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This afternoon, Philadelphia’s Mayor Kenney held a press conference. At the time of this writing it had 66 views. Our city’s health commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley was also a speaker.

Philadelphia's Doctor Thomas Farley Is A Dangerous Hack
Dr. Thomas Farley

Both men delivered prepared statements.

Kenney talked about diabetes for some reason, possibly responding to criticism that the city is unconcerned with any other health problems besides COVID019.

However, the moderator also made it explicitly clear that only COVID-19 related questions would be allowed. To my knowledge, this was the only press conference Kenney did today, despite having a 30 year high murder rate, among other problems. In fact, almost all of his communications have been about COVID-19. Or “systemic racism,” and the like.

Mayor Jim Kenney

This is an issue that people don’t realize, with how censorship works in 2020. If the local government limits their exposure to criticism, and only talks about 1 thing, they can hide all manner of corruption in plain sight. If it goes unreported it’s as if it never happened.

This press conference was not considered open to the public, either.

The moderator of the meeting made sure to announce that any non-press people should leave. We didn’t. We stayed. Because they hide in the shadows, and we deserve to know what they’re saying & doing.

By “they” in this case, I’m talking about Mayor Kenney and his health commissioner Dr. Farley. I’ve written in the recent past about PA’s health commissioner Rachel Levine, and the disgusting policy they implemented with governor Wolf which got thousands of people killed.

That’s a story for another day.

But you should know that these people are all just following orders.

They’re Beginning To Cover Up Their Nursing Home Massacre

If you didn’t know, our governor directed the state-wide policy about nursing homes accepting sick patients back into their facilities. This was derided by nearly anybody who even heard about it. It sounds inhumane on the face of it. Not to mention, the results were disastrous – in terms of increased unnecessary loss of life. To date, about 65% of all COVID-19 deaths in Pennsylvania occurred in a nursing home. While Democrats like to blame Trump for all the deaths in the nation, these deaths (the nursing home ones) are on Wolf & Levine.

In Philadelphia, those deaths are on Kenney and Farley.

That policy was directed down the chain of command.

Kenney and Farley followed suit, and did as they were told.

That resulted in hundreds of additional deaths from people in nursing homes here in Philadelphia. But Dr. Farley mentioned several times that now patients who test positive for COVID-19 from a nursing home have a separate facility to go to.

“COVID relief centers” I believe he called them.

Where were these months ago?

Are we supposed to just forget the fact that their horrible policy choice killed people? They really are trying to act like they’ve been doing this all along or that this is some new plan they concocted all on their own.

They didn’t do it, though.

No reporter challenged Farley on this, either.

Philadelphia Fitness Coalition Was On Everybody’s Mind

This morning, the Philadelphia Fitness Coalition held a workout and protest to fight for their right to stay in business. Kenney, in following Wolf’s orders, is upholding new unconstitutional business shut down orders. The line from both Farley & Kenney was that they “sympathize” with the business owners. That’s it. Nobody cares if they sympathize.

Also, one reporter cited that the gym owners have conducted their own studies which showed 0 cases happened in their facilities. That sounds unbelievable, to me, however, the mayor’s response is that he doesn’t care about their “data,” and that he’s listening to “public health experts” about everything. He didn’t say who those public health experts are, though.

If he means people like Farley & Levine (he does), we’re still in trouble.

Can Dr. Farley (Or Anybody Else) Enforce Any Of These Orders? Not Really.

When asked what the plan was for the government to enforce their shut downs, for fitness companies or anybody else, their answer was painful, and laughable. Farley said staff from his office would be coming around to check on businesses to see if they are complying or not. He also said they would “educate” business owners on why they can’t stay open. The true mark of a condescending dick, is acting like you need to educate people who disagree with you. They think that after this education we’ll understand. All we will understand after their education is how deranged these people are.

Dr. Farley Doesn’t Know Anything Useful

He had no answer as to the number of businesses which have already been fined or otherwise penalized for disobeying or non-compliance. The funny thing is they didn’t even send L&I out to the fake homeless camp at Von Colln Park this Summer. Even after they erected unsafe structures there.

How many people in his department do you think they have on the street?

If you guess 100 you’d be wrong.

They have 10 people who are reportedly going to be going around to Philadelphia’s businesses to make sure they are not open. I have very little confidence that the city resources will be able to do anything but make an example out of a single business. They can’t do anything right – right now.

That’s why I keep advising people to just ignore them.

Until the police are literally called and begin arresting people for these stupid things, just pretend they aren’t real. Because they’re not. This is not how to legislate policy. Meanwhile, nothing these people have done apparently is working.

Christmas Pillage

Philadelphia – Christmas Village (Past Year)

Several reporters asked for clarification as to the city’s position on the difference between in-person Thanksgiving gatherings, and the Christmas Village. If you’ve never been to Christmas Village in Philly, it’s a cute shopping experience. It takes place on city property. LOVE Park and/or City Hall. A bunch of shop-owners rent out a booth to sell their food and other craft type items. Great shopping for the holidays. Nice business opportunity for some local companies. Decent piece of revenue for the city, I imagine.

As Mayor Kenney exclaimed, he has a “$750,000,000” budget problem. He is majorly in debt. Said explicitly “we don’t have the money” to bail out these businesses (meaning the gyms) but clearly they are making money from the Christmas Village. Kenney keeps acting like it’s up to the federal government to bail him out. As if the government is his parent, who should be there to save him and tell him what to do.

Which is exactly what he claimed happened with respect to his own holiday plans. When asked, Kenney claimed his mother informed him that she thought it would be best if they didn’t have plans. Wow…how selfless of her…if you believe this dumb story I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

We’re Done Being Treated Like Children, Okay Dr. Farley?

Dr. Thomas Farley is a pediatrician. Rachel Levine is a pediatrician.

You can’t make this shit up.

We are being treated, as a city & a state, like children.

When we talk about the “nanny state,” this is an extreme example of that.

They are literally trained in how to deal with children. That’s why they sound so confused and like they don’t really know what they’re talking about. Because they don’t. That’s not even the worst part of it, because ignorant people can learn. But these people are also deeply and dangerously arrogant.

These people do not have the legal authority to do what they are doing right now. The cops don’t know what they’re supposed to do because they don’t study the constitution. Or the law. It’s actually astonishing the city officials are able to get people to comply with their ridiculous terroristic demands.

Imagine being a restaurant, for example. After the city government and media inflate the danger of the disease, they convince you that you need to invest in outdoor dining. Heaters. Tables. Barriers between your diners and the street. The branding elements required to let people know it was still your restaurant. All that stuff and I’m sure even more. That costs a lot of money. Now these businesses are being told they need to shut down again?

Dr. Farley isn’t your father. If he was, you should call child protective services. Because these are some abusive parents, the way they act.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligence as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattebphl