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The Philly DA election is a big deal in the city right now. Homicides are up 32% so far over last year, with a total of 145. That is only the number they have reported, too. Many of these slayings happened with culprits that current DA Larry Krasner cut loose. He has been implementing what you could call “transformational justice,” rather than real criminal justice. If you follow the police accounts on Twitter, you’ll see gun & drug confiscations every day. Followed by tweets that mention that the CJ (criminal justice) system has to do it’s job. By that, they mean Krasner.

The Democrat primary election is coming up in May, where Krasner will face off against Carlos Vega. Many people in Philadelphia have been spreading the #dumpkrasner hashtag around, while campaigning for Vega. I have already written about why I think Vega is a fake candidate, even if he is ultimately selected. I also have written about the fact that Vega’s campaign has offered me a conditional interview with him. If I prove that I’m registered as a Democrat, they will give me a phone call with him. First of all, I’m not registered to vote at all. If I were registered to vote, I would never brandish it in a transaction of ordinary information like this.

But none of it really matters, because of the naked ballot loophole our city has perfected.

How Naked Ballots (Don’t) Work & Why The Philly DA Election Is Doomed To Be Unlawful

Another topic I’ve covered ad nauseam is the naked ballot scam which robbed millions of voters of their vote in 2020. Follow this link to see how Philadelphia’s extractor machines literally stripped votes naked, rendering them invalid before they count. For the TL;DR crowd, a naked ballot is one that is not contained within the right envelope. Usually called a “secrecy envelope,” and only relevant in certain states (like PA & NY with a combined 49 electoral votes) the emphasis was placed all on the voters to do everything right. However, the process our city (and state) have created, renders mail-in ballots invalid prior to counting. That means, due to the complete and total corruption of our electoral process, they can decide elections however they want. So long as nobody audits (which seems impossible) then nobody knows, and the results are accepted without question.

If the city government continues to pretend that there is a dangerous pandemic which requires everybody to vote by mail, they are going to do this again.

Republicans Do Not Have Any Power In Philadelphia Whatsoever, The Only Voter Suppression Is Democrat-Led

The Republican party has very registrants than Independents, in Philadelphia. Best estimate is that there is currently a 9:1 majority of Democrats to Independents. Republicans are officially the least registered political party here. So while the national discussion about voter suppression revolves around claims that Republicans are racist and trying to keep blacks from voting, in Philadelphia, it’s 100% Democrat-run corruption. They control every single aspect. From what I’ve discovered, though, their disregard for your ballot and vote is not determined by race. They treat everybody’s rights equally like trash. Literally, they bought trash collection bins to contain the mail-in ballots at City Hall and other illegal drop boxes around the city.

Yes there are some RINO office holders like David Oh. But he is useless, in terms of opposition. Our former city commissioner Al Schmidt lied about how many naked ballots there were in 2020. He also hid election crimes which were caught & prosecuted by our former US attorney Bill McSwain – from the national media. A judge of elections in 2020 got indicted for literally stuffing ballot boxes to rig an election. Domineck Demuro was in his 70’s at the time. That’s how grimy it is in Philly. But people here are like gambling addicts when it comes to Democrats in power. They keep thinking some JFK or Rizzo type Democrat will come along to actually speak for the people. But in the last 70 years that hasn’t happened. The Philly DA election is set to be another massive disappointment.

It’s Deeper Than Any 1 Office Here

The parks department is corrupt. They enabled human trafficking & drug overdose death last year. That’s how messed up things have gotten in Philadelphia. Our press covered that up. If you think replacing (1) office with another member of the same failed party, is going to do anything, you’re crazy by definition. Vega will not change anything but the complexion of the oppressive philosophy Krasner pushed. They believe the same things. It’s all an effort on the part of Democrats to “transform” justice here. It isn’t working. It hasn’t been working. Their policies are massive failures from the perspective of public safety. Yet nobody tries anything new. However, in this case, none of that matters, because the election is going to come down to this:

Who controls the reporting & verification process?

Because they haven’t changed anything about their electoral process, which is broken.

Naked ballots will decide the Philly DA election whether you like it or not. The problem is corruption, and it is going to keep happening. Because if you were to correct that problem now you’d have to admit it was a problem then in 2020. The city would have to grapple with the fact that it probably elected the wrong man just like the rest of the state. Just like NY did too. With enough electoral votes to reverse the fraudulent inauguration. But do people want to open all of that up? Not really.

So enjoy your fake Philly DA election. Just know what’s going to happen before you play the game.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligence as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattebphl