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Philly election officials are in the spotlight now. That’s because, despite the fact that major news outlets are still pretending Joe Biden is the President-elect, the election is far from over. The Philadelphia press, who are as corrupt as our politicians, have gone on a blitz defending Al Schmidt in particular. For example, Philadelphia Magazine writer Kate Dailey wrote, “Al Schmidt Isn’t a ‘RINO’ And He Isn’t Hiding Corruption.” Her sub-heading says, “Keep the city commissioner’s name out of your mouth, Mr. President.”

Al Schmidt, Philadelphia City Commissioner

If Schmidt isn’t hiding corruption, then he’s inept at his job. All of the Philly election officials have ignored major problems. I mean they are major problems for people that want a fair election. Because anybody with 2 working eyes could see that things weren’t right in this election season.

The signs were everywhere.


There were thousands of illegal campaign signs for Joe Biden hung everywhere. I even have a few of them still. If Schmidt hasn’t seen these he’s blind. Or doesn’t come to the city very much. You might think this is a small detail. But it isn’t. It was important enough for city officials to break the law in order to do. If it would be worth paying fines or going to jail; I think it’s worth considering.

Dailey should watch her own mouth instead of concerning herself with the President’s legal battle in this city. She offers no information to the people about how unfair our elections are. It’s clear she doesn’t care either. It’s just a defense piece of an indefensible piece of work – Schmidt. Schmidt is absolutely a RINO, and has been a spineless one at that. He has been ignoring obvious problems in the city, or he’s been coordinating them. It is time to stop thinking about these people as simply bad at their job. At this point there is a pattern of behavior and a culture in Philadelphia of unconstitutional political discrimination.

That needs to stop.

Anybody Who’s Paying Attention Sees This Corruption Plain As Day

IBEW Illegal Signs For Biden
IBEW Local 98 was given preferential treatment by the city to put out hundreds of signs.

It has been obvious for months that city officials are unlawfully campaigning for Biden. Even the parks department has contributed to the problem.

But nobody in the national media would know because our local media is so dishonest. They don’t cover these things fairly so nobody else knows what’s really going on. That’s how the cycle of corruption remains in tact and nearly impossible to break.

Schmidt has even gone on to 60 Minutes defending himself. There are even claims that these Philly election officials are receiving death threats. They claim there is a recording of it but I have not seen that released yet. Our district attorney’s office released the body cam footage from the Walter Wallace Jr. incident. But I would be very interested to hear these death threats on the phone. Frankly, I think they lied and made it up. These people have no credibility and should have to prove everything to the public.

The Philadelphia Inquirer helped Schmidt out too, of course. Chris Brennan wrote “Philly and Pennsylvania Republicans offer only silence after Trump’s false attacks against Al Schmidt” for the Inquirer on November 11. It is astounding how the press can know these attacks are false without asking anything. Also, I know from personal experience that city officials in Philadelphia routinely demand things be kept “off the record.” So reporters don’t even question it anymore. They just write fake stories about everything. If you thought the major media was bad, corrupt local news is much much worse. And The Philadelphia Inquirer is as corrupt as it gets.

These Philly Election Officials (Should) Know What They’re Doing Is Wrong

It is reprehensible for this man to deny that things are problematic when it’s so rampant. Just the idea that it took serious legal threats and authority to enable poll watchers to have meaningful access to watch the vote counting. That’s enough to consider what else they’re hiding. For a typical resident, it looks suspicious. Also, as I’ve mentioned, this election board was asleep at the wheel or directly involved in granting favor to Biden. They allowed Biden to receive the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of dollars in permit-free advertising all over the city. In nearly every neighborhood.

I’ve previously reported on my own experience with unconstitutional political discrimination here. In fact city officials directly blocked my ability to do business. They did this to stop me from advertising for Trump. The political bias is criminal in Philadelphia. Schmidt either knows that, and is complicit in it. Or he doesn’t know that, and he’s incapable of doing the job.

Has Joe Biden Had Any Contact With Election Officials In Philadelphia?

What’s Biden Hidin’?

Joe Biden was just here for Veterans Day. I know of no reporter who even thought to ask him if he had any contact with the election officials like Schmidt. Or our mayor. Or anybody else that works for the city of Philadelphia. Because Biden’s campaign HQ has been here all along. He acts like he’s from Scranton, or Delaware, but he does business here. One of his lead fundraisers has always been Ed Rendell. But these election officials pretend like Biden’s campaign is inherently innocent of wrongdoing.

They are virtually invisible. You never see them or hear from them in the city. Ever. I’ve never seen them at events. Never heard them on the radio. I don’t even know who they are. No local news outlets even report on them which I think is really strange. The campaign HQ for the Presidential candidate that most of these news outlets endorsed is in town but they never do any kind of press with them.

Ask yourself why nobody is inquiring about Biden’s campaign staff in Philadelphia. If this city is one of the last remaining battlegrounds in the election count, isn’t anybody interested to know what Biden’s campaign staff has been up to the last year?

I know I am.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligence as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattebphl