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Mayor Kenney used to sign things into law but now his *word* is the law of the land.
“King” Kenney used to sign things into law, but now his *word* is the law of the land.

This is the story of how Mayor Jim Kenney transformed slavery into a cottage industry in modern-day Philadelphia. I explain the methods and the means by which he executed this. You’ll learn who all the players are in our city government, as well as a few private businesses that are also taking advantage of this moment.

On one hand, this is a story of deception on the internet. However, when you really break it down, this is a tale as old as time. The most vulnerable people are being used as pawns in a very complicated game to bring slavery back to the United States. Nobody notices this because, for the most part, people actually still expect government officials to protect their constituents’ best interests. But here in Philly, they don’t.

Also, even though there is an incredible distrust in our media, nobody thinks that reporters would ignore a story about slavery. But our local reporters are immature, inept, or corrupt too. So nobody is getting accurate information, and people distrust whatever they hear anyway. There are even people actively trying to suppress this story from coming to light, on social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Contribute to the TruthContribute to the Truth

Read Beneath Their Lies

The news that most people consume on a daily basis has a very low-level truth content. Some people know there is slavery going on in this city while others are too blind to see it. But those who know, are virtually powerless.

If it doesn’t make sense to you how somebody could have transformed slavery or you don’t know what that even means, you’re not alone.

You’ll often hear progressives these days talk about “transformative justice” which is in essence, a belief that the justice system itself cannot provide justice. So they encourage people to use other mediation techniques or third party dispute resolution. This is the best, and most generous interpretation.

At worst, they advocate for things like defunding the police, abolishing the state, and letting prisoners out of jail for no reason. It is a code for chaos.

Transforming Slavery Into Activism Through Media Manipulation & Government Corruption

Human bondage has transformed over the years, but the principles are always the same.
It’s still slavery if they coerce you into putting the chains on yourself.

Another way to look at transformative justice is “social justice.” Google defines social justice as, “justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.” But how does that actually look?

When you look at how social justice is actually applied, what it really means is enacting policies or taking actions to rectify historical wrongs; across groups of people. In other words (for example) since America had slavery, Americans now need to repent for that crime/sin. Specifically they say – white people.

The actual justice system, if applied to this kind of problem, would work to hold specific individuals or entities accountable. Perhaps through the families who still hold wealth that was generated by slavery. Maybe African nations which sold their own people into slavery should be held accountable for that too. A project to track the lineage of African Americans whose family were slaves (not all African Americans were victims of slavery) could be helpful.

But aggressively attacking police officers and pretending they represent all “white” people to try to get “justice” for individual people?

That transformed the justice system into the no-justice system.

Transformation = Destruction of Normalcy

The city of Philadelphia has been a dark and stormy place for a long time.
Philadelphia is like Gotham City if Batman were actually the Joker.

Whenever you look at the proponents of transformative justice, their actions end in destruction. I’ve now studied a number of the groups who make these kinds of demands like the organizers of the Parkway encampment. They don’t make sense, they talk in circles, and it becomes impossible to give them anything they claim to want. In the end the goal is chaos. Transformation in these contexts is coded language for destruction.

Disassembly – with no clear path to reconciliation.

At best, transformational justice is coded language for dissolving our justice system. Ultimately what it aims to do is reinstall a new justice system solely controlled by the dominant mob group. That is their aim. They (the groups that practice this) want to be in ultimate control of you, me, and the rest of American society.

That’s what this is about.

So when I say that Kenney transformed slavery in Philadelphia, what I mean is he has reinstalled it. Imagine if slavery were an operating system that had been uninstalled hundreds of years ago. He has installed a new slave trade program here. There are slaves being traded, and used in forced or indentured servitude for the sake of “King” Kenney of Philadelphia. He has established himself at the helm of an unstoppable communist agenda.

Kenney Made Philadelphia A Sanctuary City (For Slavery)

These flags flew at half mast for about 5 months and then mysteriously were raised in October.
Kenney had these (2) flags flying at half mast for about 5 months, against the President’s & governor’s orders, as a symbol that he is holding our city hostage.

Human trafficking is just a politically correct phrase to describe “modern day” slavery. If you have never studied modern day slavery, a way to look at is: slavery in an industrialized country that has technically abolished slavery already.

The first thing you have to realize is that unless you study this, you have no idea what constitutes human trafficking. In some places around the world there are still slaves like you may think of them. Chained, forced to dig ditches or pick crops, paid nothing, living in squalor. There are definitely people all over the world in this kind of horrifying condition still.

But, there are also millions of people who are more subtly enslaved. People who fight against human trafficking know this. It can be demoralizing to have to explain, but the reality is that more people than we know are subjugated to forced labor.

This transformed modern day slavery is just as insidious and is usually harder to detect. Therefore it is can be more difficult to stop.

The XIII Amendment Being Violated In Philadelphia Is A Slap In Our City’s Face

The 13th amendment of the constitution abolishes & prohibits slavery in America. With no equivocation. This is condemned in our country to the highest degree possible. There are other laws this country established to shut down the slavery (or human trafficking) industry completely as well.

Over the centuries America had become a bastion of hope for people that wanted to work to build something for and of themselves. That is the exact opposite of a slave/master mentality. Philadelphia was one of the epicenters of the abolitionist movement, too. That makes this recent regression even more devastating to anybody that appreciates our city’s historical leaders.

Pennsylvania has specific human trafficking laws on the books at the state level. Philadelphia’s Home Rule Charter has a section that outlines the liability for city employees not taking human trafficking seriously. So from the US constitution all the way down the Philadelphia law, there is a strict no slavery policy. That includes outright shackles & chains, as well as various formed of coercion to induce labor.

This is the part that people need to more fully understand.

All The Bad Things Kenney’s Administration Is Doing To Philadelphia

Jim Kenney has made slavery fashionable again in Philadelphia.
Jim Kenney: Mayor Or Slave Trader?

I don’t know how other cities are structured, but in Philadelphia, the mayor is basically a king. The kingdom is small, but it is mighty. Their organizational structure puts the mayor at the top of every single department, commission, division, or pseudo-governmental (there are a lot of these) entities. There is no check or balance against a mayor here anymore now that every department that should be, is corrupt – or inept.

Allowing Slavery Is A Breach Of Their Oath Of Office…OBVIOUSLY

Jim Kenney is complicit in violating city, state, and federal laws.
What a bigoted gleeful looking idiot.

Here is the latest version of the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter.

In CHAPTER 20-100. GENERAL PROVISIONS you’ll find §20-102. Oaths of Office, for “all persons elected or appointed to or employed in any City office shall, before entering upon the duties of their office or employment, take the following oath of office: ‘I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support, obey and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of this Commonwealth and the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter and that I will discharge the duties of _______ with fidelity.”

That means anybody working for the city of Philadelphia either by election or appointment, must abide by this oath. What I will demonstrate in this article is that Kenney and his entire administration have disobeyed & attacked the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of this Commonwealth and the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter. They have discharged their duties with infidelity towards the residents of this city.

I am honoring this oath as a citizen – more than they are as officials.

Understanding Riots Under Pennsylvania Law: From the Cradle to the Slaves

People are like cattle sometimes the way they get herded from place to place.
Like cattle, thousands of people were herded around our city for weeks breaking our laws.

Just like human trafficking, riots are greatly misunderstood these days.

They don’t always look like: people with bats wearing masks destroying things. It doesn’t always involve a direct physical confrontation with police either. Sometimes a riot is quiet, with the appearance of calm.

According to ARTICLE F OFFENSES AGAINST PUBLIC ORDER AND DECENCY under Title 18 of Pennsylvania law, a riot is defined as: “…two or more others in a course of disorderly conduct: (1) with intent to commit or facilitate the commission of a felony or misdemeanor; (2) with intent to prevent or coerce official action.”

Disorderly conduct is defined as acting “with intent to cause public inconvenience annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creating a risk thereof,” especially if this “creates a hazardous or physically offensive condition by any act which serves no legitimate purpose of the actor.”

Screaming “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Doesn’t Magically Make You A Law Abiding Citizen

There is an even more detailed section which describes §5507. Obstructing highways and other public passages which is defined by, “(a) Obstructing. — A person, who, having no legal privilege to do so, intentionally or recklessly obstructs any highway, railroad track or public utility right-of-way, sidewalk, navigable waters, other public passage, whether alone or with others, commits a summary offense, or, in case he persists after warning by a law officer, a misdemeanor of the third degree…”

So that incident on 676 where thousands of people blocked the highway?

That was illegal. It wasn’t a “mostly peaceful” protest.

In fact it wasn’t a protest at all.

It was an offense against public order and decency according to Pennsylvania law. Caused by recklessly creating a risk, and hazardous or physically offensive conditions with no legitimate purpose.

Nobody in Kenney’s administration consulted the law. Or if they did, they ignored it. Our police chief, district attorney, and every member of the mayor’s inner circle played this as poorly as possible. Unless of course they didn’t want to protect anybody from harm. If their goal was to shred decency and civility, and break a lot of laws, they should consider themselves highly successful.

But they had a lot of help.

This was a terror attack, covered up by the press.

The Philadelphia Inquirer Is A Communist Weapon For Kenney’s Corrupt Administration

"Trump Virus" street art sticker I found on the streets of Philadelphia.
This stick was found on the streets of Philadelphia. Artist unknown.

If we were giving out awards for the most corrupt news organizations serving a regional market, Inqy has to be in the running. The evening of this 676 debacle, editorial leader Will Bunch published an article titled, “The president of the United States declared war on America on Monday night.”

In true Bunch fashion, this piece wasn’t researched at all, and was based solely on his *opinion* about the matter. However, it is false, since there was no declaration of war from the President on America.

But they are not so bold as to say what I’m saying about slavery in Philadelphia. At this point they know what I know because I’ve sent all my work to hundreds of people at their company.

But they are digging their heels in to do whatever they can to defeat Trump.

Trump called people who traffic in human beings “monsters” in this announcement from January of 2020. In no uncertain terms Trump condemns this industry totally. Despite having been asked countless times if he opposes “white supremacy” (which he does) no press ever asks him if he opposes human trafficking or slavery. They also never ask Kenney or other Democrats like Biden if they oppose slavery and human trafficking. Biden issued a statement on Medium about human trafficking back in July. But this was at least 2 months into the Parkway encampment. His headquarters is down the street and he has made no comment about it whatsoever.

Neither has a single member of his staff.

A “Free Press” Can’t Be Covering Up Slavery

This is how a publication destroys the first amendment. They make illegal false claims that are intended to cause panic, and do so under the auspices of free speech. It is a demonstration of how narcissistic the press has become. They think that “free press” means their freedom. But being a journalist is supposed to be a selfless matter. Therefore the free in free press is meant to protect our (the people’s) freedom. They are supposed to get us enough information to be able to think freely and make decisions on how we want to address or redress our government – among other things.

They’re not supposed to trick people into thinking a riot was a protest.

12 Weeks A Slave: How Slavery Was Brought Back To Von Colln “Plantation”

This article from June 1, titled “Philadelphia protesters gassed on I-676, leading to ‘pandemonium’ as they tried to flee” was written in part by Ellie Rushing, the intern who originally challenged me to go to the Parkway encampment to ask my own questions. First of all “gassed” makes it sound like a Nazi concentration camp, and they either know that and did so in order to drive outrage traffic to their website, or they are too stupid to know how it sounds. But look at the headline. They call them “protestors.”

For anybody who doesn’t know or care about Pennsylvania law, they would think that innocent people were gassed by awful police. When in reality, the police attempted to control a riot. At least (1) officer was caught on camera shoving a person (who was already on their knees) to the ground and then pepper spraying them in the face. This looked like an obvious abuse of their power. But most of the law enforcement there did their best.

It’s Not About How YOU Identify YOURSELF, It’s About How THE LAW Identifies Your ACTIONS

The individuals who were forced to flee up the same hills they came down on – faced these risks by participating in a riot. While some of them may have gotten injured in the process, that’s part of their game. The purpose of this incident was to engage law enforcement in their use of force. Then turn around and pretend it was not warranted. With the press, police, district attorney, mayor, and every other official in the city directly involved or looking the other way; they got away with it.

Again, this was not mostly peaceful. It was not peaceful at all. This was a riot – by definition. But you wouldn’t know that from the press coverage because they are too young and inexperienced to know; and their editors are too corrupt to care. Eventually the New York Times picked up this story and made national news. They called it, How the Philadelphia Police Tear-Gassed a Group of Trapped Protesters.

This lead to the mayor and police chief *apologizing* for taking these actions at all – instead of defending law and order. Meanwhile, that same weekend they launched tear gas into a neighborhood while acquiescing to people looting stores and police property elsewhere nearby.

Von Colln Plantation: A (Quiet) Riot For Modern Day Slavery

Beginning around June 1st, after the 676 riot, people started setting up camp at Von Colln. The founders began trafficking homeless people from around the city, state, and country to assemble their ranks. All tolled they might have had about 300 people that were living there. It’s impossible to know what (130) “campers” Kenney claims to have extracted from there, or why those people decided to take the city’s help while the rest of the people continue to build a larger camp and pretend to fight the city in court.

Nobody in their right mind can subject themselves to slavery.
You’re still in bondage even if you celebrate your handcuffs.

They are accomplishing a lot of goals with this single location. The number of actual homeless people there is undetermined, but the likelihood is that privately run homeless shelters with job programs could probably accommodate most of them. But their organizers actively dissuade people from using the actual city’s resources.

In fact, the CEO of one of Sunday Breakfast Mission contacted me about one of my previous articles. He told me that I was 100% right about all my observations regarding how this is an abuse of the process. Jeremy Montgomery told me that it was even worse than I could have imagined.

Multi-Level Slavery Marketing

Apparently members of this slavery camp were attempting to coerce people at Mr. Montgomery’s homeless shelter for men to leave; in favor of “leapfrogging” (Montgomery’s word) the normal process to help homeless people. They are advocating people to cheat the system in order to join their camp and work for them promoting their ideological mission.

That’s the hardest part for people to get.

Because all it would take is the mayor to tell the parks to call the cops and have them clear it out. There are safe ways to go about doing this, too. But instead, they allow people to overdose to death, stab each other, have sex in the open, endanger children, terrorize the neighborhood, and riot longer than anywhere in the country without receiving any national coverage.

Infidelity In Our Philadelphia Home Rule Charter

Socialism & Marxism are ideological constructs that are being used to destroy the fabric of American society.
Jim Kenney is into S&M: Socialism & Marxism

Think of it this way: it’s like every city official is married to the city. They make a vow. An oath. But we (the people) have no way to file divorce against Kenney and his gang of thieves. Nevertheless, here is a breakdown of all the laws within our city that they have broken, breached, ignored, denied, rejected, or otherwise enabled others to disregard with discriminatory application.


I’ll cut to the chase on this one.

A “no cop zone” is not only childishly bemusing, it’s illegal. To any sane person it’s obvious why. Any person can claim a zone “no cop zone” and then break laws. If allowed, any person could break the law simply by creating a zone where police are not allowed to go.

Why in God’s name would the police of all people, agree to this?

Because their chief is corrupt and delusional.

Danielle "no law" Outlaw is a shameful excuse of a cop.
Illustration by Matt Berman; “Danielle NoLaw: Commander of the Philadelphia Gestapo”

But don’t take my word for it.

Read the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter “Legislative Findings” regarding discrimination:

  • “(d) discrimination in places of public accommodation causes embarrassment and inconvenience to citizens and visitors of the City, creates breaches of the peace, and is otherwise detrimental to the welfare and economic growth of the city.”
  • “(e) in order to assure that all persons regardless of race, ethnicity, color, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition), sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, marital status, source of income…enjoy the full benefits of citizenship and are afforded equal opportunities for…use of public accommodation facilities…”

Not Only Is A “No Cops Zone” Stupid & Childish, It’s Unconstitutional and Illegal In Philadelphia

Philadelphia will never accept slavery as an industry now, or ever.
From high enough up, you would never know about the chaos going on in the streets.

In other words, discriminating against cops in a public park is an embarrassment and inconvenience to citizens (and visitors) of the city and “creates breaches of the peace.”

It is “otherwise detrimental to the welfare and economic growth of the city.”

Yeah, no shit.

But obviously this doesn’t matter to Jim Kenney.

What do you call a person who knowingly, continuously, and relentlessly causes breaches of the peace to the detriment of the welfare of economic growth?

I call them a terrorist.

Jim Kenney is a slave trading terrorist. There, I said it.

He’s a true blue traitor to the city, the state, and the nation.

Jim Kenney's acceptance of slavery is a national disgrace.
Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney addressing media at a press conference regarding the shooting of Police Officer Jesse Hartnett, 33. The shooter, Edward Archer stated, “I follow Allah and pledge allegiance to the Islamic State and that is the reason I did what I did.” This was prior to the reign of DA Larry Krasner, for the record.


Jim Kenney created a slavery business in Philadelphia.
Forget about his rhetoric, Jim Kenney’s actions demonstrate that he has a deep hatred in his heart for the people of the city of Philadelphia.

Oh, yeah. That’s right. Jim Kenney is committing a hate crime against police officers and citizens of the city of Philadelphia. Taxpayers. He is giving preferential treatment to outsiders, some of whom may be homeless, and also homeless people (many of whom are not from Philadelphia). To date he has directly discriminated against the people of South Philadelphia too. By declaring that tailgating was illegal…temporarily and only in South Philadelphia. But he allows slave trading, open lethal drug use, and the endangerment of children.

From §10-2201, (1) Hate crime includes the commission of related crimes to Chapter 33 (relating to arson, criminal mischief and other property destruction), Chapter 35 (relating to burglary and other criminal intrusion), Chapter 41 (relating to forgery and fraudulent practices), all under Pennsylvania law, against “an individual or group of individuals or the property of an individual or group, accompanied by malicious intent…”

Not only is Kenney discriminating towards Philadelphians, he is discriminating towards US citizens. There is no verification that any of these people at Von Colln Plantation are US citizens. US citizens are barred from using this public land. That means tourism in Philadelphia is going to take a huge hit. If word gets out that the mayor only allows undocumented presumed homeless people or his imported refugees to use public spaces, who would come here?

But that’s what he wants.

Kenney wants to direct human traffic.


They can't force you to keep your eyes closed once you see the truth.
The blind are leading the blind off a cliff around here.

If you were wondering, “is it a crime to ignore potential human trafficking?” the answer for city officials and business owners is yes.

In fact, whoever wrote this specific law took it really seriously.

§ 10-2302. Prohibited Conduct makes it explicit that, “(1) No person shall knowingly or with deliberate indifference permit human trafficking activity to occur on a property or in connection with the activities of a business owned by a person.”

Von Colln is a plantation now, or a concentration camp, depending on how you look at it.
Does this look like a place where human trafficking isn’t happening?

§ 10-2303. Presumption of Deliberate Indifference states, “(1) A person will be presumed to have acted with deliberate indifference under Section 10-2302 with respect to human trafficking activity at a subject property or business if such person was on notice that human trafficking activity may have occurred on one or more occasions…”

The penalty for violating this is a fine of $2,000 per violation and “such other equitable relief as the court deems appropriate.” Every day is considered an individual violation. This has been going on now on the Parkway for about 4 months which = 120 days. That’s $240,000 in fines.

Also, given we’re talking about government officials who enabled this to go on, they should all lose their jobs at a minimum. I believe that at this point they (the entire government administration under Kenney’s direction) have demonstrated that they are more than just deliberately indifferent. They support this because in their twisted transformed minds they think that this will lead to defeating Donald Trump in this election.


If you said you’ve heard of the “Housing Trust Fund” you’re probably lying.

§21-1602. Establishment of the Philadelphia Housing Trust Fund states that the “Trust Fund” is supposed to be created by the Finance Director as a separate Fund held by the City. It’s administered by the Department of Planning and Development’s Division of Housing and Community Development.

Who’s it for?

Philadelphia is a beautiful place and I don't want to flee from here.
Our city has been naturally diverse for a long time. The culture here is being destroyed, though. People like Kenney are vultures ripping out the metaphorical guts of us.

§21-1603. Creation, Distribution and Use of the Trust Fund’s Assets says that it is for “the benefit of households whose annual income, adjusted for size, is less than one hundred fifteen percent (115%) of the median income of the Metropolitan Statistical Area, as defined by The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.”

When the PHA says that they are not responsible for homelessness housing projects, they may technically be correct. But nobody from within the city ever raised their hand and said, “you know we could allocate some of the trust fund money to help these people.” It wasn’t even in the conversation. People just accepted it and moved on. Add that injury to the insult that Kenney misappropriated federal homeless funding too.

What kinds of housing projects is this fund funding anyway?

They just want you to keep your mouth shut so they can turn you into a slave too.
They only think silence is violence when people speak out against their crimes.


Wearing a mask is a literal virtue signal.
You know how DHS has the motto “if you see something, say something?” Kenney’s administration’s motto would be more like, “we’ll shut you up if you try to say anything.”

This is a confusing one, but pay attention. It demonstrates our city government’s willingness to use linguistic tricks and lies to carry out their criminal activity. A lot of the press covered the city’s orders to the camp as an “eviction.” It implies that there is some kind of lawful reason for them to be there and there isn’t. This is an abuse of the legal practice because it degrades what an unlawful or “self-help” eviction actually is.

I’ve been the victim of such an attempt to remove me from a place I had a lease, due to my landlord’s political opposition to my views on voting in the 2016 election. It really happens. Sometimes people get kicked out for racist reasons too. But people who we don’t actually know are homeless or not that are squatting on a public property – can’t be evicted. Calling it an eviction serves only to legitimize their efforts in an illegitimate pursuit.


Putting lipstick on a slave makes you a pig.
If a blight is hidden in plain sight and nobody says anything about it, it’s still there.

In this case, the government are again deliberately indifferent. Not doing their jobs with fidelity. §16-503 Blighted Property says that a *blighted property* includes, “(b) any premises which because of physical condition, use or occupancy is considered an attractive nuisance to children, including but not limited to abandoned wells, shafts, basements, excavations, and unsafe fences or structures.” Or, “(c) any dwelling which because it is dilapidated, unsanitary, unsafe, vermin-infested or lacking in the facilities and equipment required by this Code, has been designated as unfit for human habitation.” Lastly, “(f) any vacant or unimproved lot or parcel of ground in a predominantly built-up-neigborhood, which by reason of neglect or lack of maintenance has become a place for accumulation of trash and debris, or a haven for rodents or other vermin.”

Let that sink in. Our city is allowing a public park to remain a blight because it serves their political purposes. Even though (or maybe because) human trafficking is occurring in the open. But they’ve broken other laws in order to make that happen – big and small.


King Kenney is a big queen.
Illustration by Matt Berman: “Fuck King Kenney”

Even though some of these laws are more trivial in nature, they explain how this government is enabling the criminality in every way possible.

§10-603. Loitering means “idling or lounging in or about any place or facility…so as to prevent others from passage, ingress or egress.” This one should be obvious, being that this group has been unlawfully inhabiting a public park for almost 150 days.

Also, (3) Duties of Persons Controlling Private Property Used to Accomodate the Public says that, “The owner, lessee, manager or other person in control of any real estate which is used to accommodate the public shall ask any person violating this Section to voluntarily correct the violation and if the violator neglects or refuses to correct his violation shall make a report immediately to the Police Department and cooperate with the police in removing any violator from the private property used to accommodate the public.” In this case, Von Colln park is controlled by the Parks & Recreation department – within the Fairmount Park system; as you’ll see later.

Rich & Poor Must Be Treated Equally Under The Law

Abolishing the police is one of the stupidest ideas in the world.
People thought they were protesting for social justice. But they actually got tricked into lobbying against their own protection in cities that can’t control their budgets.

§10-607 Discrimination Based on Economic Status says that “(1) no person shall discriminate against any other person based on their economic status in the use and enjoyment of public property.” What I say next is going to be unpopular among the Socialists but it’s true.

In America, you can’t discriminate against the poor; but you also can’t discriminate against the rich. If it’s a public park, you have to allow people to enter no matter how much money they have.

Aggressive Panhandling In A Digital Age

Under §10-611 Sidewalk Behavior “(4) Aggressive Conduct on the Sidewalk Prohibited says no person shall, “(a) solicit money for any purpose on the public sidewalk in an aggressive manner, or accompanied by conduct, including but not limited to repeated begging, insistent panhandling, retaliatory comments, blockage of free passage of a pedestrian, touching or yelling at a pedestrian, confrontation or intimidation, which is likely to cause a reasonable person to fear bodily hard to oneself or another, or damage to or loss of property.”

Jim Kenney is a big asshole.
This is how much Kenney cares about Philly residents.

These groups regularly take in “donations” and continue to solicit for money online. They are doing this while blocking the free passage of pedestrians into and out of a public park. Just because they are not specifically begging for money from the pedestrians (since they do so online) doesn’t mean it isn’t still happening.

“There’s no law that says they have to enforce the law” – Derek Riker

To remind you, Derek Riker works for the office of the inspector general. He also claimed to me that he lives nearby Von Colln, as he told me he “sympathized” with my concerns in a voicemail he left me. He literally said this to me on the phone. Which is patently ridiculous. Of course there are laws that require city officials and police officers to do their jobs. It’s true that a district attorney gets to decide certain cases they do or don’t want to prosecute. But there is no license to not uphold the law.

Nobody Is Enforcing Our Laws

(7) under this section is about Enforcement. What’s interesting here is the fact that there is an “Outreach Team” the police are supposed to work with while trying to clear people out who are committing violations of this ordinance. To my knowledge the phrase “outreach team” has never been spoken by Danielle Outlaw, Kenney, or any other police officer. Why have they (whoever they are) not been contacted to accompany police?

There are plenty of options in this law, for the government and police to do what they need to do (legally speaking) to restore order. But they simply won’t do it. A sub-section under enforcement states, “(c.) if the law enforcement officer, in consultation with the Mental Health Officer, determines that the person, because of his or her mental health status or otherwise, presents a danger to himself or herself or to others, the law enforcement officer shall take such steps as are authorized…if necessary, the initiation of involuntary commitment proceedings.”

Larry Krasner trains his lap-dop Anthony Voci to behave, and keep is mouth shut.
Larry Kranser (left) and Anthony Voci (right) busy doing absolutely nothing to protect us.

(2) people have died of drug overdoses (that were reported) so far. One of the camp’s *leaders* Sterling Johnson, is also part of an organization that was attempting to make Philadelphia the site of the nation’s first “safe injection site.” Places where users of intravenous drugs can use them under medical care in case of overdose. These facilities are largely just insurance scams where operators sell blood, urine, and other samples from *patients* they see. Or “clients,” in this case.

This Is Not The City of SISterly Love

Sterling Johnson is one of the deranged organizers of the Von Colln riot.
Sterling Johnson

Johnson has openly enabled heroin & opioid use which has lead to the deaths of at least (2) people. But there is no accountability for this organizer. He was also involved in lobbying for the (currently stalled) implementation of a “safe injection site” (SIS) in South Philadelphia.

The “camp” has also been home to stabbings. If you’ve tried to read the principles and demands these groups put out, you’d know they’re mentally ill. Or poorly educated about every imaginable topic they’d need to be expert at in order to make a real difference in what they claim to be doing.

“Mask Up Philly” Philosophy Makes This Even Worse

Ironically, the safe use of masks in this case (protecting against COVID-19) present an additional problem. §10-613 Concealed Identities makes it unlawful to “with the specific intent to intimidate or threaten another person, or with the specific intent to hide one’s identity during the commission of unlawful activity, wear a mask, hood, or other device or means of hiding.” So even being safe has them breaking another law.

Our Cops Should Stop Obeying Unconstitutional Orders Immediately

Larry Krasner is a douche bag.
You can’t make him do his job no matter how many people die on his watch.

For any police officer reading this, you can do something even if Mrs. Outlaw or Mr. Krasner won’t. According to the section of Philadelphia law on §10-615 Disorderly Conduct and Related Offenses, “(b) any police officer or other person authorized to enforce ordinances may issue a ticket to any person in violation of this section.”

Any beat cop could go down and issue tickets on these people while bringing medical professionals down to determine that they need to be committed to some kind of mental institution for this insanity. The innocent people who are being trafficked need to be helped differently by removing them from the destructive grip of these criminals.


Mayor Kenney is an asshole.
Applauding his crooked version of success.

§15-102 Conditions to Conversion or Transfer of Outdoor Park or Recreation Land provides for how the city and convert or transfer parks. This involves a lengthy review process and community feedback. They didn’t do anything like this before allowing a fraudulent homeless camp to set up for political purposes while discriminating against actual residents of the city and cops.


Here’s a simple one for you: §15-601 Parks and Playgrounds – Hours of Operation. The only way a person can be in a public park legally between the hours of 6 am and 10pm is if the Recreation Department “extends such hours in connection with any particular facility because of a city sponsored or approved event or activity.” You get that? On the simplest grounds imaginable these people are all breaking the law and the city is allowing it.

§15-603 Parks and Playgrounds – Annual Report Detailing Crimes Occurring Within the Boundaries of any Park or Playground makes it pretty clear that this department is supposed to be a watchdog for criminal activity. But Andrew Viren – the head of permitting at the department – said all he knows about this encampment is what he reads in the news. That news which isn’t actually reporting on what’s really happening, remember. Viren also said he views this as an “activation of public space.” That, he claims, is part of their department’s mission. So he’s a sympathizer, if not an organizer.

They Did (Not) Permit This To Happen

§15-604 Parks and Creation Facilities – Permits and Licenses for Use of Facilities says that you need a permit to do anything on their property. In addition, “(a) the application for the permit or license is accompanied by an impact statement detailing the physical impact, including wear and tear, the use might have on the facility.” Obviously. Because in this case, hundreds of people are living at a park illegally. That’s going to mess it up something fierce and we the residents and taxpayers will be paying for it.

To make matters weirder, this section specifically names Von Colln Park as being subject to these requirements. It is the only park identified by name in this chapter. Let this eliminate any doubt in your mind that these city officials are basically going section by section breaking as many laws as possible. They are doing this under the auspices of social justice.


Here is a chunk of the laws that the “campers” (Kenney’s word) are breaking on a daily basis.

Mayor Kenney is a tyrant.
He comes across like a buffoon, but he is actually a powerful tyrant.

§10-501 Prohibited Conduct

  • (1) No person shall destroy, damage, or deface in any way, public or private real property, whether occupied, vacant and/or abandoned, including any
    • (a) public or private buildings, fences, or trees
  • (2) no person shall
    • (h) use any city facility or enter into any city property without authority
  • (3) no person shall camp on any private property without the written permission of the owner or manager of the property. To “camp” means to use any property for temporary or permanent outdoor living accommodation purposes, including: sleeping or making preparations to sleep; laying down or using for the purpose of sleeping any tent, tarpaulin, lean-to, sleeping bag, bedroll, mattress, blankets, or any form of cover or protection from the elements other than clothing; storing personal belongings; or making any fire.

In no uncertain terms is it illegal to camp in public in Philadelphia. There isn’t even a camping permit on the books at the Parks Department.


Basically speaking, you can’t hang “HOUSING NOW” or “BLACK LIVES MATTER” or any other sign from any public property. That includes trees, poles, or anything else the city owns at the park where they are hanging signs. While a very trivial matter, it shows you the depths of illegality going on here and the absolute nothing our government is doing about it.

These signs that say "VOTE | MAKE A PLAN" litter the streets everywhere and nobody is going to clean them up.
These “VOTE | MAKE A PLAN” signs also went up recently all over the city. There are probably hundreds of these signs, which have no attribution as to who paid for them or who put them there. These are all on city property, though, which would otherwise cost a fee to install, and require a lengthy permitting process. That could not have happened, and if it did that means the city lied to me about political messaging on their property.


They don’t have one of these either. The managing director’s office would have to provide them one. There are a bunch of regulations concerning planned event permits that weren’t followed. Things that would have helped residents of the city protect ourselves against this from happening, and persisting. They have no insurance, nor do they have a bond. According to Viren, they also didn’t pay a permit fee. Nothing.

They were given this for free from the city government.


"King" Kenney Kills.
Illustration by Matt Berman: “King” Kenney Kills

This is found under the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter Subsections 10-107(3)&(4) as applied to city officers and employees, “but not elected officials” specifically. That makes sense of course, because elected officials are always engaging in political activity. They are political figures. However you’ll see later, that certain kinds of political activity are prohibited no matter who you are. Discrimination and restrictions of civil rights are never protected activities especially by elected officials. But for the purpose of this section, this applies to people like police chief Danielle Outlaw, the commissioners of each department I’ve named, employees at L&I, etc.

Keep in mind too, that our “Board of Ethics” in Philadelphia is completely useless. They might as well not exist. The most important section here is SUBPART C. USE OF CITY POSITION FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES IS PROHIBITED and it suggests that the following things are prohibited:

  • “using his or her title or status as a city officer or employee while participating in political activity”
  • “using his or her authority to coerce any individual to participate in political activity”
  • “requesting, directing, or suggesting that a subordinate officer or employee participate in political activity”

This City Is Corrupt From The Press Down To The Parks Department

Parks & Recreation is the easiest department to see how this actually played out. Andrew Viren and the commissioner Kathryn Ott Lovell knowingly violated Philadelphia law in the furtherance of the illegal use of public land.

The purpose? To lobby for a refugee funding program for the federal government. They also did this in order to promote the “defund the police” narrative which has more personal implications. Within the city government, due to COVID-19 and economic recovery efforts, there is a budget battle going on. Defunding the police has nothing to do with brutality in this context. It’s all about people like Lovell & Viren wanting to keep their jobs. So they are attempting to force the city’s hand to fund them.

§10-102 City Officers and Employees Not to Engage in Certain Activities specifically calls this out. It says that no employee “whose salary is paid out the City Treasury” shall “benefit from and shall not be interested directly or indirectly in any contract for the purchase of property…erection of any structure…nor shall they solicit any contract in which they may have any such direct or indirect interest.”

In other words, they can’t support an unlawful communist camp on parks property in order to try to save their jobs. But they did.

Kenney’s Gang Of Thieves

Here’s a quick breakdown of all the people involved and complicit.

Biden & Rendell are the old money, lifelong Democrats who have the power to pull any string they want in the city. The state. Parts of the federal government. Biden’s HQ is here and they’ve been silent. Rendell has been fundraising for the Biden campaign since the beginning, too.

Brian Abernathy was the managing director throughout the entire COVID pandemic through the beginning of the riots. He was since replaced by Tumar Alexander. This position is considered the “COO” of the city. If this were a legitimate political protest (it isn’t) they would have issued a permit for it. Since this isn’t a legitimate political protest, they should have shut it down but they didn’t.

Christian Dunbar (ex-Treasurer) was just recently fired shortly after he was charged by the FBI & DoJ for financial fraud. Mayor Kenney has assured the public that this has nothing to do with city funds; but who believes him?

There’s More…

Uncle Larry "Kill Em' All" Krasner is a disgrace to our city.
Illustration by Matt Berman: “Uncle ‘Kill Em’ All’ Krasner & Danielle NoLaw’s Ghost”

Krasner is the crooked DA who won’t prosecute anybody except law abiding people who stand in the way of this criminal enterprise. Voci is the homicide investigator who promised me he would raise these issues up with the local law enforcement. He either didn’t do that, or gave up after minimal effort. I had limited hope in him, but he’s proven to be useless.

Anthony Voci is Larry Krasner's lap-dog.
Illustration by Matt Berman: “Krasner’s Lap Dog” Anthony Voci

Outlaw is the “outsider” who doesn’t know or care anything about Philadelphia. This has been an advancement opportunity for her to prove she can do something in an East Coast city. Newsflash; she can’t. The only thing she’s capable of doing is making a police department weak. Consider her the COVID of the spirit of Philadelphia cops.

…there’s more than that

Darrell Clarke is the city council President who presides over the district where the main communist camp is set up. He has done absolutely nothing about this, except potentially supporting it from behind the scenes. His apathy about this is abhorrent and his arrogance is unmatched.

Darrell L. Clarkkke is like the Clayton Bigsby of Philadelphia.
Illustration by Matt Berman: “Not My City Council President”

City council has a number of commissions which enabled this to happen and they are: Housing, Neighborhood Development, and the Homeless. Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs. Public Health and Human Services. Streets and Services. Public Property and Public Works.

Darrell "Devil" Clarke would sell your soul for a nic bag.
Illustration by Matt Berman: “Devil Clarke”

The city council members that comprise the majority of those commissions include: Jamie Gauthier, Cindy Bass, Kenyatta Johnson, Kendra Brooks, Helen Gym, David Oh, Allan Domb, and Mark Squilla. They are all enabling this or not doing anything about it, either.

Larry Krasner is a do-nothing Democrat that is enabling slavery.
Look at Darrell Clarke in the background, being a good little boy for master Krasner.

Office of the Inspector General is supposed to be investigating impropriety in the city government. To my knowledge they haven’t done anything.

Alexander F. DeSantis is the Inspector General that doesn't want to work is isn't allowed to hold anybody accountable for some reason.
Alexander F. DeSantis is the Inspector General who doesn’t do his job.

They are always cagey with me now when I talk to them on the phone or via email. In fact they (like other city officials) tried to get me to agree not to publish their comments. This is a culture of suppression which results in these horrible atrocities.

If any of these people have done something I’ll amend this article.

Until then presume they’ve done nothing. Allowing slavery in our city.

Chief (No) Integrity Officer

Sarah Stevenson has no integrity. How could she if she allows this to go on?

Unsafe Structures & Recklessly Endangering The Public

L&I has been conveniently absent despite the fact that the “campers” (Kenney’s words) are erecting structures. They’re constructing buildings on public property which they don’t have any kind of permit for. If anybody else did that they would be fined for sure.

Commissioner of Streets participated in the unconstitutional order that banned tailgating in South Philadelphia. They also applied a discriminatory use of this order against South Philadelphia (where most of Kenney’s political opponents live).

Commissioner of Parks has enabled this camp to exist without a permit or without providing an impact statement. Parks department has not levied fines against the organizers, nor have they called the police. This may be one of the most important mundane details of this entire escapade. The police look like they are not *allowed* to enter the camp because of a sign that says “NO COP ZONE.” This is also discriminatory, but that’s another issue entirely.

SEPTA has given discriminatory preferential treatment to running Black Lives Matter ads which were promoting this camp, and the defunding of police. An obvious political statement. They have not allowed Trump ads to run on their property, nor did they allow me to present any political advertising at all. This has enabled the city to silence conservatives and suppress potential conservative voter turnout.

OTIS is a division of the transportation department which furnished me with a policy that has nothing to do with my issue with the city and their advertising agency. They interjected to derail my attempts to get justice.

Hell From The “Private” Sector Too

Intersection is a semi-private company which sells SEPTA’s advertising space as well as other media that the city controls. They lied to me personally about their position, policy, and ability to act without the city’s control. These people are supposed to be a vendor of mine, but instead of helping us to win jobs; they kept us from generating revenue. That is because they have a political opposition to our position and the candidate that we had intended to support.

Moravia Health was running thousands of BLM ads across the city with the help of OTIS, SEPTA, and the mayor’s office. Their business model is predicated on Medicaid & Medicare i.e. federal funding. Therefore, if Trump’s administration is going to shut down socialized medicine, the owners of this business will suffer greatly. There will be no opportunity for them to expand unless they were to engage in legitimate private business.

Every Blind Eye Is Complicit Too

Other than maybe custodial staff or interns, every single person in the city government is complicit. They all have an opportunity to look at what’s happening (like I did) and consult the law. Without any degree or special training, I was able to plainly see what they are doing is wrong. There are a lot of people who see this clear as day. But we have no authority. No representatives. So what are we supposed to do?

I’ve reached out to state officials, the National Guard, FBI, FTC, FEC, and others for help. For months I’ve been sending information to Trump Victory PA letting them know about all the bad things happening here. Maybe Trump is getting the message. But in the meantime, there are a lot of people turning their heads and looking a blind eye at the situation.

Online Censorship Hurts Everyone

The most compelling piece of censorship that I confronted was on Reddit in a sub-group for PA Politics. One of my articles got removed. A moderator said that it wasn’t due to the content of my article itself. They admitted I was making valid points. But they said I had to get my news from “mainstream sources” not my own blog.


What mainstream source should I get it from? FOX29 was there the same day I was but they didn’t report on this. ABC hasn’t been within the camp from what I can tell. Neither has CBS, NBC, WHYY, Billy Penn, or any other outlet. New York Times hasn’t been here. Washington Post won’t cover it. So exactly what mainstream source am I supposed to get my news from? Also, I went out of my way to get the news myself. How am I less verified than publishers who’ve lied to the public, or missed the story completely?

They Stole Federal Money Intended For Homeless People

It’s really simple. Kenney’s administration is so brazen they even published this in their 2021 budget. This section right here explains their scheme.

Philadelphia city budget for 2021 admitted openly to misappropriating money intended for the homeless.
They literally said, “This allows funds to be reallocated to core City services not receiving federal funds.” NO. It was supposed to help you to help the homeless in Philadelphia.

They say, “federal legislation approved funding for affordable housing and homelessness prevention/assistance which will flow to Philadelphia.” But obviously they aren’t using any of this to help the *homeless* people on the Parkway. Unless they consider the allowance of no-permit events, usage of water systems, porta potty rental, and acquiescence to be assistance. Why is our city government getting their salary? Because they took money which was allocated for the homeless and gave it to themselves. So-called “core City services not receiving federal funding,” because Trump is fighting Democrat-run cities and states over giving them federal assistance.

Our treasurer is now being charged with financial crimes and we’re supposed to believe they are unrelated…Yeah right.

Plus Kenney is secretly lobbying for Trump (or Biden) to expand the sanctuary city refugee program so he can traffic more people through his little concentration camp. Along with more than 400 other local leaders. But Kenney has been at this for a while. Back in December Kenney announced that he submitted an official letter on behalf of the City of Philadelphia to Secretary Pompeo and the Trump Administration. The purpose of this letter was to notify them that the city of Philadelphia “consents to initial refugee resettlement in the city.” So he can build up his new slavery economy.

Learn From History and Stop Re-Writing It

Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society was organized in 1833.
Women lead an anti-slavery movement in the 1800’s from Philadelphia.

Transformation as coded language is all about making it look like things change. But they never do. In fact, any change that occurs out of most transformational processes end up worse than the original. Because it’s a defiant view of what things are. Inherently that can cause progressive results; but practically it usually just ends up a mess.

From that context you can see that instead of learning from the err of the ways of the past, and continuing to fight against slavery, Kenney is just transforming the words we use to describe it. That’s a common liberal logical fallacy. If they change the definitions of words or legislate things differently they think that will fundamentally change society. Instead what we need to do is look at the facts, and call things what they are. I’m sick of people pretending this isn’t what’s going on right now.

The Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves (1807)

Almost 60 years prior to the passing of the 13th amendment, America began divesting from the slave trade. Thomas Jefferson was President. Despite being a slave owner himself, his administration was responsible for passing this legislation. It did not stop the slave trade, nor did it stop the practice of slavery. Perhaps in those days they felt they had imported enough slaves to last the nation as long as they thought it would be necessary. Either way, this was an important precursor to the Emancipation Proclamation and eventually the 13th amendment.

The American Anti-Slavery Almanac, For 1843 was published in Philadelphia as well as New York and Boston.
Philadelphia wasn’t the only city fighting against slavery prior to the Civil War, either.

Transformed Slavery Is Still Slavery

President Lincoln's memorial is significant now, more than ever.
Lincoln must be rolling over in his grave right now.

Kenney and his colleagues want to import indentured servants from other countries to install them in local ecosystems outside of the law. I don’t know what you want to call that, but I call that slavery. They are attempting to violate this law that is over 200 years old. A law that was the cornerstone to a 60 year fight to eventually free slaves. That fight then lasted many more generations until we finally arrived at 2020.

Efforts from places like the New York Times’ 1619 Project are attempting to convince people that America is a racist country. One that is predicated on slavery (solely, and uniquely worldwide) and bigotry. Police brutality. The mistreatment of the poor, or vulnerable minorities. All problems that are laid at the feet of Donald Trump; a man who first ran for office 5 years ago.

What Is White Supremacy In America?

The press and political opponents of Trump have demanded he “denounce white supremacy” more times than I can count. He’s answered these questions. Plenty of times. Yet it’s never enough. I used to not get this. But now I do. Democrats are ashamed of their party’s past. The party that created the KKK, fought against civil rights, ushered in the Crime Bill, and has transformed “white power” into “white privilege.”

They act like they oppose bigotry, but are waiting in the wings to take advantage of modern day slavery.

Reverse Psychology Is Helping To Reverse Engineer Slavery Back Into America

Instead of having the oppressors (white supremacists) out there chanting “white power” in the streets, you have “victims” chanting “black lives matter,” so they look like allies. It’s a very weird game, but when you understand that they think they’re *transforming* the world – it makes sense. They are destroying themselves in an effort to destroy the nation that they come from – out of the shame built into them from this movement.

Racist messaging is confusing when it's plastered all over the streets like this sign to encourage racists to vote.
These signs say “cancel out a racists vote” but it definitely looks like it says “out a racists vote.”
Pennsylvania National Guardsmen were sent to Philadelphia to protect property and free up police resources.
Pennsylvania National Guardsman were called to protect certain city property.

There are groups which advocate for racial segregation, or worse. Those groups are condemned easily because they are easy to identify. The cells of BLM or antifa operate on different wavelengths. They do not want to be identified so they denounce their own affiliation with these groups, or the actions of certain members of that group – when it’s convenient for them. In the meantime, they use the leverage of those groups to gain socially, financially, or politically.

BLM protests provided cover for actual riots from other groups, even if they didn't intend to.
No telling if this person is from Philadelphia or not. But odds are she has no idea about our city’s actual crime problems, or what it would take to help black people in this city rise out of poverty. From another angle this looks like a Nike ad. It isn’t – as far as I know.

White supremacy in America thrives off of transformed slavery because it coerces people into serving their mission. People spend their time online arguing these things; keeping that conversation alive. They write books about it – producing income. The “critical race theory” courses that the President has begun rejecting are full of this kind of underlying concepts.

Invoking The Federal Civil Defense Act of 1950 By Way Of The 10th Amendment

Free yourselves from whatever chains of bondage you are under, whether physical or purely mental.
Philadelphian residents need help cutting off our chains, though.

As I’ve attempted to do in the past, I will invoke the 10th amendment. This allows for that rights not specifically granted to the federal government or state government, belong to the people.

With this in mind, I believe there is requisite for me (as a US citizen and taxpaying resident of the city of Philadelphia) to invoke the civil defense act. For example, if a nuclear attack were to strike Philadelphia and people needed shelter. This act would allow the federal government to establish a bomb shelter and fund it for the city.

He is enforcing cruel, unusual, and discriminatory punishment while pioneering modern day slavery in the open. I consider this a serious assault, waging war against the public decency of our society.


Philadelphia Art Museum after they raised their flags from being illegally at half-mast for months.
The Philadelphia Art Museum is approved for civil defense purposes in the city charter.

This is a section in the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter. it establishes the rules and provisions for working with the federal government.

The city in these cases grant certain provisions and suspend leases for property. That kind of thing. It is intended to make it easy to cooperate between the city (or state) and the federal government. During a crisis this is what people need. Instead of doing this, Jim Kenney decided to essentially wage a war against his own city, state, and federal government. That’s the definition of a traitor. Much more so than the imaginary charges that have been levied against Donald Trump as the President of the United States.

Joe Biden is a liar.
Illustration by Matt Berman: “Here Lies Lyin’ Biden”

While the civil defense act was enacted in order to protect against “thermonuclear age” attacks, we are currently under a different kind of attack. Slavery is a horror for those who are victims of it. But slavery is also a horror for those who have to witness it with no way to stop it. Slavery is a domestic assault on the constitution. Not only that, but Kenney is also attacking the State constitution, and the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter.

So by declaring, and invoking the civil defense act, I am hereby requesting federal support in stopping this attack. We the people need protection, and safe haven. The city is currently suing the state in order to enact even more strict gun laws. This is their response to a rise in gun violence and death.

Protest Kenney’s Bid For Slavery In America

Nobody believes this mayor, though. He is a liar. A cheat. He’s a sneak. Jim Kenney blamed Donald Trump for a rise in gun violence in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia graffiti writer puts "TRUMP TRUMP" tag up.
“TRUMP TRUMP” graffiti by unknown artist in Philadelphia.

His response? To make even more restrictive gun laws for residents. The people killing other people in the city are not law abiding gun owners. It is very difficult to defend ones self in this city, even in the home. With our district attorney, police chief, and mayor, there are a lot of law abiding citizens who don’t feel safe.

This anti-Trump propaganda was littering public property in Philadelphia.
This propaganda was found littering public parks in Philadelphia, during a trash clean-up volunteer event in October. These are the kinds of messages our mayor allows.

The establishment of some kind of federal embassy would support community relations with the federal government. It’s hard to believe that slavery could be happening right in front of our eyes. But it is. This is a direct and egregious assault on our nation’s constitution. The people who claim America is and always has been a nation built on slavery only say that now because it’s clear they want it to be true.

Modern Day Slavery = Slavery

Not only does slavery exist here in the context of “modern day slavery.” It exists in the form of human trafficking, as well. Furthermore, right now we are being taxed without representation in our city government. Our nation was actually founded because of that kind of slavery, which our founding fathers took very seriously. It was in this city that men decided their fate to become traitors to England, to free themselves from that kind of slavery.

Now “King” Kenney believes progress is bringing slavery back from the dead here. That is cruel, unusual, and unconstitutional. But our entire city government and press are rotten to the core. So you only hear these cries once in a while from the depths of South Philadelphia.

I am begging the federal government to intervene, and send help.

We need peace now, to stop Kenney from waging his war against us all.

Philadelphia will never accept modern day slavery, and we reject Jim Kenney's human trafficking.
Say goodnight, Philadelphia. But remember, evil never sleeps.
Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligence as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattebphl