many people are ready to move on from 2020 and start over. Not me. A lot of people feel similarly.

We can’t just move on and pretend nothing happened. That’s how history repeats itself. Also, if we inaugurated the wrong man, we need to correct that before it’s too late.

An impeachment trial against Trump is a farce and I think most people know that. But we don’t have a procedure for removing a President that was not duly elected. The other irony is that we won’t know for a fact he wasn’t duly elected until we audit the naked ballots; which nobody seems to want to do.

Even though that’s the only thing that spans enough states with enough electoral votes to have made any difference. But as I’ve mentioned before, many Republicans would be anxious about this since they too may have won their seats with naked ballots.

If you know how to scam the system, it’s just a technique.

Remember, there’s nothing partisan about cheating.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligence as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattebphl