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PA politicians on both sides of the aisle have been royally messing up this election for a while now. The Republican-majority state legislature appears asleep at the wheel (at best). Our Democrat governor has been in lock-step with his colleagues in New York, Michigan, New Jersey, and California imposing unconstitutional lockdown orders.

At the city level, in Philadelphia particularly, our elected officials do not use the law to guide their actions. Our mayor changes law with his word alone and the entire infrastructure complies around him. All this unlawful political activity is hiding behind COVID-19. They use it as a liability shield.

PA politicians have been acting totally insane all year. Since the election, a lot of weird stories have come out. But nobody is talking about the only thing that really matters right now. How do we audit of the vote in PA?

TL;DR Summary Points

  • Pennsylvania law says only (3) “qualified electors” have to petition for an audit in the election for it to happen – with no clear definition of what a qualified elector actually means
  • PA State legislature asked the US Congress (who have no power in this respect) to void Pennsylvania’s electors rendering the state with 0 votes in the electoral college this year – disenfranchising every voter
  • At least one Democrat elector is complicit in campaign violations in Philadelphia
  • We need to audit the vote, and the electors have to do the right thing

PA Electors Are Suspect Now

Here is Spotlight PA’s coverage with a list of the state’s electors from both parties. It’s important you read this and know who these people are. It will explain a lot to you about how things transpired in this state.

Why are none of them are doing anything meaningful to ensure a fair & honest election in Pennsylvania?

That is perhaps the most disheartening thing.

Despite unconstitutional opposition from the PA Democrats, it’s not like the Republicans have done anything to stop them. In fact, at this point I’m not even sure if the PA Republicans are just inept, or if they’re complicit.

Trying To Follow This Election Might Make You Go As Crazy As These PA Politicians

The action in this election happened at a blistering pace.

You’ve undoubtedly heard a lot of people saying the same points over & over again. A lot of people act like there is no evidence of fraud, so the legal attempts to challenge the election are called “baseless.” That’s a word people throw around a lot. However, in Pennsylvania, electors do not need any evidence or even unusual results in order to petition for an audit.

They just need to have information they deem credible that there could be either fraud or errors. That’s another reason why I’ve recently advocated for people to shift their focus to errors. The most important thing is to get the results right. It’s less important to the American people whether this was because of errors or frauds, at least insofar as the immediate concern of picking a President.

Pennsylvania is also just one of the states currently dealing with rectifying major problems in the nation’s vote. Arizona has issues. Michigan has been under review and their unrest is reaching a breaking point. Georgia too. All of the challenges right now involve complex parts of election law. Those laws are different state-by-state. So anybody who is following this has to do a lot of research to understand any of it. Most journalists don’t do any.

That’s why I’ve focused mostly on Pennsylvania, especially since I live here.

But the options that are currently on the table are all bad, and I really wasn’t sure why nobody is talking about doing an audit. Then I learned about the electorate process in PA, and how badly it has been handled here.

Does Anybody Know What They’re Doing?

Even the people who report on nothing but this are missing giant pieces of the story. Nobody could possibly follow all of it. PA politicians are also masterful as manipulating the media while staying out of the limelight. I mean, there are several states in contest right now. Trump’s Twitter account has gone after the government of Georgia.

He has also commented directly on governor Whitmer in the past. But you don’t hear or see Trump make comments about governor Wolf of Pennsylvania. On the debate stage against Biden, Trump mentioned the mayor of Philadelphia too, but it was in a very passing way. At this point, Pennsylvania’s state legislature is calling on our US Congress (for some reason) to step in and void the state’s electors entirely.

They are calling for throwing out ALL Pennsylvanian’s votes. As absurd as that may sound on the face of it, that would be equitable in strange a way.

No Republican nor Democrat votes would count. Not just in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, but all over the state. That doesn’t sound like a great result.

But would that be a corrupt result? No. Not really.

It is one of the most fair options in a group of terrible options. Was it the result of fraud? At this point it looks like a glaring error to me. Whether the error was caused by fraud doesn’t matter now. Not to the millions of voters who may lose their vote. They don’t care. Just like you wouldn’t care if somebody robbed you, even though they thought you were somebody else.

Errors Are Important & More Politically Palatable For All

Fraud isn’t the only way that government officials can produce a fraudulent result. They could also achieve that bizarre conclusion from complete ineptitude. For the American people who want a fair result, instead of a partisan result, we shouldn’t care if it was fraud or errors.

At this point it’s obvious there are errors.

Those errors are being denied by people who are supposed to take them seriously. The officials covering it up are guilty of a kind of fraud now. Even if they didn’t start out that way. There’s the rub.

PA politicians who are pretending nothing is wrong in this year’s election look like this.

Another one of the reasons I’ve been stressing lately that we need to focus on errors is the fact that some people are not aware they are involved in anything wrong.

For example, a poll worker could easily be undereducated and trained improperly by somebody who is committing fraud. That innocent person may mishandle flash drives or other equipment without trying to do anything wrong.

Or, a person could be improperly trained by somebody else who was improperly trained in a way that nobody has ever caught before now. So, just focusing on fraud alienates a lot of people that we actually need to speak up.

Those people can’t fear legal reprisal or they will stay hidden.

In fact if we want to actually catch the fraudsters, we need to be able to treat the innocent victims of manipulation & coercion better. There are probably even more key people that are terrified to speak up because they think they will be implicated in a crime.

They need leniency & understanding to catch the ringleaders.

The Philly Elector Behind Biden’s Corrupt Election Schemes

There is a complicated and messy story behind this.

But if PA politicians are the most corrupt in the country, Philadelphia is their breeding ground. One elector in particular is also a Philadelphia city councilwoman. She worked in collusion with local & state government to rig this election for Joe Biden any way they could get away with. They did not start on election day, either. In fact, they had been cheating in the campaign process all along. People always forget this, but Joe Biden’s campaign was headquartered in Philadelphia this whole time. So it’s reasonable to assume the Biden campaign has had contact with the city officials for a number of reasons. That should be investigated too.

Philadelphia Elector – Cindy Bass

Cindy Bass, Philadelphia City Councilwoman

Cindy Bass is a Philadelphia City Council member.

She is a chairperson or member of several committees on city council that orchestrated a fake homeless camp at Von Colln Park this Summer. You read that right.

A fake homeless camp. It was a real camp full of people that were branded as homeless by calling them “unhoused.” They were also referred to as “campers” when the mayor tweeted he extracted a bunch of them. Nobody has reported on their whereabouts, in case you were wondering. This happened in the middle of the city. Throughout the entire Summer.

This political stunt broke many city, state, and federal laws, as well as violating the constitutional rights of Philadelphians. You never heard this story, or you didn’t hear it reported accurately. Our local press is also inept & corrupt too. But I reported on the whole thing. But until now I missed how important Cindy Bass may have been to all of it.

Here are a few of the committees of city council Cindy Bass is on:

  • Housing, Neighborhood Development, and the Homeless
  • Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs
  • Law and Government
  • Streets and Services
  • Public Health and Human Services

Those are all the committees that are accountable for the disaster our city orchestrated at Von Colln Park this Summer. After all of my interviews and investigation I did not find 1 person who could prove they were homeless and from Philadelphia. It was admitted that many people came from other places as far as Washington state. Some people even said they didn’t care.

It was a human trafficking operation that doubled as a “safe injection site” among other things. A grotesque display of disregarding human life. Also sponsored by the city of Philadelphia government and private individuals.

Cindy Bass is at the center of this entire thing, and has remained silent.

City Officials Openly Stole Federal Money Too

Another problem Cindy Bass should answer for, is that the city budget admitted to misappropriating federal funding for the homeless. It was printed in our budget. Right out in the open. But nobody did anything about that specifically. However, several members of our city government were recently charged or indicted for financial fraud or bribery type crimes.

Including our Treasurer, and people in the Department of Revenue. The (Trump appointed) US attorney William McSwain is responsible for cracking down on all of this. Our city DA is allowing violent criminals back out onto the street. DA Larry Krasner protects these corrupt PA politicians too.

For months I have been trying to figure out who could have led the fake homeless camp, and how it connected to the election directly. But now I have my answer. It’s Cindy Bass. It’s time for Cindy Bass to testify about Von Colln and what exactly she did (or didn’t do) about it.

For the short-term, though, her connection to a shady fake homeless camp that was raising awareness and money for Democrat causes? That should disqualify her as an elector. Even if somebody replaces her to vote the same way, she should not be granted this privilege. Her disgraceful behavior & inability to stop corruption in the city of Philadelphia shows her character.

Voter Coercion & Selected Law Breaking Is Common Practice In Philadelphia Too

Cindy Bass was directly involved in the orchestration & cover up of a fake homeless camp. It broke numerous laws, involved textbook human trafficking, and served a variety of illegal campaign purposes for Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign. However, Bass was also involved in more petty crimes, that served the same purposes more directly.

For example, our streets department property (light posts mostly) were used to hang thousands of illegal Joe Biden ads. Others were placed on city streets’ property like medians & grassed areas near sidewalls like this:

IBEW Illegal Signs For Biden
Hundreds of these were illegally placed all over the city.

The city also hung anti-Trump attack ads that said “VOTE | STOP TRUMP.”

This is on top of the unconstitutional blocking of my ability to advertise for Trump on the same types of property. Our city government along with SEPTA, OTIS, and Intersection (the ad agency) did that. Cindy Bass’ position on the streets committee means she should have spoken up about all of this. She could have put a stop to it. But she didn’t. Which means she’s either the most inept member of city council, or she orchestrated this.

The illegal campaign signs even identify who paid for them too:

  • Voter Turnout Project
  • Painters Union
  • IBEW

Why Hang Illegal Signs & Who Cares?

This was an attempt to convince the voters of Philadelphia that Trump has no support here. Many of the signs also advertised #voteTODAYphilly which promoted voter coercion, trying to suppress voting on election day.

They wanted people to think that Biden was the only option for Philadelphia. That’s on the election-side of things. As far as why this is important for Philadelphians, you have to understand just how much money could have been made for the city (to pay for taxpayer services).

There were literally thousands of these signs, all of which would legally require a permit, city labor, and a lease for the space. That’s hundreds of thousands of dollars; potentially millions. Revenue that should have been collected from the Biden campaign which was gifted to the Biden campaign instead.

That is an improper campaign contribution, for voter suppression.

Remember, Innocent Victims Of Fraud Can Also Perpetrate It

The people that were physically hanging the signs are involved in the commission of a crime. They are hanging an illegal sign. However, they are probably not aware of that. They are not responsible for the application of the law in the execution of their job. The city is responsible for breaking their own laws and allowing certain people to break those laws too. They are the ones who are knowingly engaging in an unlawful political act. Not innocent people who are just doing their jobs, unwittingly contributing to election fraud. We need to let those people know they’re not in trouble.

People are getting all tied up in knots right now to do the right thing.

To reiterate, Cindy Bass is a city council person.

She is on the committee responsible for oversight on our streets department. Biden’s campaign got improper contributions for his campaign with the help of an elector while the city specifically blocked my ability to advertise and the President’s ability to advertise. This woman is one of the only 9 people in the world who can actually audit Philadelphia’s vote, too. I don’t anticipate her rushing to petition for that. It would expose her crimes.

Pennsylvania’s Republicans Have No Spine, Either, So That Doesn’t Help

I’m pretty sure RINO’s were born in Pennsylvania.

Pat Toomey (US Senator), David Oh (City Council), Al Schmidt (election board city commissioner) are all familiar names to Philadelphia. These guys have all let us down in their own ways. Toomey’s Philadelphia office is about as useful as an umbrella while you’re drowning. I tried to communicate with them in the past. But they don’t know anything.

They are generally (and often literally) out to lunch.

David Oh is one of Philadelphia’s city council members. He has done nothing to call out the corruption in this city, especially during this election.

Al Schmidt is the city commissioner on our election board who claims everything here is fine, too. He claims he’s received death threats.

PA State Legislature Is A Republican Controlled Hot Mess

  1. They apparently passed the legislation allowing the mail-in voting to occur the way that it did, possibly violating the state constitution
  2. Since they do not have [3] approved electors in any single county in the state (like the Democrats do) the Republicans can’t force an audit anywhere – based on the strictest reading of the law
  3. The most recent attempt to throw out the entire state is not the best option & the US Congress is the wrong body to hear it anyway

Whether they are inept as real Republicans, or just a group of RINO’s posing as an opposition, they are pathetic right now. They gave Trump’s attorneys a hearing, but it was a mockery. They let attorney Josh Shapiro get away with talking trash in public about it calling it “fake” without calling him out for being an elector who will go on to actually vote for Joe Biden.

What’s worse, is the fact that there are electors who are in the state legislature, and nobody is calling them out for refusing to audit. I’m talking about Malcolm Kenyatta & Sharif Street. Philadelphia Democrat electors who are also in the state legislature. But they’re quiet as church mice.

Maybe it’s just a delay tactic, but there are some even deeper problems that Philadelphia specifically has because of some of these electors. It’s time they answer for that, too. The Democrats are bad in this sense, but the Republicans might be worse. At least the Democrats are playing their political games to deny Trump the Presidency. We know that’s what they want here. But the Republicans are acting like they don’t care, or they are siding with those Democrats on this issue – with their silence.

Lawrence Tabas Is A RINO?!

This guy is the chairman of the GOP in PA and he’s a qualified elector for the Republican party in Philadelphia. He’s one of two Philadelphia electors the Republicans qualified. PA politicians on the Republican legislature have to be influenced by his say so. If he were to speak up, people would listen.

But you probably didn’t even know his name until now. Whether or not he’s doing anything is anybody’s best guess. I tried to share some of the things I was finding in Philadelphia with Tabas. Never heard anything back.

Lisa Patton Knew Philly Was A Problem Months Ago, Because I Told Her & Her Colleagues – On Trump’s Campaign – But They Ignored It

This is what it feels like trying to make a difference in this state.

Lisa Patton worked on Trump’s campaign.

When my wife and I were bidding advertising work to her and the Trump Victory PA team, they wanted to talk to us about outdoor advertising. The city of Philadelphia discriminated against us and the Trump campaign. They lied to us and blocked our ability to advertise on city property.

Then they turned around to would grant an unconstitutional favor to the Biden campaign by allowing them to hang the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of dollars of unlawful ads on city property all over the city.

I shared this information along with other more egregious crimes with Lisa Patton and other members of the Trump Victory team & the GOP. None of them responded to me about it. They never asked questions about any of it.

Eventually they stopped returning my phone calls & emails too.

Everybody Is Looking The Other Way, Either Voluntarily Or With Somebody Twisting Their Neck

At the end of the day, this entire charade in Pennsylvania has been a theatrical production.

PA politicians are all acting like they care. They are pretending they’re doing something. It’s been unnecessary.

Just because the truth is that bad things are happening doesn’t mean the truth itself is bad.

There is a much broader legal theory and reading of the PA general assembly that suggests any qualified elector could petition for an audit. But these PA politicians don’t seem to care for some reason. If anybody qualified to be an elector – which would be many voters – could petition for a county to audit, how do we do that?

I don’t know what the mechanism is for the state legislature to recognize such a petition. But if there are (3) qualified electors in each county of the state; the entire state could undergo an audit.

This would still not produce an accurate reading of the 2020 election, but it would be a much better solution (in my opinion) than throwing out the entire state’s electors.

These PA politicians are gearing up to disenfranchise every single voter. In a weird way, that’s a bipartisan solution, but it’s not a good one. It would hide a lot of fraud, and make all the errors unsolved mysteries. We can’t have that when it comes to electing a President. No amount of corruption or ineptitude should get in the way of that.

Not in America.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligence as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattebphl