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It’s sad but it’s true. Philadelphians are in an abusive relationship with the Democrat party. I am always careful to call them the “Democrat” party, not the “Democratic” party, too. That’s because there is nothing Democratic about how this party operates anymore. In the city of Philadelphia you have to go back to the 1950’s for the last time we had a Republican mayor. I’ll preface this article with the fact that I’m not saying there is anything inherently better about either party. The fact is, something is very wrong with a city in this country being dominated by 1 political party for 70+ years. At a certain point you’d have to ask yourself, “are they cheating on us?”

What Do You Do?

Yes. They are. They lie to you, cheat you, steal from you, beat you, and tell you it’s your fault. This is apparent in the fake race for district attorney. I mean there is really going to be an election but the result is likely decided already. If Larry Krasner retains his position, nothing will change. If Carlos Vega beats him, nothing will change, but people will forget about it for a few years.

There Is No Republican Party In Philadelphia

In 2004, Philadelphia had a 4-to-1 registered Democrat-to-Republican majority. In 2015, a little over a decade later, Philly was a 7-to-1 registered Democrat-to-Republican majority. Then 2017 a new milestone: “Republicans are officially the least-registered political party in Philadelphia.” Yes.

There are more Independents/Libertarians in Philadelphia than there are Republicans. So why in God’s name is Charles Peruto (the “Republican” candidate for DA) essentially endorsing Krasner?

There is a city-wide campaign right now for voter registration so that the remaining Republicans and Independents will register as Democrats. To vote for Vega. To get Krasner out of office. Do you get how stupid this looks? Where are you even going to find any eligible voters to switch?!

Sorry Philly GOP, but you’re a bad joke. Everybody knows it, too.

RINO’s Are Ruining This City Just As Much As Corrupt Democrats

This abusive relationship with the Democrat party is deep.

Al Schmidt, former city commissioner, pretended that we have no election problems in the city last year. Whenever Trump said we did, Schmidt (a registered Republican) defended the city acting like things were pristine here on his watch. Newsflash: they weren’t. Ever hear of Domenick Demuro? Got arrested for literally stuffing a ballot box. Filling out fake votes and shoving them into a physical ballot box. He was 73 years old at the time. He got bribed too.

But instead of mentioning that, Al Schmidt acts like things are clean as a whistle around here.

How about David Oh on city council? Ever hear him make noise about these problems? He keeps his lips shut tight. Wastes time like the rest of his colleagues on petty nonsense like renaming streets. Not up to the task of holding anybody accountable, or highlighting corruption here. Just going with the flow letting Democrats get away with whatever they want. Happy to retain a seat.

Then you have Lawrence Tabas, the chairman of the state GOP, who was an elector for Philadelphia last year. He completely ignored all of the actual fraud, and other allegations at the time. Made no waves about it at all. Didn’t hold a single press conference. Never challenged the narrative from city officials. As if he agreed with them. We don’t know what he thought because he never gave me comment, even as I shared with the entire GOP of the state my findings here.

Get A Divorce Already, Or Just Run Away

Carlos Vega is not your savior. Peruto is a fake candidate. Krasner is not going to get better. So who do you vote for? Don’t. It doesn’t matter. These elections are rigged. Did you not see what they did in 2020? They don’t care about you. They don’t represent you. This is a farce and a sham. If Vega wins (he won’t) he will have the same agenda as Krasner. Krasner made the same promises, and boasts the same history fighting for justice. Neither of them are willing to talk about the real root of our violence problem: gangs. Nor were either of them wise enough to tell people that white racist cops killing black people is not our city’s biggest problem.

The Democrat party is our biggest problem. So just leave them already.

What have they ever done for you? In the 70 years this party has run things…

Carlos Vega Won’t Talk To Me Because I Won’t Register As A Democrat

I wrote about this a little while ago. But to remind you: Freddy Godoy, an attorney, told me that I needed to prove I was a Democrat to get a conversation with Vega. I told him I would never do that and he was also wrong to assume I was a Republican; or gullible. But that’s the political system here. Lying Democrats, fake Republicans, illegitimate election contests, and a bunch of suckers who keep buying into it.

I love my fellow city residents, but some of you really need to wake up.

Remember Seth Williams Too, If You’re In An Abusive Relationship With The Democrat Party

If you didn’t know, Seth Williams is a former Philly DA that was indicted for: accepting cash and gifts, fraudulently using thousands of dollars from his campaign fund for personal expenses, misusing city vehicles and misappropriating money intended to fund his mother’s nursing home care. I got into a Twitter argument with whoever runs his account today about the failed (unless you wanted Philly to be heroin capital of the nation) policy of “Prevention Point.” A needle exchange program that city officials swear up & down “works” to “reduce harm.”

Is Seth Williams credible with anybody about anything anymore?

According to ABC, “He had been charged with 29 counts of bribery, extortion and fraud. Although 28 counts were dismissed, prosecutors said Williams admitted he committed all the conduct.” Bribery, extortion, and fraud. Those are the most common crimes a Philly politician will commit. Or union boss, I guess. Just ask Johnny Doc. This is common practice in Philadelphia.

It’s almost comical how often this happens. Our DA’s office has been corrupt since at least the time of Ed Rendell. But then again, that’s another story…

Call Me If You Need Help

Do you have an abusive relationship with the democrat party? Call me: 215 550 1039.

I’m serious about this. You need to extricate yourself from the Democrat party in Philadelphia if you’re currently on this track. Nothing good will happen if you give these people power for another 70 years. Stop believing their lies, and force the next crop of them to answer for the history of this city. Not “systemic racism,” but “systemic official oppression” from Democrat officials that have a stranglehold on this entire city. If you don’t know what to do, I don’t have all the answers, But I do know you can’t keep doing this to yourself. Honestly. They don’t love you.

This isn’t brotherly love. It’s abuse. Systemic, habitual, pathological abuse.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligence as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattebphl