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The collapse of the PA GOP has been brewing for months now. Possibly years, depending on who you ask. I spoke with a member of the PA state legislature recently and he used some very enflamed rhetoric, foul language, and exasperation. There is a deep rift forming between the leadership of the party, and the rank & file. A lot of it stems from upcoming constitutional amendments they will be voting on in May. Included, is legislation to reverse their own changes to the voting law with respect to naked ballots. The state Supreme Court ruled last year that it would be unlawful to accept naked ballots in the election. I’ve written extensively on the subject of naked ballots before. If you’re still unfamiliar with them, please read that section before continuing. It is of the utmost importance nationally.

A Political “Civil War” Within The State Legislature

My contact literally said a “civil war” is coming. He meant within the ranks of the Pennsylvania Republican party though we did discuss the fact that if city or state government officials strip citizens of their rights enough it becomes a new kind of civil war. This is the condition we are currently living in. But politically speaking, within the state legislature, people like my contact are becoming overrun with emotion trying to contain themselves. He is still waiting for the legislation to be voted on in May. But admitted that he nor anybody else within the party knows what they will do. If they actually successfully rescind the law, what does that mean? Does it mean that they admit they created the problem I identified, and want to cover it up? Do they agree that they were wrong in the first place?

Have they subverted the state Supreme Court? Nobody knows where this will go. However, if the pattern of the past is any indication, what will happen is absolutely nothing. Because this doesn’t solve anything at all. Even if the state can settle their own dispute about “naked ballots,” they still created a condition where they stripped votes from their mailing envelopes which were the last remaining check against the potential corruption in the counting process.

“They’re all whistling past the graveyard”

He said this several times. There is an expression in business & in politics about knowing “where the bodies are buried.” Usually this refers to a person or company that has gotten away with (or not) some bad things. The connotation is that some people are just looking the other way allowing it to go unchecked. That’s how my contact in the PA GOP state legislature is describing his leadership when it comes to the fraud in the 2020 election. He said that they think it’s a) too hard to deal with, b) not worth the media scrutiny, and c) reveals their own ineptitude. I mean these are people that need to get re-elected eventually. They don’t want to be held to the scrutiny of messing up the 2020 Presidential election for the whole nation. But that is where we’re at right now.

They’re Going To Pour More Dirt On Top Of These Bodies Now

The state legislature will be voting on whether or not to rescind their own law about naked ballots, making them lawful again. This could be viewed as subverting the state Supreme Court, but not necessarily. If they make this change within their own legislative process, the state Supreme Court ruling will just be void. But would that also take retroactive effect? If they change the law now will that have made the naked ballots of 2020 a non-issue? I have argued that because of the naked ballot law, the state technically created naked ballots, and counted them anyway.

This issue of naked ballots has caused serious problems within the legislature. I have been ushering this action forward from behind the scenes. Nobody wants to talk about it because everybody is at fault. My contact said that he believes the leadership of the PA GOP simply doesn’t want to look bad. But they have overlooked too much now.

The collapse of the PA GOP has a lot to do with their leadership being complicit in the dangerous and deadly actions of their supposed opposition.

Don’t Let Them Sweep This Under The Rug

If they are going so far as to re-change their own laws in response to my issues with this, maybe people will start to actually listen before something bad happens. Because my contact told me people in his area are getting pushed to their breaking points. While he mentioned some people wanting him to pull off the “Q miracle,” I told I am in no way connected to or interested in entertaining Q in any form or fashion. I am not even aware of their theories.

Nevertheless, what a “civil war” in the PA GOP looks like is not clear to anybody.

But even my contact seems to be laying in wait.

The Democrat Opposition Described As “Evil” Yet The Collapse Of The PA GOP Is Still One Vote Away

My contact tried to explain how frustrated he was, and referred to the political opposition as “evil.” We talked about how the legislation for mail-in voting came before SARS-CoV-2 broke out. The serendipitous timing was called into question. But we did not go down that rabbit hole because there are plenty of examples of evil that occurred in broad daylight. Tom Wolf using state-threats of force to get businesses to shutter is an example. Rachel Levine administering a policy to make elderly people contract SARS2 was pure evil as well. Using this novel virus as an excuse to spend millions of dollars coercing people to vote early. Stripping ballots naked and hiding it. All of these things are examples of evil behavior that Democrats in Pennsylvania committed.

But you know what? The Republicans sat by and watched it happen. At this point they are all (my contact included) complicit in this. It’s their job to make sure that our state’s laws are followed, not abused. They are supposed to be protecting us from tyranny, not participating in it. How are we supposed to represent ourselves when our elected representatives are sitting on their hands?

Literally, How Much Bigger Of A Deal Could This Be?

When Democrats across the nation pretended Trump was “literally Hitler,” it drove them (eventually) to literally riot.

When PA GOP legislative members say their opposition is literally “evil,” they wait for a vote months afterwards.

But this vote won’t change anything. It doesn’t address the underlying problem at all. It’s not even putting lipstick on a pig. It’s keeping the bodies buried even though they’re still breathing. These gutless Republicans go around acting like their political enemies are the problem, when they don’t even have the guts or fortitude to do what’s right. All so they can avoid being the subject of a momentary social media barrage. I told my contact that I’m happy to take the brunt of it. I said they should focus more on how I, an ordinary citizen, was able to figure this out. Instead, they are tucking their tails between their collective legs and plowing forward on top of an injustice.

Shame on all of you. The collapse of the PA GOP is well earned at this point.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligence as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattebphl