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The PA GOP stole the 2020 Presidential election. They did so with a combination of the most expert level corruption and absolutely stunning ineptitude. This process began during the Democrat primary, and was laid to bare until January 6th, 2021. It was caused by the state legislature making a paradox of legislation that effectively made an audit illegal (according to the PA GOP party line) and resulted in every single mail-in ballot being rendered invalid. I know this, the state legislature knows this, and a few other important people know this. But nobody will report on it.

That’s because the RINO establishment in Pennsylvania is content to allow Tom Wolf, Kathy Boockvar, and Rachel Levine get away with manslaughter. So long as nobody exposes the complete blunder executed by every single member of the GOP-controlled legislature, they’re okay with it. They are all too concerned with their future electability that they are willing to live a lie. Or cover up the fact that they are responsible for it.

I’ll try to simplify this as much as possible, but it is complicated – by design.

Universal Mail-In Voting Legislation Was Passed In Pennsylvania Before COVID-19 Came Out

The legislation they passed was done under the auspices of recognizing that you can’t really audit somebody’s reason for requesting a mail-in (absentee) ballot. This is a great example of how this state’s thinking results in dangerous and destructive things. They basically say that since it’s hard (or impossible) to affirm somebody actually needed an absentee ballot, they decided to just strike the need to have a reason from the law. Therefore nobody needed a legitimate reason to request an absentee ballot.

This was then turned into the “universal mail-in voting” that you heard Trump rail against during the campaign trail. It created an unfettered, unregulated access to paper ballots in places like Pennsylvania where nothing like this had ever been done. The fact that it had never been done at this scale meant the system was going to be flooded. I knew that was going to cause problems. But I don’t think anybody necessarily realized what they actually created afterwards. The PA GOP stole this whether they admit it or not. They don’t even get it yet, to be honest.

Add The “Unapproved” Advertising Spending (While Businesses Were Threatened Closed)

Tom Wolf spent millions of taxpayer dollars on production & distribution of advertising messaging promoting: “COVID-19” awareness, mail-in voting, and warning against “naked ballots.” I was targeted for hundreds of these ad units online, and on my television. This was all during a time that he also breached the constitution and ordered businesses to close under threat of state force. It also turns out that at least (1) of these ads contained misleading visual representations of how to vote. If you followed their visual instructions, you would have created an invalid vote. You can see that information in more detail here.

A Paradox In The Extraction Process Nobody (But Us) Noticed

I’ve written about this ad nauseam as well, but if you’re still unfamiliar with it, check these articles out:

If a voter needs to submit their mail-in ballot with (2) envelopes in order to count, an audit would need to prove that the voter did that. But the system these idiots in Harrisburg created causes the ballots to be stripped naked no matter how they were received. Then the naked bodies of your ballots were put into a pile. That pile was then *unverified* brought to a counting machine. Some counties claim to have kept the envelopes (required by law) but it’s clear that others (like Philadelphia) probably didn’t. The extractor machines remove the envelopes so quickly and push them into a trash receptacle. Nobody in the city of Philadelphia will give me a straight answer about where these materials are being stored. Our press is also active in the cover-up so you won’t hear them ask about this.

Russ Diamond Claims It Would Be “Unconstitutional” To Match Envelopes To Ballots

One of my last text exchanges with Diamond included a passage where he repeatedly claimed that it would be unconstitutional to “violate the secrecy” envelope, by matching a ballot with its secrecy envelope and/or mailing envelope. If that’s true, it means that it would be illegal to audit the votes. In other words, those votes are illegal. It cannot be illegal to audit a vote. But if it would violate the law to verify a vote was legitimate, the only logical and legal conclusion you could make is that the vote shouldn’t count.

Votes that were cast in person can be verified by the sign-in log. That’s simple. It is what it is. Just because verification is harder for mail-in systems doesn’t mean that we should enable a system of no accountability. There were plenty of credible assertions that votes were dumped in Pennsylvania and other states. People are still concerned about that. We may never know if it happened.

The PA GOP Stole Your Vote From You In Front Of Your Eyes

But we can know for sure that the mail-in system in PA was so rankly disturbed, and corrupt, it was rendered useless. However you won’t hear any Democrats complain because they got what they want. Republicans are happy to be the aggrieved weakling victims they always pretend to be. But make no mistake, they had all the control in the world and they either let this happen or made it happen. All signs are pointing towards the fact that they did this on purpose, because I find it hard to believe they could be that stupid. However, maybe that’s giving Republicans too much credit. For about a year I’ve focused my attention on the corruption within the Democrat party.

Now I’m realizing that they are not acting alone. In our state at least, they couldn’t have done this alone.

The PA GOP Sold Out The Voters, Robbing Trump

While we know that Democrats voted by mail much more so than Republicans, Trump still got a significant number of his votes by mail. That means that there was no discrimination when it came to political party, and robbing you of your vote. But ultimately, when it all shook out, they were able to steal the election for Biden. While you’re seeing audits in other parts of the country like Arizona & Michigan, Pennsylvania will never author that on their own. At this point, the GOP in PA is more guilty of rigging this election than their Democrat counterparts are.

Because the GOP controlled the state legislature from soup to nuts on this. If you’re a Republican, you should be really made about this. If you are Democrat that voted for Trump, you should be really mad about it too. In fact, even if you voted for Biden it should enrage you that a legislature could have set a system up which robbed you of your vote.

Who knows, next time your candidate might be on the receiving end of this corrupt system.

The PA GOP stole the election and their lack of leadership is hurting all Pennsylvanians.

I don’t know if Joe Biden got more legitimate votes than Trump in Pennsylvania. But I do know that Biden had more illegitimate votes that were certified. Enough to overturn the results. The same phenomenon is evident in New York too. Those (2) states have enough electoral votes to have actually changed the result in the election. All we need are the right kinds of audits – and a very simple one. Can you recreate a mail-in vote or are they invalid?

We already know the answer…just time to let the cat out of the box.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligence as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattebphl