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For the TL;DR version of this story just read my coverage from last year about the human trafficking at Von Colln park. After I uncovered that it was an occupation of people pretending to be homeless Philadelphians, I realized after months of research, that human trafficking occurred there. If you were wondering how explicitly I called it out as literal human trafficking (not hyperbolic at all) here are my headlines:

I reported this to hundreds – yes hundreds – of local news organizations in Pennsylvania and around the country. Major international news outlets. I reported it to the FBI. Contacted several organizations that fight human trafficking. None of them responded, or they declined to cover the story.

Come to find out people in Philly press knew about it (because of me) and knowingly did nothing about it. You want a receipt? Here’s a big one…

K Lie W Newsradio

Kristen Johanson, KYW’s “crime & justice” reporter, admits, “There was absolutely some human trafficking going on,” but she does not acknowledge I’m the only one who reported it.

Kristen Johanson is a reporter for KYW. Long story short, the other day she was commenting on the nonsense between the DA’s office & police bickering about the covering up of some memorial. I called her out for wasting the public’s time and advised her to cover the unsolved murder of Vernon Harris, a male prostitute. His admitted killer was an “anti-violence advocate” for the district attorney’s office. Johanson and others in the Philly press have found boring ways to distract the public from things like this.

Eventually she demanded I email her; which I promptly did. That email above was her initial response to my claims that the homeless camp at Von Colln was fake (it was) and that she and her colleagues did nothing about it. Much to my dismay and surprise, not only did she not do anything about it, she admitted she knew it was going on.

Philly news organizations all operate like this.

She went on to brag to me about her participation in the 676 riots from the “beginning,” but would not tell me who actually led the riot. In fact, she attempted to redirect me several times which I refused. It is my current theory that Philadelphia press members like Johanson incited this riot.

Long story short, I alerted her station manager and bcc’d every member of PA press I had a contact for. I have no patience, understanding, or compassion for people that knowingly allowed humans to be trafficked anywhere – let alone in a public park in center city for ~6 months. Children routinely visited this place both accompanied and unaccompanied.

I even reported this to the FBI.

But…not a peep from anybody.

When Everybody Looks The Other Way Nobody Knows What’s Going On

Philly news organizations all remained silent on this; or ignorant. I even saw FOX 29 filming there (I have pictures of them) when I was there. On the same day I got all the information I needed to confirm this was fake, a major news outlet was there too. But they missed or – or covered it up. I could almost understand people missing it. But after being seen evidence and an argument proving it; how could you just keep quiet about that?

This didn’t happen in the basement of a pizza shop. It happened in broad daylight 2 minutes walking distance from the Art Museum. More importantly, though? It happened 1 minute driving to I-95, 676, or 76. That means it is a pass-through for human beings getting trafficked across the state and throughout the region. The state of PA is a pass-through state too.

I’ll Say It AGAIN & AGAIN For The People In The Back

The city government of Philadelphia sponsored a human trafficking experiment using taxpayer dollars. Still too complicated to understand?

Jim Kenney’s administration used our money to buy & trade slaves.

Is THAT clear enough for you? The modern equivalent of a slave trade happened in front of our eyes and you didn’t realize it because the press in Philadelphia were ideologically opposed to exposing the people responsible.

Their jobs depend on their silence.

I’ve Done This Before & It Worked A Little Bit, So I’ll Keep Fighting For US Against Corrupt Philly News Organizations

The first article I exposed Philadelphia Weekly for using stock footage of French people passing them off as homeless Philadelphians. After reporting them to the FTC and encouraging others to do the same, they transformed into an “alt-right” conservative paper (or so they claim) in addition to firing the freelancer who wrote the piece. They also demoted their editor in chief that allowed it to happen, and replaced him with a new editor in chief. While the paper may have become more critical of the city government, they never acknowledged who and what forced them to change.

Some of you may have even read my work last year but thought nothing of it. Maybe you ignored it because you thought I was in Qanon (I’m not nor have I ever been). Or you cast me as a “pro-Trump” guy. For the record (even though it’s nobody’s business) I didn’t vote in 2020. Have never voted in any election as a matter of fact.

I’m not even registered as an Independent. When I tell you my “bias” is towards the truth & nothing else, that’s for real. If you don’t believe me, and I’m sure most of you reporters don’t, feel free to look up my voter profile. If you find out somebody voted in my name last year or any other time please let me know so I can clear that up.

I Don’t Trust Any Philly News Organizations Anymore & You Shouldn’t Either

But the press is corrupt locally which is something that Trump never articulated. He may have gotten TV ratings and Twitter engagement for the media bashing, but it never changed the real problem: local news. These are the people that make up the stories which get sent up channel to national news. They are also the organizations that regurgitate the company line and the nonsense their portfolio ownership needs to see/hear.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligence as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattebphl