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The electors have met, and voted. Biden won a nomination, but (2) sets of electors voted. Think what you want, but election fraud is still a very real concern for a lot of people. That’s why this is taking so long. If you haven’t already, you should read up on THE ELECTORAL COUNT ACT OF 1887. Take a look at The Florida Law Journal entry about it here. Long story short, Trump can still win the election.

These kinds of situations have been a great learning opportunity for any American interested in the exercise of civics. We are watching history unfold in front of our eyes. These things don’t happen every year. But the news sensationalizes things and chases shiny objects. The reality of this situation is actually more boring than you might think.

Congress is a safe guard for fraud in the electoral college. It will probably take until at least January 6th for us to know who will be inaugurated.

Naked Ballots Are Still An Electoral Landmine Waiting To Blow Up

Hang on to your tits, folks.

A “naked ballot” is one which was mailed back by the voter without being in the state-provided “secrecy envelope.” Naked ballots are not valid votes. If invalid votes were counted, that would be an instance of fraud. If that happened by error but people ignored that error (after catching it) that too would be fraud.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, (13) states used “secrecy envelopes” in their mail-in voting system.

These 13 states used secrecy envelopes, and therefore have the potential for naked ballots (including how many electoral votes they represent, and who currently won them:

  • AK (3) – Trump
  • FL (29) – Trump
  • GA (16) – Biden
  • HI (4) – Biden
  • KY (8) – Trump
  • MN (10) – Biden
  • NH (4) – Biden
  • NJ (14) – Biden
  • NY (29) – Biden
  • ND (3) – Trump
  • OH (18) – Trump
  • PA (20) – Biden
  • TX (38) – Trump
  • VA (13) – Biden
  • WA (12) – Biden
  • WV (5) – Trump

Biden won 122 electoral votes out of the total 226 electoral votes represented by these (13) states. We know that Democrats overwhelmingly voted by mail more than Republicans, too. That means that if the mail-in ballots were threatened, it could jeopardize Biden’s Presidency.

The state of Pennsylvania took this very seriously.

Watch this ad, which our state government paid for with our money.

Pennsylvania state government funded this advertisement.

This is a county auditor explaining the secrecy envelope.

It’s that important.

Listen to how important the secrecy envelope is.

Another aspect of the mail-in voting system that nobody is talking about in terms of verification is the mailing envelope itself. Listen to a York County commissioner talking about the importance of this aspect.

The mailing envelope is another important personal identifier for the voter’s ballot.

Naked Ballots Even Made National News For Being “Unchartered Territory”

Business Insider even reported: Pennsylvania’s election is in uncharted territory with a new rule that rejects ‘naked’ ballots in September. Do you see the words they used in that headline?

“Uncharted territory.”

That’s because the state of Pennsylvania has never done anything like this. No state had ever had this many “mail-in” ballots, either. There was never any falsified rational to force the issue before COVID-19.

Every. Single. Mail. In. Ballot. Is. Naked. Now. Which. Means. That. Counting. Them. Is. Election Fraud.

This is like a mail-in ballot.

Picture this:

You get your mail-in ballot in the mail. After filling out the actual ballot, you put that into a “secrecy envelope.” The secrecy envelope then goes into the actual mailing envelope. In Philadelphia, “extractors” were used to separate these. An extractor is a machine that can sort through thousands of ballots per hour. But they do not keep the mailing envelope or secrecy envelopes with the ballot. That means there is no way to verify them.

If you wanted to audit these votes, your vote would need to have been somehow marked to confirm it was cast properly. Since they didn’t do that, it creates an incurable paradox of the naked ballot. It also makes every mail-in ballot naked. If we count these, we are counting votes which can’t be verified. If we do that, we are opening the door to (you guessed it) fraud.

Ignoring An Error Like This Is A Crime For Elected Officials, And I’ll Show You The Statute

Now is no time for our elected officials to naked Netflix & chill.

The best case scenario here is that the governor of Pennsylvania and our entire state legislature were too stupid to create a system to audit their mail-in ballots. However, after November 3rd, it became fraud by way of their complicity. It should have been obvious on election day to election officials that the ballots are all naked. They also should have known that they couldn’t be audited. Perhaps this is why they stopped counting on election night. Many Republicans and Trump supporters believe that states stopped counting on election night because they knew Trump was so far ahead. But they also might have noticed they were technically destroying millions of votes whether they were for Biden or Trump. By “error.”

§ 306.  Liability for conduct of another; complicity.

Yes, that’s a crime in Pennsylvania. Many states have this kind of law.

Read the law. Don’t take my word for it.

All Mail-In Ballots Must Be Thrown Out Now Because They Are An Ongoing Instrument Of Election Fraud At This Point

The Texas lawsuit had “no standing” because it didn’t address damages in their case. Also their remedy (throwing out 4 states’ electors entirely) was ludicrous. Texas did not prove that they or their voters were damaged due to any illegal election in PA (or other states). It was an interesting story, but ultimately didn’t have any fruit to bare. If they were going to go through the trouble of taking a case to the Supreme Court, they should have represented the interests of Pennsylvania (and other states’) voters.

I encouraged our electors and the legislature in Pennsylvania to simply audit the vote. I told them all about the naked ballot problem directly, too.

Their reaction? They organized a legal fight to void our entire state’s electors. Unless this was some kind of complex negotiation tactic, I really don’t know what this was about. The truth is simple, and kind of boring.

Audit. The. Vote.

At this point, the state can’t conduct an audit of the mail-in votes. That means they still need to throw out all the mail-in ballots. They were designed to be counted with a critical flaw. Whether anybody knew that or not. Even if they didn’t mean for it to happen this way. Covering their tracks with egregious or stupid lawsuits is not the answer. It’s accountability time.

The most important election fraud in the nation is a very boring procedural failure. But if no audit is conducted, or nobody addresses how impossible it is to audit the naked ballots, nothing will happen.

Unfortunately we have bureaucrats and RINOs looking the other way so hard right now they’re about to get whiplash.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligence as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattebphl