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If you’re a Democrat in PA, don’t take this personally. Unless you’re a corrupt PA Democrat, then this is as personal as it gets. It’s clear there are attempts at rigging this election. It is also clear that corrupt PA Democrats are doing whatever they can to ensure a victory – even cheating.

When I say PA Democrats have been rigging this election all year, I mean they’ve been trying. They have done so in very obvious ways, like blocking Republicans from having access to viewing vote counting. There have also been more subtle attempts with false or misleading advertising that favor Biden and restricted Trump.

Voter suppression is a way of life in Philadelphia too.

But it isn’t how you think. Democrats act like only Republicans suppress the vote. They want the public to believe only racist Republicans do that. But it isn’t a problem inherent in either party. It is a problem with corrupt leadership. That’s the problem in PA right now. Corrupt leadership.

It’s Democrats, who have had an 8-to-1 majority (in Philadelphia) for a long time. Not Republicans. The Philly GOP can’t even organize their own people to go to counter-protests. How could a Republican succeed at doing anything in a city corruptly run by 1 party for half a century?

“There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud” is a misleading way to frame the problem of rigging this election, especially given the Mueller Investigation

Democrats are the party of people that thinks Trump colluded with Russia to cheat in 2016. Think about that for a second. Democrats forced the government to spend tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to investigate this conspiracy theory. Now, all of a sudden, Democrats think our elections are perfectly fair? With no reason to believe there could be corruption? If they are innocent, there should be nothing to fear.

Remember, the Democrat party also thought Facebook decided the last election because of Cambridge Analytica’s data breach, according to popular folklore.

So, Democrats have blamed Mark Zuckerberg, Russia, racism, sexism, and a whole lot of other excuses – for their own political losses. Newsflash, Hillary Clinton lost because she is a contestable phony woman with no real personality. That’s on the federal level. Establishment Democrats blaming Trump for their own failures. But this happens on a local level too.

Mayor of Philadelphia Jim Kenney has even blamed Trump for gun violence in our city. That was this year. A city run by a Democrat mayor, DA, police commissioner, city council, election committee, and every other imaginable political position has nobody to blame but themselves.

The Media Made Voter Fraud A Myth In Support Democrats In Succeeding At It

A few key instances that have given this phrase credibility are:

These writers and editorial boards are doing the work of the Democrat party to downplay the notion of election fraud.

This issue of voter fraud was raised in the 2016 election too. Clinton was demanding recounts. Trump was claiming there were dead people and illegal citizens voting. “The election really was rigged,” by Dana Milbank for Washington Post on November 29, 2016 talks about this. Almost a month after that election, she talks about voter ID, and cutting back on early voting as “voting restrictions.” So first Trump was derided for suggesting things could be rigged at all. Then it is turned on him saying he rigged it. But after investigating we found out that wasn’t true.

Lighting In A Bottle, Or A Lying Ex-President?

Politico reported on this phenomenon of a rigged election as well. Darren Samuelsohn wrote “A guide to Donald Trump’s ‘rigged’ election,” on October 25, 2016. In this article Samuelsohn quotes former President Barack Obama in saying, “You are much likelier to be struck by lightning than have somebody next to you commit voter fraud.”

According to the National Weather Service, there are about 243 injuries per year related to being struck by lightning, and 27 deaths per year. Your odds of being struck by lightning are 1/1,222,000.

About 140,000,000 people voted in this election give or take.

That would mean about 114 of those people will get struck by lightning. In other words, Obama is saying that he believes there are fewer than 114 people committing voter fraud in America. Depending on how you count instances, I think he’s badly exaggerating this issue.

Here are some examples:

These (6) stories talk about at least several hundred ballots which were directly targeted. Targeted for destruction or delay, which would serve the same purpose. The examples cover states all across the country including major battleground states like PA.

So to Mr. Obama I say, you are much more likely to be standing next to somebody committing voter fraud than you are standing next to somebody who has or ever will be hit by lightning. In fact, a single individual can fraudulently destroy or enhance thousands of ballots.

Don’t Debate What “Widespread” Means

First of all, voter fraud has absolutely happened in PA, NJ, OH, MA, CA, and other states. That’s widespread to me. More than 5 states including Pennsylvania, which many people believe will be the state to decide this election. That’s a lot. Also, this is just one form of voter fraud and election rigging. The act of actual manipulating ballots is perhaps the most obvious form, but by no means is that the only way to change the outcome illegally.

Philly is Filthy With Corruption

If you want a case study on the creativity with which a person can attempt to intimidate voters or suppress them, look at Philadelphia. Democrats have done a great job of convincing people that only Republicans suppress voters and Democrats also have cast it as a racially motivated activity. But that is impossible to do in Philadelphia because the Democrat party has all the power:

  • Mayor
  • District Attorney
  • Police Commissioner
  • City Council President
  • Election Officials

If you wanted to rig an election, Philly would be an easy place to do it for a Democrat candidate. You can read more of my work investigating this administration with respect to a fake homeless camp they used to traffic people and steal taxpayer dollars here. The city government also stole federal funding in this scam. My investigation is still ongoing and has serious connections to Biden’s campaign people should be aware of.

People are forgetting that because a lot of it has already come & gone.

Fake Homeless Camp Sign
A fake homeless camp was set up at Von Colln Park to traffic people in & out of the city.

Illegal Advertising For Biden, No Advertising For Trump

Thousands of these signs were hung by various unions in conjunction with PA Democrats.

My company was bidding on outdoor advertising work for the Trump team in PA. We had a plan for Pittsburgh, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, and Philadelphia. They were very excited about using some of the city’s property in Philadelphia to advertise Trump. SEPTA buses, for example, I recommended to them. Imagine a bus driving around Philadelphia with TRUMP 2020 all over it. That would have been a sight to behold.

First, Intersection (the city’s sales agency) lied to me. They told me the city wouldn’t allow any political advertising on their property (including SEPTA) but I caught them advertising thousands of BLM spots. Some of them were BLM only. Moravia Health paid for most of them. They are one of SEPTA’s biggest advertisers. In fact, they are one of the biggest local advertisers in the city of Philadelphia.

Moravia Health Sponsored BLM Ad
Moravia Health sponsored BLM ad where a homeless person has built a shelter.

Then the city lied and said that Trump couldn’t advertise specifically, as they wouldn’t allow any candidate to advertise on city property. But we have caught thousands of BIDEN 2020 ads and Trump attack ads in Philadelphia that the city sponsored. In conjunction with local unions, the city allowed this to happen which gave Biden exclusive outdoor media coverage on city property in the city.

Traitor Trump Signs
Several dozen Trump attack ads the city allowed to be distributed on public land free of charge.

Not only did this drive Trump’s campaign away from working in the Philadelphia market (big mistake obviously) it cost me business.

IBEW Biden Trash
Dozens of these signs were found littering Spring Garden street & other public places without a permit.

The city of Philadelphia knowingly stopped a woman-owned business that operates here (ours) from engaging in commerce in order to benefit the political candidate of their choice. That may have caused some people to not show up given the false perception. Either way, they violated my constitutional rights as well as those of the President. Some people have scoffed at me about this. They think it isn’t a big deal. To that I say, it was a big enough deal for the city government to shut me down. Therefore it is worthy of consideration in an election that is coming down to hundreds of votes. Recounts. And a general distrust in the entire process.

COVID-19 Was A Perfect Excuse To Infect Our Election With Complications

A few weeks ago, Nature published an article titled, “COVID and the US election: will the rise of mail-in voting affect the result?” That’s something that has been lost recently. The reason why we’re dealing with this madness related to mail-in ballots. Also, even the term mail-in ballot is completely misleading when it comes to how things went in PA. Or, at least how they went in Philadelphia had virtually nothing to do with the mail for a lot of people. Those ballots are absentee ballots that people actually handed in in person. They voted in person, with an absentee mail-in ballot.

#VoteTodayPhilly is a Working Families Party (Democrat front) hashtag to suppress voting on election day. This was spray painted on Temple University, demonstrating the school’s complicity in this. This was weeks before election day.

Nature writer Lynne Peeples says there were “record numbers of postal ballots expected because of the pandemic.” Back in September, Allie Bice for Politico reported on this inevitable conclusion. The problem with increasing the number of absentee ballots. Pelosi was central to pushing the lie that mail-in voting is the only safe way to vote.

She said, “It is essential from a health reason because we want to keep people at home to vote without having them all collect on Election Day, but if they do want to vote in person, that we have sufficient spacing and all the rest so it’s not a risk to their health.” Pelosi went further to clarify, saying, “People should not have to choose between their health and their vote, and that’s very important.”

In other words, if you vote in person you run the risk of spreading the infection, therefore, don’t vote in person. Any reasonable person would understand that’s what she means. But at the end of the day, I personally saw hundreds, if not thousands of people, voting in person. With a “mail-in” ballot in hand.

Philly Democrats Knew This Was Going To be An Absolute Shit Show, Just Like They Wanted

WHYY reported on this on October 9, 2020. Ryan Briggs wrote about rumors and a few specific individuals that are Democrats who were considering voiding the mail-in ballot to then go vote in person. This caused a lot of confusion in the city about how or why people would do that. The article cites Democratic election lawyer Adam Bonin who said that mailed ballots were just as secure as voting machines. But still people feared their mail-in ballots wouldn’t be counted as quickly as the ones cast in machines. I think we have found that’s exactly what’s happened here at least in Philly.

Working Families Party Voter Intimidation
Working Families Party volunteer intimidates prospective voters on the street outside a polling place.

As early as July 31, 2020 ABC6 reported, “Election offices preparing for more voters to mail in ballots due to COVID-19 pandemic.” They knew this was going to happen. In September of this year The Daily Pennsylvanian reported that “For the first time ever, any Philadelphian can register for a mail-in ballot instead of simply voting in person or applying for an absentee ballot.” Read that again. For the first time ever.

There Can Be Very Little Evidence For Something That’s Never Been Done Before, Like Rigging This Election

This video describes an anomaly nobody else is talking about.

When people say there is “no evidence” for widespread voter fraud, think about what you just read about Philadelphia. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. So the only thing you can go off of in assessing whether something is likely or unlikely to happen is guess based on the available data. But there is no way to predict the future. It is definitely not possible to predict the future in a case where things are happening that are unprecedented.

It’s also been obvious that the Democrats running this election don’t want Republicans anywhere near them while they are doing it. In fact, CBS23 WIFR reported that, “Trump campaign files new federal lawsuit against Philadelphia election officials,” for “violating their due process rights by blocking the observation of ballots in the city.” The allegations involved accusations of violations of constitutional law instead of state law. By the time this article is published that information may have changed. The lawsuits in Pennsylvania are occurring at a rapid pace now.

The South Philly Election Judge Nobody Wants To Talk About Anymore

Back in May of this year, the Department of Justice and FBI concluded their investigation which caught a judge of elections cheating. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported, “South Philly judge of elections admits he took bribes to stuff the ballot box for Democratic candidates.”

Domenick Demuro cheated the city out of fair elections.

The local press (in my mind) has an obligation to share that kind of information with national press. Especially now. Now that Philadelphia is the epicenter of so much turmoil in the election.

But they won’t.

Our local press is in collusion with the Democrat party and Biden campaign, so they won’t talk about this. They know it would cast doubt in the minds of the public because it proves that these things happen here. Whether or not they happen all over the country doesn’t matter right now. It happens here and it has happened recently. So the idea of dismissing voter fraud outright is a silly one unless you don’t care about having a fair election.

PA Shouldn’t Need To Promote A Website To Check If Your Vote Counted

In an article updated November 5, 2020 called “Did my mail-in vote count? How to make sure in Pennsylvania,” there is a video of Governor Wolf asking for “patience.” There is also a state Election Ballot Status portal that you can use to check if your ballot was actually counted. I think in theory this is a great idea. But they didn’t promote that until now when it’s clear people’s votes won’t count.

Wolf Wasted Millions of Dollars On Voting Advertisements, Rigging This Election, While People Lost Their Lives

April 22, 2020 FOX29 reported, “Pennsylvania boosting effort to promote voting by mail.”

I can’t even tell you how many different ads I saw, but I will share 1 in particular. This is something that Kristen caught after we had seen it a bunch of times. If you watch this clip, you’ll notice that the ad actually shows you how not to fill the ballot out correctly.

This ad which thousands or millions of Pennsylvanians saw, shows how to incorrectly fill out a ballot.

People unemployed, hungry. Businesses went under. These people don’t care who the President is if they aren’t able to operate freely. But at a time of true need, instead of being there for them, our governor took their money and paid for ads to boost Biden’s chances of winning. It was never about safety. It is about flooding our system in PA.

#MouthShut Philly Campaign
West Philly mural for the #maskup campaign in the city to keep people’s mouths covered.

This has always been about rigging this election, not Democracy. They lie with a straight face so some people don’t notice. But that’s what it is.

Well, good job assholes, you’ve done it now.

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