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A trope in politics is saying that voters “get what they deserve.” Now that Krasner will be re-elected (since there is no real Republican opposition) it’s time to tell the truth. We do not deserve this. In fact, saying that is immature and ignorant because it demonstrates a lack of understanding about how things go here. It’s also insensitive to the people who are victims of these kinds of destructive people and their failed policies. Our elections are rigged, and have been for years. So stop saying this kind of shit to us. If you have nothing positive to contribute (and by that I mean actual action not just words) then do it. Otherwise stay out of our business because if you don’t live here you don’t get it and you’ll just make things worse.

Conservatives Don’t Get It And Are Too Lazy To Help

It’s is an especially common thread in so-called conservatives who criticize heavily blue-voting areas like Philadelphia. Well I’m here to tell all of you it’s not our fault and you have no idea how hard it is to live here. Before you jump into trope number two, which is “then why don’t you move,” I’ll save that for another article. The short version is, “why the fuck should I have to move when I’m not ruining the city?!” It’s time for other people to move out so leadership can move in.

Our city government has been run by the Democrat party for 70+ years. Since Rizzo. You remember Frank Rizzo, right? The guy who is so horribly racist (according to the woke progressive radicals here) that Jim Kenney removed his statue in the middle of the night during the “pandemic” last year. A Democrat who Kenney looked up to throughout his entire time in Philadelphia government, now too racist for his own good?

Let me cut to the chase with respect to Krasner’s re-election: elections are rigged here and we all know it.

Krasner vs. Vega Is Like Voting For Either Side Of Harvey Dent After He Became 2-Face

If I told you that 1 manufacturer completely controlled the steel industry for 70 years, would you wonder who the second biggest or best was? If I told you that the second biggest steel manufacturer was basically owned or controlled by the biggest, would you think they really competed? That’s what we have here in Philadelphia.

A Democrat party that dominates everything, and a bunch of RINO’s who help pretend there is an opposition. I have written about it before, but for those of you from outside the city, you might not know this. There are fewer Republicans left in Philadelphia than there are Independents. That is kind of staggering when you think about it. It should also tell you how little political power, will, or control they actually have. This becomes evident when you look back at the 2020 Presidential election.

Oh RINO You Didn’t…

Look at former city commissioner Al Schmidt for example. A “Republican” who failed to acknowledge the existence of proven impropriety in Philadelphia elections. Impropriety that was caught, and charged in 2020 with a judge of elections named Domineck Demuro. A man in his 70’s admitted to accepting bribes to stuff a ballot box old school style by filling out fake votes. Yet Schmidt decided the national audience didn’t need to know that and kept his mouth shut about it.

You didn’t hear about Demuro from David Oh (city council) either. Nor did Pat Toomey bother to mention. I have personally met with his Philadelphia staff and can tell you they are worse than useless. They are completely ignorant about the law, policy, and basic information. Lawrence Tabas, the chairman of the PA GOP completely ignored this as well. Nobody in the state legislature said anything about it. Demuro isn’t even the only person that was caught committing election crimes recently.

Did Krasner do anything about this? No. He was part of an entourage of people combatting the notion that any impropriety was present in our election. Just like chief legal eagle of the state, AG Josh Shapiro. Did Vega step up to the plate and admit our city has election problems? No. Because his campaign engaged in some dirty tactics themselves. That’s because that’s how things “work” here. Everybody knows it. Those who play the game have a chance. Those who don’t – don’t.

This Has Always Been A Fake Race

Vega was also running on the Democrat ticket which means he has to capitulate to the party. At the end of the day, that would be like thinking if you got a new head of that imaginary steel company, that they would become competitive with their subsidiary. They won’t. That’s not how it happens. If Vega got in, he would have ended up maintaining most of the same policies and he in fact said just that in debates. While Vega claimed he was going to fight for victims’ families, Krasner already brainwashed people into thinking he’s the progressive they need. The subject of a future piece will be explaining how Krasner is not even progressive enough.

Nobody Deserves This, It Is Cruel & Unusual Punishment

I have actually argued, and maintain, that Philadelphians are civil rights victims. We have had our constitutional rights stripped from us. We are absolutely being taxed without representation. Our children are being killed at higher and higher rates. Nobody deserves this. The people who control the wealth of this city are clearly no longer residents here. That was evident from the amount of outside money Krasner got. The celebrities who marketed him. This is not a local decision anymore apparently.

I have argued that we are victims of cruel & unusual punishment. The mayor in Philadelphia (structurally speaking) is like a monarch with absolute rule and no accountability. This is the kind of structural change that needs to be addressed. Instead, people focus on making absurd new laws with no real consequence, or completely performative re-naming gestures for streets and parks.

Philadelphians Need Outside Help & I’ve Been Trying To Get It But Nobody Is Listening

I have gone to great lengths to explain this plight to people across the world. From Texas to the UK. This little blog has readers all around the globe, too. So people are beginning to see what I’m saying. But a lot of you still think, Philadelphians “get what they deserve” with people like Larry Krasner. We did not decide this. I’ve done in depth investigative work which proves the election process here is broken, and corrupt. Nobody listened. I warned that it would happen again in this election (and it did) and nobody listened. So to the people who thought Vega was going to save the city, you should listen now.

If you are wise enough to know that this one person was not going to change anything, then continue to open your eyes and begin asking the difficult questions. Take action by filing right to know requests or official complaints with government agencies. Make these people work for a change. Because they are way too comfortable.

They are comfortable with the rising homicide rate, opioid overdose deaths, lack of job opportunities, debt obligations out of control, and every other problem our mayor makes worse. But we’re not. Maybe they think they deserve to take advantage of us, but we don’t deserve this. Philadelphians do not get what they deserve, but we will soon. Because the tide of history has to change. I do not want to leave here. A lot of people would rather just pack up and go. But if we all do that this city will fall completely. That’s not something I will live with. If you feel similarly then hit me up and maybe we can do something about it together.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligence as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattebphl