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There is a modern day slave trade in Philadelphia.

Von Colln Plantation Slave Trade In Philadelphia
(2) men in the foreground take power from the city, while down the street, they traffic people.

You wouldn’t know that if you read the news, though. The headline from yesterday’s Philadelphia Inquirer article on this topic reads, “Philly’s housing deal with occupants of Parkway homeless encampment seen as ‘unprecedented’ nationwide.” Let me clarify for you: they are rioters, not occupants. It’s not a homeless camp, it’s a front for communist political aggression. If this is ‘unprecedented’ nationwide that’s because it is unconscionable, but likely to be a blueprint for others.

Seattle, Portland, New York. The anarchist jurisdictions. Watch them and I predict they follow suit, if we can’t stop this now.

What we’re hearing is that the city of Philadelphia is going to provide up to (50) housing units to take care of their “homeless.” But the reality is we (the taxpayers in the city) don’t know who these people are. We are also the people who will pay for this. Not Jim Kenney. Nor city council. When people talk about “the city” they often forget how one is funded. That is extremely dangerous because at this point it’s obvious our city government is behind this; not fighting it. They aren’t losing. This is what they always wanted.

Contribute to the TruthContribute to the Truth

“Unhoused Folks” Is Politically Correct Bullshit

According to this tweet, the encampment technically began on June 10, 2020.

This is how you know these people aren’t serious about helping the homeless. If you look up the legal definition for “homeless people” here’s what you’ll find: U.S. Code Title 42. THE PUBLIC HEALTH AND WELFARE Chapter 119. HOMELESS ASSISTANCE Subchapter I. GENERAL PROVISIONS.

In this chapter the law defines a homeless person as many things simply put, “an individual or family who lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence.” The reason we need a legal definition of homeless person is to ensure we are giving federal, state, and city services to people that actually need them. Could you imagine what would happen if people pretended to be homeless to steal? That’s what’s happening here.

This is part of how they are getting away with a modern day slave trade in Philadelphia right now. They are doing this because the sanctuary city program has been effectively shut down. Trump restricted it until it basically disappeared. He has vowed to keep it closed, admitting fewer (or no) refugees in 2021. That drove Kenney and his gang of criminals insane.

Invention Is The Mother Of Necessity, And Criminality

Therefore, the reason they use this invented term that has no legal definition is because they’re hiding criminal acts. They are using the cover of several actual homeless people and/or the illusion of homeless people to get away with it.

The thing is, they don’t even need the whole charade because it’s coordinated between the city and the activists. Our city is an 8-to-1 registered Democrat majority, too. A true 1-party town. So the Republican faction here can’t really stop them with traditional political means like elections or referendums. But the Republican party in Philadelphia is also so thin & weak they can’t do much else. In fact, some of the activists may actually be convinced they’re fighting city hall and winning.

That is one of the untold sad stories of this entire fraud.

Homeless People Need Documentation Too

As I’ve mentioned before, there is an actual certificate of homelessness in the city of Philadelphia. Nobody I met there has one. In fact the organizers are trying to recruit homeless people at legitimate shelters. They are actively trafficking people from all over the place to join them. The game for them is leapfrogging the system to integrate under the radar. Sound familiar? It should. This is who/why sanctuary cities exist. The problem with illegal immigration into our country – internationally – has always been seen as the main threat.

But now what we’re facing is also a strange kind of interstate or within-state trafficking. That is enabling people to leave their troubles behind and reinvent themselves newly. New name. No criminal record. Able to commit new crimes in a new city without anybody knowing who they are. This kind of threat is not being taken seriously; because the city is in control. But what they’re doing is unlawful. Abusive. Torturous to watch.

Unhoused =/= Homeless

Not 100% of people occupying Von Colln Park are actually homeless.

I proved months ago, by interviewing somebody at the camp, that there are people from as far as California or Washington here. Many of them came to Philadelphia to participate in the riot on 676 as well as other lawless activity including the current riot at Von Colln Plantation. This is a major problem that hasn’t been acknowledged. It doesn’t get addressed in the media. Our politicians are directly behind this, so they obviously don’t say anything either. That would expose their front for this unlawful protests against Trump and his administration’s decision to end sanctuary cities.

Hear Me Roar

Lee Stranahan recently had me on his radio show as a guest to discuss this:

Hear me discuss the bad things happening in Philadelphia with Lee Stranahan.

Also, it’s us (Philadelphia taxpayers) who will be paying for this. If you talk about “the city” in terms of financing, that’s what we’re talking about. This is happening against our will. It is also going towards funding housing and other city services for people who we know aren’t from here. Others that may not be from here. Since Nutter made Philadelphia a sanctuary city in 2014, these people could also be from other countries. Now there is illegal camping out there where people can come to get trafficked. They are effectively circumventing the already nonexistent rules of sanctuary cities.

Stealing Homeless People’s Federal Assistance Is Sicker Than COVID-19

I exposed Mayor Kenney’s administration for misappropriating funding for the homeless, too. Really they exposed themselves. It’s just nobody reads the city’s budget because it’s usually boring & arduous. Nobody expects to find a smoking gun written into an official city document either. But right now we’ve got New York Times journalists proving they don’t know how to read financial records. So consider for a moment that Kenney is that brazen.

Read the damning passage from their budget here:

Philadelphia Government Misappropriated Federal Funding For Homeless People
This is a section directly from the Philadelphia government’s 2021 budget.

In simple terms: the federal government gave them money for the homeless and they used it to pay themselves a salary while the rest of the city struggled. That’s illegal. You can’t do that.

Reading that section further, they also acknowledge not allocating money they already had for the homeless – to the homeless. They don’t explain how they’re going to help homeless people. The plan was to try to make sure more people don’t end up homeless. So they absolutely ripped off the homeless people of Philadelphia. Also, if they did what they said and if the camp is real then how did that many additional people end up homeless? It makes no sense no matter how you look at it.

Until you accept that the city government is deeply corrupt.

Jim “Crow” Kenney’s Slave Trade In Philadelphia Must Be Stopped

The way I see it, there are at least a few things we can do.

  1. File A Class Action Lawsuit As Residents Against This Entire Administration Including Kenney Personally
  2. Withhold Paying City Takes Both Personally & As Businesses Operating In Philadelphia Until Kenney Is Removed From Office
  3. Share These Articles With People In Pennsylvania & Outside The City Nation-wide Until It Gets The Coverage It Deserves

Jim Kenney has ushered in modern-day slavery.

Let. That. Sink. In.

It will hurt at first.

You might think, “that can’t be! I would know it if it happened, therefore it can’t be happening.” Why would you know it was happening? Here are all the local news networks that didn’t report on this: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Weekly, Billy Penn, WHYY, The Philadelphia Tribune, The South Philly Review,, GeneroCity, Broad & Liberty, Delco Times.

You know who did share it, though? Tony Bruno. It was because of his retweet of my most recent article that Lee Stranahan’s producer Rod saw my story. Then Rod got me on Lee’s show because they knew after reading my work, that this was something they had to share. All of my work on this is like a math proof, citing the law (not my emotional response) to prove it.

Kenney has discriminated against Philadelphia residents in an unconstitutional way. City councilman Kenyatta Johnson is under investigation too. Our treasurer faces financial fraud charges now. Everybody in the administration is looking the other way on this issue. We the people deserve better. But in Pennsylvania it is very hard to recall politicians. Even more difficult is impeaching a Philadelphia politician. But if we can prove in court that he has damaged us all (which he has) maybe we can force it.

King Kenney Kills; Tell Your Friends

Video of the police responding to an unknown call about a woman who died by overdose.

This footage is from the 2nd time a person overdosed to death here. The organizers are all devout “harm reduction” proponents. If you’re not familiar with that concept, it basically means (in normal language) enabling. They believe it’s better to let people remain drug addicts than to make them feel in any way ashamed of what they’re doing. There is zero evidence this philosophy helps anybody, and it definitely hurts cities at large anywhere it is practiced.

Also, the story of the modern day slave trade in Philadelphia needs to become a national story. There were weeks or months where every news story and cycle was about Portland’s or Seattle’s riots. But this riot in Philadelphia (which has been negotiated in part using the courts in an abusive way) may actually be coming to a close. It’s hard to tell if my writing has made any impact here, but the truth of this story is not known.

The story the news and the city government want to paint is that homeless people fought against city hall and won. But the reality is that city hall fought against the residents of the city of Philadelphia and won. We lost. Or we are losing, as of now. Because they keep getting away with it and there is virtually no place for us to turn. But if enough people joined together and charged this criminal operation with their crimes – we might be able to win.

That would be a story worthy of national news coverage too.

Imagine it.


Deceptive News Organizations Are Helping Democrats Sew Doubt In Our 2020 Election

Remember, the election is in less than 3 weeks. This entire stunt has been about the election as well. It is important to Kenney to have funding for the sanctuary city program because he’s incapable of innovating business for our city. His answer is to try to remove Trump by force, and to assault our constitution in the process. If Biden is elected, he will likely distribute funding for these programs. So this illegal assembly on the Parkway has been like a long Biden rally – promoting all kinds of radical progressive ideas in the process.

Consider their entire movement a deceptive advertisement.

Democrats have been doing a lot of this during the 2020 election.

PSA About Deceptive Advertising

There is a giant effort to confuse people about this upcoming election. I can’t totally figure out why yet. But nothing makes this more painfully obvious than how MSNBC transformed “election day” into “voting season.”

This ad is deceptive, and should be investigated by the FTC.

Back To Our Philadelphia Story

Hopefully Trump gets re-elected to help Philadelphians in a bigger way.

If he loses, though, Biden will likely acquiesce and provide funding for the sanctuary city program. But if Biden loses, he will apparently become a professor at University of Pennsylvania. So he’ll be lurking around like Rendell lurks around. They’ve been getting away with all of this “on Trump’s watch,” so they’ll continue until they’re stopped.

Rendell & Biden need to be investigated to see what part they played in all of this. They both must know about it by now because of how connected they are to the city government. Either they do know, because they are involved in planning it. Which would explain why they’re silent about it since they’re guilty. Or they don’t know about it. Which means they’re detached from reality. Which also makes them bad public servants.

Why would Biden have his office across the street from city hall, down the street from The Philadelphia Inquirer, and 10 minutes away from Von Colln if he didn’t want his staff to be intimately connected to it? Also, now that people are calling the result of this mess “unprecedented nationwide,” you can bet it is serving as an example of how to do this.

Reach Out To Get Involved In Stopping The Modern Day Slave Trade In Philadelphia

Read my other work in this series to learn the backstory about just how serious this is. Let me reiterate to anybody wondering. Several people accused me of being metaphorical or hyperbolic. There is a modern day slave trade in Philadelphia. It isn’t just that our Mayor is “being oppressive” to residents who disagree with him (which he is too) but he is actually subjugating people to indentured servitude while stealing our money and federal funding to get away with it.

This is deep. Serious. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Feel free to reach out to your local press and ask them why they aren’t covering this because they’re all complicit too, now.

Call me with any questions 215 550 1039.

I’d be happy to talk to anybody about this especially if you have solutions or want to contribute to the cause.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

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