I would never accuse Philly mob bosses of anything, personally. Let me just say that right from the jump. In fact, I’m not even writing about the accusation because I think it’s legitimate or warranted. I do think it’s interesting that somebody would accuse Philly mob connections of rigging the 2020 election for Biden. It is especially interesting that the person who is making that accusation is virtually invisible online and locally relatively unknown. You can read the original article here: The Buffalo Chronicle.

Buffalo Chronicle isn’t exactly known anywhere online and Philly people are skeptical.

“Skinny Joey” Wants Trump To Pardon Him So He Can…Work With The National Park Service?

Tony Bruno is among one of the only members of Philadelphia media who is willing to even talk about this story, even though he says he doesn’t believe it is real.

This is one of many things about this story that are unbelievable. By unbelievable I mean, hard to believe. If they are true, then they would be truly unbelievable; as in abnormal and fascinating. According to the Buffalo Chronicle (which I’ll admit – does not have inherent credibility) Joey Merlino is willing to admit to Congress that he orchestrated approximately 300,000 ballots to be manufactured for Biden in Philadelphia.

The article positions the information as if it came from a close associate of Merlino. Even though the lack of clear sourcing makes this a challenge, major news outlets like CNN routinely invent sources for their stories. That doesn’t mean the Buffalo Chronicle is therefore equally as believable; but they shouldn’t be instantly discredited either. The information hasn’t yet been verified. Only (1) person can validate it, too: Merlino.


But if you even were to believe that the publisher of this digital news outlet does have a contact with Merlino, do you believe he wants to work with the Parks?

I mean, anything is possible. Maybe he really has an affinity for the great outdoors. I’ve never met the man, so I’m not going to judge whether or not he has that interest. The real question here is not if Merlino wants to help the government now. The real question is whether or not Merlino himself actually has said any of this – or if it is a complete and utter fabrication. Also, if it is a fabrication, why on Earth would some guy out in Buffalo do something like that?

Nobody can really get in touch with the publisher of the Buffalo Chronicle for comment, so it’s hard to even know what to make of this. Only a few other publications have even covered the story and they all basically reiterate whatever the Buffalo Chronicle said. Like World Tribune.

Why Would Somebody Accuse Philly Mob Of Something Like This With No Proof?

What would there be to gain from lying about this?

There are so many things about this story that don’t make sense. But that’s also why I feel it is important to investigate. It almost seems so outrageous that I think some part of it is true.

You don’t have to be a district attorney to know that making false allegations against members of organized crime could be dangerous. So I find it harder to believe that some guy out in Buffalo would use the Philly mob as a way to try to gain attention for their blog or something.

If he wanted to use any kind of made up mafia connection to do that why wouldn’t he have used the New York mob? There doesn’t seem to be any good reason to attract attention to yourself like that.

To me, the most important name in the article isn’t Merlino. It’s Biden.

The Customer Is More Important In This Case

Whether Joey Merlino was involved in rigging the election or not, we need to know about whether or not Joe Biden tried to rig the election.

If Joey Merlino is responsible for any election rigging, I’ll only believe it when I see and hear him say it himself.

That’s out of respect, too, by the way. I am only writing about this because the accusation itself is so out of left-field I couldn’t ignore it.

Moreover, the story is really 2 parts. One part is the accusation that the Philly mob was involved in rigging the 2020 election for Biden. But the more important part of that story is that Biden would have contracted anybody to rig the election for him.

Furthermore, this is an accusation about Philadelphia’s political environment. Our election officials are coming under media fire right now for ignoring or orchestrating other kinds of fraud. They are the ones I’m more worried about, personally. Organized crime has no commitment to uphold the laws or fair elections.

But government officials do.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

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