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TL;DR version is – you should report Pennsylvania’s governor Wolf to the FTC to hold him to account for wasting taxpayer money on producing, distributing, and starring in mail-in voting propaganda. I will show you how, in a method that had an impact on the local news of Philadelphia this year. The reason why this is so important right now, is because it helps to explain why there were so many mail-in ballots as well as why Pennsylvania has had such a problem with them.

Effective Propaganda Can Look & Sound Very Boring, Making It Harder To Detect To The Untrained Ears & Eyes

“Mail-in” voting is really a rebranded absentee ballot.

For months leading up to election day on November 3rd, I received hundreds of ads for mail-in voting.

The part I originally found most objectionable was the fact that this was “PAID FOR WITH PENNSYLVANIA TAXPAYER DOLLARS.” I don’t remember anybody asking us (the Pennsylvania taxpayers) if we thought it was a good idea. I certainly wasn’t consulted. Nobody asked if we thought it was a prudent use of our money – during a pandemic – when people are running out of money because Pennsylvanians were having their businesses unconstitutionally shut down by this governor.

People were considering rent-strikes in Philadelphia.

Riots broke out where people looted to steal things.

Money was tight for basic necessities in the state.

Yet, governor Wolf thought it would be a good idea to spend an unknown amount of money (estimating it was at least $12,000,000) on advertising to influence how people voted in the 2020 Presidential election.

That is the legal definition of voter intimidation, by the way.

Wolf Stole Money From Us To Promote His Agenda, Not Our Safety

The next time he swears like this I hope it’s in a court room going under oath.

This money governor Wolf used to pay for these ads couldn’t have possibly been allocated before COVID-19 hit.

That means he allocated money which could have gone to direct payments or some kind of state-wide payroll protection plan, so he could even appear in some of these ads, including one the night before election day suggesting that it may “take a few days” to finish counting.

To recap: he promoted the idea of mail-in voting, then he told people it would delay the process. They knew it before it happened. That shows they were premeditating it. Producing media like this doesn’t happen overnight either. It requires professionals and big budgets. But that’s not all.

Kristen Cracked This Wide Open Already, Demonstrating A Fraud

Once I told my wife & business partner Kristen about this, she paid really close attention to these ads. She actually found one that misinforms the voter about how to vote correctly. Kristen has a tremendous attention to detail. We were watching TV one night and she told me to stop, to rewind.

Here is the most important clip:

This ad is unlawfully misleading, evidence of the complex voter suppression in Pennsylvania.

But if you watch the video ad, the woman demonstrating how to vote, does NOT put the ballot IN the secrecy envelope. She merely places the ballot within the fold of the adhesive flap of the envelope. That is incorrect. That kind of ballot could easily get thrown out – since it can’t be verified. If you wanted to avoid that situation, you would educate people about how to do it correctly. However, our state sent out ads showing how to do it incorrectly.

If you are from out of state and you are wondering what it might be called if a ballot were received not in the secrecy envelope. It’s called a “naked ballot.” Kind of fun, right? What’s that? You wanted to know if any women in the Pennsylvania government got naked in order to raise awareness about naked ballots? Why yes, of course they did.

Pennsylvania State House candidate Emily Kinkaid and Allegheny County Councilmembers Olivia ‘Liv’ Bennett and Bethany Hallam marketing naked ballots.

If you look at this graphic, it is also confusing. This labels the secrecy envelope as the “official election ballot.” That’s wrong. This could lead you to fill out your vote incorrectly. The nudity could also be distracting to somebody intending on actually getting the message of how to follow directions. Pennsylvania voters were inundated with this kind of messaging which we know the governor paid for in many cases.

I’ll say it again – using our money to produce propaganda.

This Ad From Governor Wolf Targeted Me (And My Voter Profile) Specifically For Disenfranchisement

I didn’t.

Philly Made Creative (the blog where you’re reading this) is also a marketing company, so I’m very familiar with how digital advertising works. I personally received this ad when I had Hulu. That means they are able to target these according to persona.

They (advertisers – Tom Wolf in this case) have to select personas in order to run this kind of campaign. It’s not like they have “Matt Berman” to advertise to specifically (unless they’re using an email list which they may have) usually, but they can target specific types of people.

Regular “linear television” only lets advertisers run media on a network, at a certain time slot – or some kind of sponsorship (like sports, or game shows) where they are part of the programming.

Digital television has more options to *personalize* the consumer’s *advertising experience* – and yes people in the industry actually use those phrases. Even if somebody tells you that you can’t (or shouldn’t) target audience groups by discriminatory categories like race or political affiliation; they all do it.

If they have that data – they will use it to their advantage.

Maybe They Didn’t Want My Vote To Count For Some Reason

The state of Pennsylvania created & distributed an ad (with taxpayer money they didn’t tell us about) to target me (an unregistered voter) to show me propaganda intended to disenfranchise my vote. Either that or they are so inept at producing advertising they never should have wasted the money.

Either way it was a waste of money. Because you don’t need to advertise voting to grown adults like this. They are perfectly capable of making safe decisions without the government forcing the idea down their throat. The goal of this advertisement was clearly to convince me to vote by mail, and to show me how to do it.

However, if I followed this ad’s instructions in terms of the visual they provided, I would have done so incorrectly. That is the same as the state stealing my money to “educate” me how to have my vote not count.

It’s sophisticated, maybe.

But it was an attempt to throw out my vote, and there is no telling how many other people in the state got the same discrete digital mistreatment.

Report The Goofy Bastard NOW

Report Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf for misleading advertising in the 2020 election.

False advertising in the consumer world is handled by the Federal Trade Commission is a government agency that addresses false advertising which impacts American consumers. They are actually surprisingly effective, in my opinion, as compared to other agencies. Over the Summer I caught Philadelphia Weekly of lying about a homeless camp in the city.

I reported them to the FTC, and encouraged my readers to do the same. That’s because the FTC only investigates with the interest of class action lawsuits. Which means that many people have to report something in order for them to take any kind of action.

Months after my original report to the FTC, Philadelphia Weekly took the following actions:

  • Fired Their Freelancer
  • Demoted Their Editor In Chief
  • Hired A New Editor In Chief
  • Pivoted To Conservative News

We did that.

If You’re Ready To Take Action

Here’s what you do:

Call the FTC: 1-877-382-4357

Tell them that you want to report a misleading ad from the state of Pennsylvania government. You can tell them that governor Tom Wolf is responsible, and you want to make sure that he is held accountable. This seemingly small issue (a misleading ad) could have influenced people to vote improperly. This is one of the reasons why we need to audit this.

An Audit Would Be Impossible In Part Because Of These Confusing Propagandist Communications From Governor Wolf’s Administration

Put Tom Wolf on blast so the nation knows his name.

The day after the election, Washington Post reported, “Inside Philadelphia’s vote-counting operation, where democracy continued calmly amid the storm outside.” In it they state, “There they were, a battery of temporary workers in road-safety vests of hazmat yellow with orange and gray stripes, sipping soda and slurping coffee, working under blue signs that read “Scanners,” “Sorters,” “Envelope Review,” “Adjudication,” “Flattening” and “Extractors,” which are fancy doohickies that look like copy machines and pull ballots from envelopes at a rate of 12,000 an hour.”

They used “extractors” to pull 12,000 ballots per hour out of their envelopes.

If that’s so, then with less than (10) extractors, they should have been able to remove all the ballots from their envelopes within a single day. Also, if the secrecy envelopes were removed and/or discarded – or even separated from the ballot – they can’t be audited. In other words, if you can’t put the ballot back in the secrecy envelope, you can’t prove it ever had one.

Chads Were Hanging In 2000, But Ballots Will Be Naked In 2020

People in Florida inspecting “chads.”

I’ve been trying to figure out what the “hanging Chad” of this election would be. A lot of people think it’s Dominion. If you’re not familiar with that, it’s an interesting situation. A computer software that is involved in the voting process could have had a series of glitches, bugs, updates that didn’t happen, as well as manual overrides and deliberate frauds to digitally stuff ballot boxes. Many of the claims appear credible, and verified with readily available data. The problem is, it’s not always about the truth in the government, or the media. In order to overturn an election, hundreds of millions of people will have to understand it. They’ll need to be able to explain it to their children – and future generations. Even if there are complex things going on, it needs to be explained simply somehow.

I think computer software is hard for people in the public to get.

“Naked ballots” is a funny phrase, though.

Pennsylvania (and Philadelphia in particular) naked ballots are probably going to be the hanging chads of this election. Lots of legal activity is happening in Pennsylvania, and it is ultimately going to be the Supreme Court of the United States that decides these matters. So it’s important to see Wolf’s stupid little ads in context. They were intended to influence people to vote by mail. They wanted to confuse people how to vote by mail. Ultimately they were going to increase voter turnout – no matter what.

Well…looks like it worked, Tom.

PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro Called The PA State Legislature’s Hearing About Election Integrity A “Fake Hearing”

PA State Legislature should help report Tom Wolf to the FTC.

The purpose of this hearing was to discuss the voting irregularities our state has seen in 2020.

Josh Shapiro is a bitch.

Whether directly because of this hearing or not, a judge in the state also has halted the actual certification of the state in this election.

At this point, the state legislature is considering options for how to remedy the situation.

Pennsylvanians Needs To Keep Taking Matters Into Our Own Hands

Tom Wolf and the rest of the Democrats in his cohort here in Pennsylvania have a lot of explaining to do. Whoever is President in 2021-2024, we will still have to deal with state-wide problems. City-wide problems will still be right where we left them. But if our governor was willfully creating content that was intended to or eventually going to disenfranchise voters, we need to have the world know that while the SCOTUS is considering how to rule on mail-in ballots this year.

Reporting Tom Wolf to the FTC could have real legal consequences. It could also be a statement from the public that we are done with their propaganda. I know I am.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligence as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattebphl