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In case you missed it, a few Philadelphia residents had Mayor Jim “Crow” Kenney hiding like a Thanksgiving turkey today. You won’t hear about this on the local news. Our press is unlikely to report it. They generally treat our mayor and the rest of his administration as if they’re somehow beyond reproach. I’m bringing this story to you because I think it’s an important moment in Philly politics. Conservatives in our city have had enough.

Meet PG Howie, One Of Philly’s Newest Voices In Politics

PG Howie as confused Biden.

This guy has been getting a lot more attention on social media for being a conservative protestor against Biden, and Mayor Kenney’s administration.

When Democrats from outside the city flooded our streets to celebrate the false announcement that Biden won the election, Howie was out there asking people if they knew anything about our politics.

The short answer is they didn’t know anything. They didn’t know about our previous city government. Nor did they know anything about the present. Howie demonstrated this calmly, and simply.

The basic questions Howie asked would be easy for somebody locally to answer. But he exposed the fact that people came in from out of town so they can put out the illusion that Philadelphians are thrilled about Biden.

Howie Crashed Mayor Kenney & His Girlfriend’s Thanksgiving Party

It wasn’t a big fancy production. The news didn’t cover it. But it made a very profound statement, and also exposed something that shouldn’t be a big deal but very much is. The profound statement this made was that Philadelphians are sick of this mayor acting like he gets to live by different rules than the rest of us. He exposed that Kenney spent time with his girlfriend (who is not an immediate family member) for Thanksgiving while ordering (even though it’s not enforceable) the rest of us to isolate.

There were less than 20 people there. Nobody got hurt. The cops came and the protestors spoke to them directly. No riot. Nothing looted.

Kenney Shouldn’t Show His Face

Mayor Jim Kenney

Needless to say, Kenney didn’t come out to talk to anybody. Of course he didn’t. It was Thanksgiving, and he was apparently at his girlfriend’s house.

I don’t know how to verify Kenney’s girlfriend, or if this is her house. But what I can say, is the press reported on a massive “protest” outside of what they claimed was Kenney’s girlfriend’s house back in September.

This was in response to the fake homeless camp that the city was responsible for on Von Colln. Kenney didn’t show his face then either. The entire protest is suspect, because of its connection to a fake homeless camp that Kenney’s administration was responsible for.

Despite being one of Philadelphia’s sons, Kenney is an absolute disgrace.

Kenney is a turkey, stuffed – full of shit.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

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