The TL;DR version of this article is simple. Just stop listening to Pennsylvania’s delusional health commissioner. Stop treating Rachel Levine like a serious health professional. Don’t react to Rachel Levine like a real government official. Ignore all of their statements. Petition your representatives & protest until they are brought to justice.

That should be easy to do, once you look at Rachel Levine’s abysmal handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fact is that Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf is using Rachel Levine to shield himself from the scrutiny over his unconstitutional behavior throughout all of 2020 as well. These two people have done so much damage to the state it is currently incalculable.

You’ve Probably Forgotten How Badly Pennsylvania Handled COVID-19 Because Of How Badly They Are Handling The 2020 Election

News cycles move so fast these days it’s hard to remember what happened 2 days ago let alone 2 months. For the last several weeks, half the country has been following the multitude of fraud allegations in our state & other states around the country. The other half of the country has been pretending that Biden is the President-elect, entertaining all manner of fantasy football style “picks” for imaginary positions.

Think about how hard it must be to remember what the top trending stories even were 6 months ago. People actually have been complaining that the evidence from the Trump team hasn’t been presented fully yet. These are people who have never attempted to prove fraud before. It is an incredibly complex process. If you’ve never been involved in any kind of investigation you wouldn’t understand that.

But that is a phenomenon which corrupt & irresponsible politicians or government officials use to take advantage of the public’s trust.

Don’t Waste Your Time Even Reading Their Guidelines Anymore

Rachel Levine (left) & Tom Wolf (right)

Here’s a link to ABC 16’s reporting on the most recent guidelines (if you care). I don’t. I am not even going to dignify this crap with my very valuable precious time. You shouldn’t either. It’s a flamboyant attempt to deter people from properly blaming them for the horrors we have faced. They are the fabrications of a mad person. All you need to do is look through the track record Rachel Levine has this year in dealing with COVID-19. It’s not about just the raw numbers, either. That’s what the Democrats love to do when they blame Trump for all of this.

They pin hundreds of thousands of deaths on him, as if he is responsible for every single thing that happens in the country. However, those same Democrats don’t even stop to think that governors and mayors have more control in their jurisdictions than the President does. Also, despite the ludicrous cries that Trump is a fascist, he respected our constitution enough to not stop Wolf & Levine directly as they keep destroying our lives.

I’m Not Wearing A Mask In My Fucking House

This looks funny doesn’t it?

Newsweek and plenty of others have reported on this nonsense. These are merely distractions. Feeding the news business with more outrage to get people worked up and confused.

Many millions of people will actually abide by these stupid ordinances, convinced that our elected or hired officials must know more or better than we do.

I’m here to tell you: they don’t.

In fact in this case, Pennsylvania’s delusional health commissioner is trying to destroy the last vestige of our liberty heading into winter.

The Nanny State Has Munchausen’s Syndrome By Proxy

Munchausen’s Syndrome is a condition where people make themselves sick or fake being sick for attention. To do that by proxy means a person makes others sick in order to gain attention for themselves. That’s the game the Democrats have been playing all along in politicizing the virus. I just didn’t have the language for it but I think that’s the best way to describe this.

Look at how an NBC affiliate station WGAL reported on the recent “guidelines” they’re proposing for us: “Pennsylvania health official: Stricter rules may be needed if people don’t follow coronavirus guidelines.”

The state is telling us they’re going to impose more restrictive legally binding orders on us if we don’t follow their new set of stupid rules. If the state was handling this masterfully, maybe we could stomach taking this kind of measure. But they suck at this. Well that’s not fair actually. I say they suck at “this” because I think that “this” should be – keeping people safe and enabling us to enjoy all of our constitutional rights. However, they keep acting like they’re doing well because they want you to be sick.

In this case, the nanny state is poisoning us slowly like the one mother in the 6th Sense who puts toxic chemicals in her daughter’s soup until it kills her. That’s what’s going to happen if we keep letting these people put poison in our metaphorical soup. It’s going to kill more people.

Rachel Levine Is A Disgusting Liar

Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine – March 20, 2020

Do you remember May?

That was ~6 months ago.

In 2020-time, that’s the equivalent of at least 4 years or something. But back in May, a Republican state senator named Doug Mastriano said that Levin “committed the equivalent of policy malpractice in…handling…the coronavirus pandemic” according to a TribLive article on the topic. In Mastriano’s own words, he said, “Our secretary of health, Dr. Levine, decided that it would be good to allow covid-positive patients to be returned to elder-care…And as a result of that, it broke out like fire.”

We Didn’t Start The Fire…Rachel Levine Did

If you were wondering whether or not Levine believed nursing homes were going to become a hot spot, consider this. PennLive reported, “Health Secretary Rachel Levine’s removal of mom from care home amid epidemic draws scrutiny” on May 14, 2020. Levine claims that their mother made the request for a transfer to somewhere else. Also, “Levine was careful to note that (Levine’s) mother was in a personal care home, not a nursing home, and that the facility in question fell under the jurisdiction of the state Department of Human Services, not (Levine’s) own agency.”

None of that matters, though, chief. What matters is the fact that the Levine family moved their mother out of a facility they knew was going to be receiving lethally sick patients with a novel virus. Even though we eventually received data that the elderly were particularly vulnerable to COVID-19; that’s true of every disease already. It’s common sense to shield the elderly from any kind of infection. Their immune system is not as strong as a younger person. You don’t need a medical degree to know that.

But clearly Pennsylvania’s delusional health commissioner didn’t.

Doubling Down On A Lie Is Gross, “Doctor”

Rachel Levine – March 12, 2020

Pennsylvania’s delusional health commissioner is on an unstoppable destructive course. The Times Online reported in June that Levine stood by the decision to force nursing homes to readmit their sick patients. Writer Daveen Rae Kurutz said, “Levine blamed the ‘fantastic staff’ at nursing homes for bringing the virus in to residents without realizing they were asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic.”

Levine stands by the decision, but also blames the healthcare workers who were responsible for dealing with Levine’s terrible leadership and the consequences that resulted. Levine also used the CDC as a scapegoat claiming they were just following the directions from the CDC.

Summertime Sadness

You might be thinking that – maybe the critics were wrong about Levine and the state’s handling of the virus. I mean – early on people were still learning, and making mistakes. That happens. We have to give people the benefit of the doubt, don’t we? Yeah, sure. But things only got worse in Pennsylvania in the summertime after all of the ridiculous restrictions.

Lancaster Online reported in August, “68% of Pennsylvania coronavirus deaths are from nursing and personal care homes.”

If you cross-reference the numbers from Google’s reporting today the state has about 64% of COVID-19 deaths coming from nursing and personal care homes. You get that? Nursing homes and personal care homes. So the distinction Levine tried to draw between personal care homes and nursing homes is not relevant.

Also, you’ll notice that (as of this writing) there were about 30,000 cases in nursing & personal care homes. Approximately 287,000 cases in the state total. That means that nursing & personal care homes account for only about 10% of the cases, but 64% of the deaths.

Pennsylvania’s Delusional Health Commissioner Won’t Even Tell Us How Bad It Actually Is

That file is a report from the state.

Pennsylvania’s most recent data on the nursing home cases and deaths.

There are well over 100 (I stopped counting) fields that say “Redacted (1-4 cases).” That redacted information is about either patient cases, staff cases, or patient deaths. There is a similar quantity of fields that reads “No data.”

It does not specify if they don’t have the data, or if the data wasn’t reported for some other reason. Very peculiar. Spotlight PA thinks so too. They reported back in September that, “Nursing home COVID-19 case, death data still missing from Pa.’s public reports.”

They have been masking the reality here since the beginning.

Mayor Kenney In Philadelphia Is In Lock-Step With Them Making All The Same Stupid “Mistakes” Too

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney

If you look at Philadelphia’s COVID-19 data they show that to date there have been:

  • ~57,000 cases
  • ~1,951 deaths

Looking at the city-level data for Philadelphia (from the state’s website data on the nursing home problem) you’ll see that there have been:

  • 2,058 cases
  • 591 deaths

That means in Philadelphia, nursing homes resulted in a much lower percentage (3.59%) than state average. But still, 30% of Philly’s COVID-19 deaths were in nursing homes. That may still be below the state’s proportional average, but it’s still a staggering number which could have been avoided. I mean the city was releasing prisoners in order to avoid an outbreak. So if you’re following this, Philadelphia released prisoners to stop an outbreak in prison.

But they put sick people back into nursing homes.

Wolf Was Ruled Unconstitutional Already For This, Too, By The Way *though he won an appeal about it

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf

From CBS2 Pittsburgh at the end of September: “Judge Denies Gov. Tom Wolf’s Motion, Shutdown Order And Gathering Limits Still Unconstitutional.” The report is straight forward. It says, “U.S. District Judge William Stickman IV said the administration had failed to show “imminent and irreparable harm will occur” if the state can’t limit event crowds to 25 people inside and 250 people outside.”

They appealed this and won that appeal recently, though. Hence, the newest round of restrictions they want to impose. However, their appeal was won on many false pretenses regarding their handling of the virus in totality.

Let me reiterate and summarize the main points here briefly:

  1. Pennsylvania’s delusional health commissioner recklessly endangered the elderly – which unnecessarily killed thousands of people. No legal process has held Levine to account for this yet either – to my knowledge.
  2. The governor’s bogus business shut downs were ruled unconstitutional by a judge but he won his appeal to restrict crowd gatherings in part due to how falsified & misleading the coverage of their handling has been.
  3. These restrictions are completely unenforceable at scale, anyway.

Law enforcement professionals and government officials elsewhere have common sense, though. In the days before the internet it would have been harder for the public to know that. But now we can see things like this:

Geauga County Sheriff Scott A. Hildenbrand

Time To Call The Bluff Of Pennsylvania’s Delusional Health Commissioner, Governor Wolf, Mayor Kenney, And The Rest Of The Deranged Nanny State

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf – JUNE 17, 2020 – HARRISBURG, PA

There are over 12,000,000 Pennsylvanians.

But don’t even look that widely, just focus on Philadelphia: population ~1,500,000. This city has seen its highest murder rate in 3 decades (over 400 on record). The DA’s office just demoted its lead homicide prosecutor too (for unknown reasons). We routinely have the highest opioid overdose death rate every year (about 1,000 people per year). Philly also has 5x the nation’s rate of AIDS cases. But you’ve never heard Rachel Levine talk about those issues in any detail. They definitely don’t talk about it anymore.

That means the city will lose about as many people to murder, overdose, and suicide as we will with COVID-19. The murder, overdose, and suicide rates are up across the country as a result of these insane shut downs and other unconstitutional acts by corrupt government officials. They want you to believe that they have this under control while saying the President has not done anything meaningful to stop it. Some act like he caused it.


COVID-19 is a novel virus that we just encountered in the last year. The opioid crisis is at least 10-15 years old. AIDS has been a problem since at least the 90’s when people knew what it even was. Murder rate in the city is at a ~30-year high. You would think that if these politicians thought government enforcement was the answer to endemic problems they’d do something about these issues.

But they don’t.

They Lie Whenever Their Mouths Are Moving

Mayor Jim Kenney believes that drug addiction is a disease.

I don’t just mean he thinks it’s like a disease. He doesn’t mean it in any kind of metaphorical or rhetorical sense. Kenney means this literally. Given how overblown communication is in this era, I have to be annoying about this. I don’t mean he means it literally in a metaphorical sense either. I mean mayor Jim Kenny LITERALLY think addiction is a disease like any other.

Back in February, Kenney was trying to help push through a facility that would legalize the use of syringe injected opioids. He was quoted in this FOX29 article as saying, “The issue is that people who are addicted to narcotics, that get to heroin, are no different than anyone with high blood pressure, or diabetes, or cancer,” Mayor Kenney claimed.

Addicts deserve to be treated like human beings; of course.

But they need vastly different help compared to a person with cancer.

These People Are Assholes, Or Morons, Or Both

If Kenney really believes this stuff he’s saying then he’s a moron. If he doesn’t mean it, then he’s an asshole. Maybe he’s both. But a person who is addicted to drugs does not have a disease in the same way that a person with high blood pressure, diabetes, or cancer have a disease.

You can get cancer despite any of your personal choices. Addiction has at least SOME element of personal responsibility associated with it. I am not saying it is solely the addicts *fault* but even addiction-treatment programs (the ones that work) eventually require the person to take responsibility for their actions.

Also, the treatment for drug addiction is to stop using drugs. The goal is to get that person to live life as a non-addict (eventually) every time. If the principle of legalizing heroin use was applied to cancer, it would be like giving people a place where they would administer small amounts of cancer to themselves to keep having cancer. That’s what these people wanted for our city. Philadelphia was supposed to be the test site for this to be brought into existence all across the country.

Politics PA covered once-Presidential-hopeful “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg in 2019 when he backed the idea. Indy Star reported that Buttigieg is going to join Joe Biden’s fantasy-politics “transition team” recently, too. At one point Buttigieg’s campaign was suggesting they would seek to roll out “safe injection sites” (SIS) across the country in his term as President. Remember though, SIS do not exist legally in the United States right now. Trump and his administration stopped Ed Rendell, Kenney, and other Philadelphia-based individuals from getting the first.

That is at stake in this election right now.

The reason I bring this up is because of how backwards and weird the idea of a SIS actually is. It’s the same kind of backwards logic that led our officials to release prisoners but advise sick patients to go back to nursing homes. That is a disgusting agenda; whatever it is.

Philly & PA State Officials Went Way Too Far, So It’s Time We The People Reign Them In – By Not Abiding To Their Aggressive Pacifistic Demands Anymore

Kenney is taking his direction from Wolf & Levine.

As a Philadelphian I find that deeply concerning.

They are leading us into a weird world where common sense is inverted and the constitution is barely even a suggestion anymore. That’s because their ineptitude and corruption still outpaces federal law enforcement. But make no mistake, for many Pennsylvanians, there is no local government to protect you. No police force to defend your rights. And the state is giving them orders or support throughout the whole deal.

The judicial process takes a long time. Committing crimes or breaking the constitution happens fast. But we the people don’t just have the right to stand up against this tyranny.

We have an obligation to.

Don’t let Pennsylvania’s delusional health commissioner stop you from living your life. Stop obeying these fruitless and destructive commands.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

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