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Dr. Thomas Farley is Philadelphia’s Health Commissioner.

Dr. Thomas Farley, Philadelphia’s Health Commissioner

He is completely full of shit.

If you want to see for yourself, just watch the COVID-19 update press conferences hosted by Mayor Jim Kenney. Every Tuesday at 1pm.

Dr. Thomas Farley on the Mayor’s Press Conference about the city’s COVID-19 response.

The Un-Believably Fake Stories Of Dr. Thomas Farley

Farley was previously New York City’s health commissioner.

An article in The New York Times in 2010 called him “Superman” with respect to a specific skill he had. They claimed he was able to, “reframe public debate in a single op-ed article.” Well, he certainly reframed the debate about COVID-19. Farley has turned this basic problem into a confusing mess that is killing people & crippling the Philadelphia economy.

While it’s a common talking point for Democrats to blame Trump for COVID-19 deaths, city and state officials are much more responsible. They are the ones who have been directing shut down orders, like governor Wolf of Pennsylvania. Or Mayor Jim Kenney. Both of these men attribute their decisions to following their health commissioners’ advice. After listening to Farley, it’s evident that he isn’t conducting his own research either. Farley claims to take his lead from the CDC, and studies or information from around the world. But, he uses no specific data from Philadelphia except the depressing reports of cases & deaths. That isn’t evidence of much.

If you’re from Philadelphia, get to know more of the people in our public health department. Whenever you hear Mayor Kenney say he’s listening to “experts” or “following the science,” they are the people he’s talking about.

In a culture of *just following orders* though, Farley is the head of this snake. Looking briefly into Farley’s past reveals gaping holes in his credibility. Mostly what I found was that he is an anti-science doctor.

The Public Good Projects: A Non-Profit PR Company Where Dr. Thomas Farley Was Recently CEO

Don’t let Dr. Thomas Farley’s awkward smile fool you, he’s responsible for a lot of death.

The Public Good Projects markets itself as “The Science and Art of Communication for Change” on its website. They describe their vision as, “To solve the biggest health challenges by making them local, personal, simple to understand, and everyone’s responsibility.”

Their self proclaimed mission is, “To revolutionize public health communication, so that business and public sector programs have greater impact, and communities are healthier.”

If you don’t speak marketing jargon bullshit, let me break it down for you.

Simply Put, They Do The Public No Good With Their PRojects (PR pun intended)

This is an organization that thinks PR communications actually make the public healthier. They are basically an ad agency. The website is full of incomprehensible & thick industry jargon. It describes a healthcare advocacy model that uses various forms of media to get their messaging out. They use social media & other digital platforms for data collection too.

Here is an example of one of the campaigns they did for binge drinking.

Desperate Times | Drunken Rewind produced by The Public Good Projects.

This campaign is not about ending binge drinking.

They are not trying to raise awareness about how people who are alcoholics could get help. This is in the vein of “harm reduction.” If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of harm reduction, it is a type of medically accepted enabling. If you’re reading this from Philly, you might remember the “safe injection site” (SIS) that former mayor Rendell was trying to push through.

The “SIS” is a place where people can inject lethal opioids with healthcare practitioners who will revive them after overdose. Dr. Farley was brought in to Philadelphia in part to help usher in this program. The first attempt to do this legally was shut down, with the help of US attorney William McSwain (a Trump appointee) and local activists. But this gives you a sense of the kinds of backwards thinking that Farley believes. He is also a lead advocate indoctrinating people in these kinds of ideas in Philly now.

Drink Water + Eat Food IS NOT Breakthrough Science, Tommy Boy

Dr. Thomas Farley

The message of that binge drinking video series?

Drink water in between alcoholic beverages to prevent a really bad hangover. Another video in this series I watched had a similar message about ensuring you eat a meal before drinking a lot of alcohol. Was that news to you, dear reader?

These humorless videos attempt to pacify, and enable those who binge drink. It’s not a PSA to try to get them to s top. The result is actually raising awareness for how to keep people binge drinking, while reducing the harm done during that activity. Kind of sick when you really think about it. But that’s the same philosophy as the “SIS” which Farley also supports fully.

I have read some of Dr. Thomas Farley’s book, too.

A brief overview of the main themes will tell you everything you need to know about him. Farley’s book is called “Prescription For A Healthy Nation: A New Approach To Improving Our Lives By Fixing Our Everyday World.” Even the title should be alarming to you. This is a doctor saying that medicine isn’t the answer. He advocates for a philosophic, ontological, or otherwise fundamentally transformed view of humanity. But he doesn’t talk about medical innovation. No breakthroughs in science. Not a cure program or experimental treatments. He wants to be your life coach.

Remember, he’s a PR guy, not a scientist.

Farley’s Book Is Revealing: How Completely Full Of Shit This Guy Is

Dr. Thomas Farley may be a pathological liar.

The first chapter of this book is called “The Wrong Remedy.”

This chapter title is a perfect and ironic way to remember who Dr. Thomas Farley is for the city of Philadelphia. He is the wrong remedy for any public health crisis. Farley isn’t even qualified to give good healthy living advice, based on his past work in PR communications. He thinks the answer to binge drinking is an animated video series which promotes drinking water and eating food.

That’s because he’s more like a Looney Tune doctor than Jonas Salk.

The introduction of the first chapter details an entirely anecdotal and editorial recounting of how bad the healthcare industry is. No facts or figures. All opinion. Remember, they call him “Superman” of reframing public opinion, not a genius who creates healthcare results. He also wastes a lot of time talking about a woman he calls “Gwen Longforth.” She is used as an example of an American suffering with bad healthcare and medicine.

I Googled this name and found 0 results.

He made her up. This is a sickening attempt to legitimize his lies & fake scientific approach. Just like politicians do on their campaign trail. Farley fabricated the identity of a woman. He pretended she was a typical case of an anecdotal problem he made up.

That’s politics. It’s not science.

Farley actually says, “As our politicians wage guerrilla war over health care reform, the battle cry is always health: it is health that is at stake.” He goes on to say, “To liberals, that makes it unjust to deny any American a visit to a doctor whenever he wants it. Access to medical care is a fundamental right, about on par with the rights of free speech, free assembly, and a presumption of innocence until proven guilty.”

Read that again. It’s important.

What Would Farley And His Colleagues Be Willing To Do To Make Their Socialist Fantasy An American Reality?

Stop dreaming; start living.

Healthcare isn’t guaranteed in the bill of rights. Perhaps it should be. Maybe one day we’ll have that kind of system. But it isn’t so right now. Yet, Farley describes in expressed detail, the philosophy we have seen play out on the streets from the left. The argument over socialized healthcare has devolved into a place where liberals in government are (in reactionary response) restricting freedom of speech, assembly, and the presumption of innocent until proven guilty. All in the name of public health.

As if to say, that until healthcare is socialized, all rights are in question.

If you’ve watched Farley, you know he uses slippery communication and double-speak. That’s why it can be difficult to know what he really means or if he knows what he’s talking about. Furthermore, in his book he says, “For all of its inspiring, high-tech cures, medicine just is not very effective at curing our era’s major killers.” You get that?

If COVID-19 is a present “major killer,” that means Farley doesn’t think medicine will be effective at curing it. That’s an okay philosophy to have for a healthcare PR firm, but not for a public health commissioner. We rely on our public health commissioner to use science, not marketing, to solve this crisis. That is, if it is a real crisis, and not a PR invented one.

Remember, Farley doesn’t believe in medicine solving major killers.

He trusts fabric masks, though, for some reason.

A Doctor Who Doesn’t Believe In Medicine Isn’t A Doctor, They’re A Con Artist

Farley’s anecdotal nonsense continues with, “Medicine doesn’t do much better with chronic diseases.” I guess nobody told Dr. Thomas Farley about the treatments that have come out in the last decade which make it possible to live with AIDS, for example. Not even 30 years ago, people didn’t even know what AIDS was. At one time it was a death sentence. But now, with advances in modern medicine, living with that disease is possible. So even the anecdotal argument about medicine being bad at curing our “major killers” is ridiculous. This guy is a sick joke.

Greek Gods and American Myths – Chapter 2 In Farley’s Medical Fiction Talks Specifically About Plagues

Either Dr. Thomas Farley is actually an inept moron or he is an evil genius keeping us all sick and afraid.

Wouldn’t you know it?

Dr. Thomas Farley has a section in his book about “Plagues.” Don’t get too excited, though, he’s no expert on the subject. However, the most important part of this is how inconsistent this man is in the execution of his job. In this chapter of his book, Farley specifically details the cholera epidemic. He talks about public perception, compared to how scientists viewed things. The most important part of the cholera story, is how society get cholera under control in the 1800’s. Also, the kind of critical thinking it required to solve the cholera problem is antithetical to Farley’s philosophy.

In Farley’s words, “At the time, health experts held two conflicting views on how diseases were spread. The ‘contagionists’ believed that diseases were passed from one person to another, and the ‘miasmatists’ thought that diseases wafted through the air after arising spontaneously from the ‘miasma’ of dirt and rotting plants and animals.” Farley says that doctors actually tended to believe in miasma and ordinary citizens believed in contagion. He details the questions which were asked at the time, too.

“Should sick people be quarantined? Or should local authorities do a better job of sweeping the streets and removing trash? Without agreement on what to do, governments didn’t do anything to stop the epidemics very well.” As Farley tells it, while government was worried about sweeping up trash and people were keeping their distance from one another, one man had another idea. This man’s name was John Snow.

No, not Jon Snow. John Snow.

We Should’ve Tested Our Water System In February & Farley Is To Blame For Why We STILL Haven’t Done That, Among Other Things

Long story short, in London, a physician named John Snow figured out the reason specific neighborhoods had much higher cholera death rates.

John Snow

It turned out that their water was contaminated.

Snow tracked the flow of the contamination to water in these neighborhoods and discovered this fact, despite prominent physicians not taking him seriously at first. In other words, the public was convinced that cholera spread by contagion. The doctors thought our government needed to clean up trash and other waste. Snow proved part of the undiscovered problem was in the water. It also demonstrates the problem could have been stopped if the government were more diligent.

Flash forward to 2020.

The push for individual testing for the virus has been unmistakable. It’s incessant. Even though (as of yesterday’s press conference) Farley continues to say that testing itself isn’t a replacement for any kind of treatment or preventative measures. Obviously not. A test won’t prevent anything. In fact, with no cure or treatment, it doesn’t even provide you any guidance on how to heal from it.

However, nobody in the city government, including Farley, nor anybody in our press, has asked a simple question: why are we not testing the water?

Even the CDC hasn’t pushed for nation-wide water testing yet.

The CDC Finally Speaks Up About The Possibility Our Water Is Contaminated With COVID-19, But Farley Hasn’t Said Anything Yet

The CDC has just instituted the National Wastewater Surveillance System (NWSS). This is exactly what you think it is. They are now (9 months in) starting to gather data on COVID-19 in the water supply. The CDC has guidelines and potentially resources to help municipalities test their water for COVID-19. It’s also designed to help track the flow of this virus through the water (if it travels that way) across the country.

But this may be much too little and much too late.

The main point here isn’t whether or not COVID-19 is actually spreading in the water. What’s more broadly important is to realize that Dr. Thomas Farley is a PR representative for the city, not an actively practicing innovative physician. In fact, he thinks that it’s better to reduce the harm of the spread of this virus as opposed to doing the real work to cure it.

Farley Is Swimming Down A River Of His Own Shit Now

Looking back at Farley’s book, you’d think at some point he might have spoken up and said something. You know how the media & Democrat politicians keep saying that “black & brown” people are disproportionately effected? The virus isn’t racist. Everybody knows that.

Maybe it’s in their pipes. Consumed at home. Even though we were told we were safer at home. At this point, the fact is, we don’t know if the water in our homes could be contributing to the spread of the virus somehow. Like it did with cholera. Even though there was good reason to believe this was a reasonable cause, our lead medical authority in Philadelphia is conducting none of his own research. He isn’t thinking critically about our problem locally. In fact, he isn’t even following the guidance of topics in his book!

He’s Covering Up Dirty Tracks Now, Too

(this image just for visualization purposes only)

I’ve extensively covered how the state of Pennsylvania has been lying about the spread of this virus and the deaths associated with it. Led by state health commissioner Rachel Levine, and governor Tom Wolf, PA has over 65% of its deaths from nursing homes. This was a direct result of their policy to put sick people back into those facilities. They were doing that at the same time they were letting prisoners out of jail, to try to stop the spread. On the press conference yesterday, a spokesperson from the prison system admitted that they had only (1) inmate death, and (1) staff death. So even though I disagree with the policy decision to remove the prisoners from prison, it *worked* to “stop the spread.”

Why wasn’t that policy applied to innocent, sick, elderly people?

Other members of the press asked Farley about why the healthcare system is seeing shortages in staffing. He had no direct answer. He claimed it’s due to an increased number of cases. But he didn’t mention that the state has hidden the number of staff cases and deaths from their reporting on the nursing home crisis. A crisis they caused. Recklessly, or willfully.

Maybe there is a staff shortage because the healthcare workers are dead.

On the last 2 press conferences I’ve been on, Farley claims that they have “COVID relief” facilities now. These are for taking sick people out of nursing homes, for example, to give them another place to be. So they can reduce the risk of spreading the virus to at-risk people. But we knew that back in February. Yet, Farley and this administration don’t acknowledge they even made a mistake. It’s as if it never happened. They are pretending like this is something (COVID relief centers) they’ve been doing all along.

But they haven’t.

Flushing Out The Truth Isn’t Hard, But It Stinks

Shit, or get off the pot.

Farley is trying to cover his dirty tracks, because he’s full of shit.

Farley should testify under oath about all of this.

Also, somebody tell Kenney to test the water.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

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