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Listen to the episode here to hear me discuss human trafficking in Philadelphia with former warrant officer Mark Fusetti and his co-host Tristan. These two gentlemen were kind enough to bring me on their show to talk about my experience as a citizen journalist investigating what our local press could/would not. If you’re unfamiliar with the story, or have heard the episode and want to see my evidence presented visually, you can read the whole series:

How Was There Human Trafficking In Philadelphia & You Didn’t Hear About It?

If you’re from the city of Philadelphia you did hear about this. You just might have missed it, or ignored it, since the press didn’t tell you what it really was. They didn’t tell you what it really was because of ineptitude, and arrogance. I also believe that members of the press were directly involved as volunteers or contributors, given their sympathies for the professed cause. Others may have been behind the scenes literally orchestrating the events. In either case Philadelphia news outlets intentionally or even unwittingly covered up these atrocities and therefore the public had absolutely no idea. It is a case study in how to “divide & conquer” a city, by manipulating perception in plain sight.

Crimes In Broad Day Light Are Customary Now With No Investigation

Our local press is all too consumed with national politics. They are disinterested or incapable of addressing our local issues now. Their entire business model is rooted within sensational stories that everybody else is covering and it is too risky for them to go out on a limb with something if they’re the only ones to do it. That’s a discussion for another day, but it’s a major issue here. While the nation reels about mass shootings and talks about gun control, in Philadelphia, we have errant bullet sprays on a weekly basis. Violence is happening more publicly now that the message has been sent from our district attorney’s office that they will not prosecute these crimes. It actually baffles the mind for most Philadelphians how this is even possible.

Here are a few of the latest most egregious shootings that have happened in the city:

A man was shot & killed while working on anti-gun violence video…I know I put the link above but I figured this one was worth saying again. Because this is the level of sardonic irony we are forced to live with. One of the most perturbing crimes that’s happened in the city within the last year was the case of DeVonte Douglass & Vernon Harris. If you missed that one this is the case of an anti-violence counselor in the district attorney’s office who admitted to shooting & killing a male prostitute. Read that again, because I’m sure it didn’t compute the first time. You actually cannot fathom how ludicrous this is.

Here’s What Happened

An anti-violence advocate is the exact kind of “social worker” that progressives claim would better address conflict resolution. I’ll preface this by saying I believe this story is not what it appears, but for the moment let’s take it at face value.This kid DeVonte Douglass works for the DA attempting to curb gun violence with counseling. He was out one night and paid for sex from Vernon Harris. Then apparently Harris pulled a gun (jokingly) on Douglass to which Douglass then wheeled around and shot Harris, killing him. This has nothing specifically to do with human trafficking other than the male prostitute who may have been tricking for a long time. But the fact is that if you were confused about how human trafficking in Philadelphia could even occur, it’s because things are lawless here.

A Reminder About How Insidious Human Trafficking Is

Slavery has taken on new forms over the generations. In some parts of the world, people are still bought & sold on a slave trading block. Some children are stolen from their homes, and raped into submission. These things still take place and may even occur in America. However, in the industrialized world, there are many more subtle forms of coerced forced labor. People forget that trafficking is not always for sex. It’s not always children, either. Many times people who are desperate financially can be tricked into servitude. A lot of times people in the public view victims of these crimes as somehow guilty themselves. Often times people think they knew what they were getting into.

The crime of human trafficking has a strict legal definition though, and in Pennsylvania you can read it here. There are people that get trafficked to work in restaurants, bars, laundromats, city governments, etc. Once employed in such a location, the reason why their lives are slave-like, is because they could be deported or arrested at a moment’s notice. Even in “sanctuary cities” which provide cover for legalizing human trafficking in this way, people can be tricked into this kind of indentured servitude. So don’t think that just because you walked by Von Colln and saw people laughing or having fun, that they weren’t in a difficult position. Because that entire “encampment” was actually technically illegal. Even though some people came & went, others were stuck there – if even in their mind.

Human Trafficking In Philadelphia Happened, And Will Continue Until People Stop Pretending It Isn’t Here

In a city with 5x the nation’s rate of AIDS cases, top 5 gun violence & murder, highest opioid overdose death rate, and political corruption…how could there not also be human trafficking? Our nation was founded on the principles that people are all free. So as the constitution of the United States erodes away, and city officials break state and city laws, it’s clear that other disgusting doors would open. In this case, the door opened up to justify human trafficking by attempting to rename it in forced politically correct discussions. Calling the people at Von Colln “campers,” or “unhoused folks” was merely cover for coercing the movement of persons for forced labor.

Human trafficking.

That’s what it is. It happened here.

Don’t Feel Guilty If You Missed It, Just Do Something About It Now

Many people can’t believe they would have missed something like this. Or ignored it themselves. But the reality is that last year our city & state government attacked us. Unconstitutionally stripped us of our freedoms or threatened us into submission. They withheld aid from the police and let psychopaths ravage or infrastructure. It was an awful time for everybody. So not only were people extra focused on themselves & their families, everybody was on high alert for a virus & trying to stay afloat financially. It wasn’t a great time for anybody to be looking to help anybody else. But me? I guess I’m stupid that way. Sometimes I can’t help myself. So I went after this one.

Let’s Talk

If you have read my work and have come to the same conclusions that I have, then please reach out and tell me.

This has been a very lonely investigation. I’ve been harassed a great deal about it too. Along with people in various online communities suppressing this content. They know they’re guilty. Because there is a big difference between missing or ignoring something you didn’t know is a problem – and organizing or sponsoring it. Our city government was behind this, in front of it, and all over it. But because there is no way to hold officials in this city or state accountable, we need to develop other means within the justice system to do so.

Call me: 215 550 1039

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Human trafficking in Philadelphia is real. But we need to come together to stop it.

Keep your ears & eyes open, and think for yourself…

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

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