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Tom Farley is about to help the city of Philadelphia cover up some ancient history as well as a big chunk of their most recent debacles from 2020. If you don’t know who this guy is, he’s the hack PR jerk that the city hired a few years ago. Last year he was in lock-step with Rachel Levine and the rest of the socialist movement to put elderly people infected with SARS-CoV-2 back into their nursing homes. They also reported the case totals and death tolls irresponsibly, which gave the government justification to become completely tyrannical. Now Farley is about to leave under false or misleading pretenses, which will pacify most people, but should satisfy none.

Ryan Briggs reports statement from Mayor Jim Kenney.
Ryan Briggs reports statement from former health commissioner Tom Farley.

We Should MOVE Farley To Prison, Not A Federal Promotion Like Levine Got

Was he fired or did he resign?

In most places, if you do a bad job you get fired. In Pennsylvania, you can be responsible for the deaths of thousands and end up assistant health secretary. So to think that Tom Farley would be disgraced forever is a short-term mentality. He is about to leave his position under the auspices that he got rid of the remains of bodies the city has been holding on to since 1985. The anniversary of the MOVE bombing coincides with this guy’s removal from office. Instead of addressing his mishandling of the “COVID-19” situation, he now gets to go off into the sunset being blamed for what sounds like a standard operating procedure.

Farley claims he was following standard procedure back in 2017 when somebody told him the city still had remains of bodies from 1985. The process of cremating the remains without notifying the families. That sounds gross to anybody if you hear it out of context. Or if it were you and your own family members, of course that would be disgusting. It is nasty to even think about. In fact, I had no idea before this that the city even held remains of anybody for any period of time. At least I didn’t think they kept remains for decades.

Mayor Kenney claims that he just so happened to find out about this recently. So he took action and asked for Farley’s resignation. Over this. Instead of being held accountable for ushering in Levine’s disastrous and insane policies, Farley gets to leave now. He won’t face any kind of investigation, and his successor will clean up his messes. Whoever that person is (a national search has begun) will get credit for getting us back to “normal” even though Farley destroyed that and walked away. He shouldn’t, though. But he will.

Just like Boockvar did after the election. In fact just like Boockvar did.

Boockvar Resigned Under Similar Misleading Conditions

Long story short, our state’s former secretary Kathy Boockvar committed many election offenses. She covered up all the impropriety. She authorized misleading advertising that confused the market about naked ballots. This contributed to the single greatest source of (still unreported) errors in our state’s election last year. Then she resigned after claiming she didn’t properly advertise a constitutional amendment that related to the handling of sexual abuse victims. I mean…it’s as if this is some kind of DNC playbook to shift blame and focus. They look like they’re taking responsibility for something. In the case of Farley I don’t know if there is any proof he even did what he’s saying he did. Our press certainly won’t ask for it. People will “move” on before this story could ever be corroborated. Unfortunately, most people are still just a-okay with a theatrical government that doesn’t really do what it says. But looks like it does. Many are fine with that.

But I’m not.

Will People Finally “Move” On From MOVE?

A city government deciding to bomb a neighborhood? Has to be one of the most insane things to ever happen on American soil. The 20th century was barbaric in this way. A lot of people in our city have never gotten over that, and rightfully so. Nobody ever really took responsibility for it, and every so often it comes back up that somebody should. So Farley kind of has now. Will that appease the family? Are they going to be able to move on now that this *old white guy* claims he disposed of their remains improperly? I don’t know. But this city keeps treating us like trash. That’s got to stop. It won’t stop if we just move on from this so quickly. It’s sad that our entire city government is corrupted, and our state government is inept or equally as corrupt. That means justice will likely never be served here.

Even if part of this story is true, it also begs the question: how much more evidence did they destroy?

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

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