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If you wanted to learn how to rig an election, you should learn from Pennsylvania politicians.

Nowhere in the country will you find a better group of corrupt people to learn from. They weren’t the only state to do what they did last year but they definitely have averted all of the suspicion until now. Many of you have been following my work investigating these naked ballots. A lot of people have criticized me for not having any direct evidence or proof of my conclusions. Well, I’ve got some depressing news for you.

Learn How To Rig An Election Like A Pennsylvania Politician

The fraud that took down the election is boring as hell. I’ve written about it a bunch of times. But now I have video evidence which will show you step by step what it looked like on election day. You will see the only thing that matters now if you want to get a fair result from the 2020 Presidential election. Hold on to your seats…

Meet The Opex 72

Opex 72 demonstration.

While everybody was fixated on the counting, nobody was paying attention to the opening of the envelopes. This is important because election officials messed up in one of the most egregious but simple ways you can imagine. All you need to do to realize how, is ask yourself a simple question, “how would we audit the mail-in ballot votes?” The answer is, you would need to verify that they were received in both their secrecy envelope & their mailing envelope.

But if you watched the video of this extractor machine, they remove & discard the envelopes. You can watch as the demonstrator removes the ballot from the package. Then the envelopes go away. Into a trash bin. The user manual makes it clear that the envelopes get trashed, too, if you were wondering.

Opex is a manufacturer of warehousing equipment, and mail sorting machines. Their technology was adapted to accommodate mail-in ballots. In states where the secrecy envelope doesn’t invalidate the vote, this doesn’t really matter. In those states even though the ballot is “naked” it isn’t invalid. That’s true in places like Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Minnesota, etc. So those places wouldn’t need to be audited for this anomaly. But there were enough states that don’t accept naked ballots, which did certify results that contain millions of stripped naked ballots. You just saw with your own eyes that the envelopes are removed. All of them. With no way to know if they arrived in one.

The First Step To Beating Your Addiction To The Big Lies Is To Admit You Have A Problem

The fact is that the election boards in states where they do not accept naked ballots, made a huge error in judgement by buying these machines. They bought machines that invalidate a vote as it’s being counted. The only reason we don’t know this is because the state is so hopelessly corrupt that even the Republicans in the state legislature ignore this. They know about this problem. But nobody in their position in PA or NY or any other state where this matters wants to admit how wrong or stupid they were. Somebody has to do that though.

PA, NY, NJ, VA, NH, GA = 96 Electoral Votes

These (6) states – with the exception of GA – all reject naked ballots. GA rejects mail-in ballots without an envelope.

Remember all the talk about signature matching? Yes, the signatures should match. But even if they didn’t, all the Georgia election officials (and everybody else) would have needed to do, is attach these pieces of paper together with a staple or a paper clip. They thought themselves out of a simple solution, because the entire argument for universal mail-in voting was based on a fraud. The lies about SARS-CoV-2 perpetuated by PA, NJ, and NY were instrumental in forcing the public to accept this additional broken system in our election.

If these states all used extractors to remove ballots, they created naked ballots. These states all reject those. That means they should reject all of them which would result in a Trump victory. An audit must be conducted in order to get the right result. Otherwise we teach the nation the lesson that if you cheat long enough you can win that way. I do not want my children learning that ever.

PA Is 100% Guilty. I’m looking @ You Tom Wolf & Kathy Boockvar

We know PA did it.

The 5 major counties all spent millions of dollars on these machines. You get that?

They spent millions of our dollars to buy these machines which invalidated votes as they extracted them. But they counted them however they felt like, so we’re supposed to just move on. We only need to know that NY did it too.

That would be 49 electoral votes, and enough to change the result of the election. This is something that our nation is going to have to grapple with. It will be uncomfortable and hard. But it’s the right thing to do.

The people who are responsible for it need to be punished too.

Right now Biden has 306 electoral votes, and Trump has 232. But with this change, it could swing to Biden with 257 and Trump with 281. Enough to actually change the inaugurated result. I think that’s a term we might want to familiarize ourselves with & begin spreading.

The “inaugurated result” does not necessarily mean “the correct result.”

You Might Have Forgot All The Naked Ads About Naked Ballots

I’ll just run through this quickly in case you missed it. This goes to show how important it was for these states to ensure the public knew what naked ballots were. Then they never talked about them again unless they downplayed how many they claimed to have received. Nobody ever asked them how many they created with their bad system.

Three female lawmakers from PA took naked photos to promote the idea of naked ballots.

Sarah Silverman, Mark Ruffalo, and other celebrities did the same thing in a terrible PSA.

The truth is they left every single voter who voted by mail with their proverbial dick in their hand.

More To Come…

Listen to my new single “The Ballad of the Naked Ballots” for a musical explanation of the situation:

The Ballad of the Naked Ballots
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