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Since time is of the essence I’m going to cut to the chase with this one. Here is the TL;DR version of the exclusive interview I had with Pennsylvania State House lawmaker Russ Diamond.

Lawmaker Russ Diamond Believes Pennsylvania Should Abstain From Election 2020, And That May Happen

Summarizing my conversation with lawmaker Russ Diamond:

Russ Diamond Of 102nd Legislative District in the Pennsylvania House
  • Congress may heed the plea of Pennsylvania State Congress GOP members who are advising our electors not be certified or counted from either political party this election cycle.
  • If that happens, Biden would only have 285 certified electors, so this action alone would not change the impending result most think will occur by inaugurating Biden on January 20th, 2021.
  • However, if other states follow suit, and a similar remedy (abstaining from voting) is granted to those states (like Georgia) where elections are contested, neither Biden nor Trump will have 270 electoral votes to win.
  • That would trigger some measure of remedy via either The Electoral Count Act of 1877, or some other jurisdiction like the Supreme Court may be called upon to settle the dispute.

This is unprecedented, so no one knows how exactly it will go. The important thing for people to take away from this terrible option, is that it is one of the only fair things to do.

Here is the interview with Russ Diamond in full:

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Trump May Not Be Right About Him Winning Pennsylvania (Yet) According To Lawmaker Russ Diamond’s Findings So Far

Lawmaker Russ Diamond expressed this by explaining that the data he and his team have found does not prove that Trump won. So despite the fact that Trump says he clearly won the state, PA GOP lawmakers are not in lock-step with that opinion.

Notice that Twitter did not suggest Trump’s claim is “disputed,” they just disputed the claim.
Russ Diamond

They are fearful of certifying votes that we can’t verify and we won’t be able to fully audit in time.

It would take a hand recount of the entire state – every precinct in order to figure out where the ~170,000 “over votes” came from.

That might not even prove fraud, either, by the way.

What the GOP members who are supporting abstaining from the election entirely are saying – according to lawmaker Russ Diamond – is that they don’t know why these errors occurred.

Naked Ballots Are Like Schrodinger’s Cat, But We Know The Cat Is Dead

If you don’t know what Schrodinger’s Cat is, it’s a thought experiment. The point of it is to understand how certain mechanics of quantum physics works. But it also serves a great example of what happens with the difference between acting on assumptions, and hiding from the truth.

Schrodinger’s Cat holds the secret to solving the 2020 election problem.

Imagine there is a box. I tell you there’s a cat in the box. Nobody tells you whether the cat is alive or not. Until you open the box, you won’t know whether or not it’s alive or dead. The mistake a lot of people make, is that they think it’s not really living, or actually dead, until they open the box. It is a principle of investigation as well. The paradox of the “no evidence” allegations of fraud is that we don’t know if there is fraud until we investigate. Without investigation all we can say is that we don’t know. As we all learned from the Mueller Report, though, sometimes even an investigation can still yield inconclusive results.

What’s The Dead Cat Have To Do With Election 2020 & Naked Ballots?

In the thought experiment, you don’t know whether or not the cat is dead. It has a very deep scientific meaning, but it can also pose some common sense benefit when applied correctly. In the case of knowing whether or not the election results in Pennsylvania are accurate or not, there are a lot of opinions floating around. Most people don’t know what they’re talking about, though, unfortunately.

For example, in order to conduct an audit in Pennsylvania, you do not need to have any evidence of it. That ‘s a law on the books here. So despite what any person on TV or the internet tells you about Trump or any GOP members doing something wrong for wanting an audit of sorts even without evidence – it’s a perfectly legitimate thing to do. In fact, it only takes 3 qualified electors (according to lawmaker Russ Diamond, that means really any voter, though it appears he and his colleagues have taken this upon themselves in part) to petition for an audit.

Lawmaker Russ Diamond and his colleagues audited precinct, county, and state data. Data that should all coincide with each other, since it should contain the same information. If the data was not matching up, and the total number of votes in question were surmountable by Biden’s certified ~85,000 vote margin, it might not matter. But it matters.

However, an even deeper dive into the Pennsylvania election would reveal millions of (metaphorical, of course) dead cats that even the state legislature has yet to seriously pursue.

Millions Of People May Have Been Literally Stripped Their Votes This Year

If you’re from one of the 16 states that approved of using a “secrecy envelope” in their mail-in ballot scheme, you know all about naked ballots.

If you’re not from: Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington, or West Virginia then let me explain again.

You get (3) pieces of print materials from the state:

  • Mailing Envelope (which has personal identification on it)
  • Actual Ballot (the thing you mark your vote and information on)
  • “Secrecy Envelope” (an envelope you put your ballot in and then put the secrecy envelope – containing your ballot – into the mailing envelope)

These are to be filled out meticulously, or they are not to be counted. The state used a lot of taxpayer dollars to advertise this to people. There was as much hysteria around filling out your mail-in ballot correctly as COVID-19 precautionary measures were taken. However, nobody was checking the counties or precincts handling of this process, or if they did so accurately. I am not talking about poll watchers either, though that could have helped.

Extract Yourself From Lies, Enter The Truth

In Philadelphia, as with many other counties in the state, the counting was done with the assistance of “extractors.” An extractor removes the secrecy envelope from the mailing envelope, and the vote from the secrecy envelope. According to reports of this process, tens of thousands of votes could be extracted per hour. First of all, think about that, and tell me why it took weeks to officially tabulate the votes.

Second of all, that renders those votes impossible to verify. Why? None of the envelopes needed to be verified. The secrecy envelopes weren’t marked as being done properly. That means we don’t know if ANY of them were filled out correctly.

No election board can answer the question, “Can you verify that the ballot was placed in the secrecy envelope, and can you verify that the secrecy envelopes were sent with their proper mailing envelope by the person whose ballot it is?” That’s a major problem.

According to the state’s own propaganda about voting, every naked ballot should be thrown out. I will detail in another article upcoming how there is an insurmountable (in Trump’s favor) number of naked ballots in enough states to actually invalidate the state’s certifications in enough states to overturn the reported result of a Biden victory. That’s a major problem, but it would be a better conclusion than states abstaining completely.

All the people who yelled (literally) in the streets “count every vote” would have to agree, too. So why isn’t it happening so easily? Because our state government in Pennsylvania has several serious conflicts of interest and our press is too inept or corrupt to expose it.

Conflicts Of Interest In Pennsylvania’s Election Certification

The way Russ puts it, think of it like accounting, and your taxes. The IRS doesn’t spitball numbers with you. They need to see receipts for everything you claim. But right now there is incredible opposition to even thinking about it honestly. Our attorney general Josh Shapiro has put out several communications claiming that our state handled the election properly. He claims Trump is lying, or wrong. Shapiro boasts about beating Trump’s legal team in court, even. Many people echo this sentiment believing that Shapiro is some valiant warrior for justice & democracy.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro

He isn’t. He’s caught in a conflict of interest between his obligation as an elected official, and his vote as a Democrat-appointed elector. When Shapiro defends the integrity of the election, he is actually defending his own integrity. Our voting process in America is not really all that simple to understand. But Josh Shapiro is literally one of the 20 people from Pennsylvania who voted for Biden for President.

His defense of the certification proves that he is disinterested in seeking to expose or prosecute fraud. He isn’t even interested in rectifying the errors in reporting that are now obvious & evident. That’s because if he were to investigate those things one of the things he would find is that he himself voted too early. At the time he personally cast his ballot for Biden, there was a discrepancy in reporting, amid serious claims of fraud.

Our state’s chief legal official is currently playing over up for himself.

Our State Secretary Is In Trouble Too

Not only that, but our state secretary Kathy Boockvar was personally named in a lawsuit along with the count election boards from many Pennsylvania counties. Other political figures have actually chosen to join Bookckvar and the election boards in this as defendants voluntarily. I still don’t know how to explain that one. But the point is, Boockvar is one of the people whose signature technically certified our election. That’s why she is personally liable for it, or at least that’s what Trump’s team is alleging. Our governor Tom Wolf is in the same position as Boockvar.

Pennsylvania Secretary Kathy Boockvar

I say all of this to say to you, dear reader, that our elected officials in Pennsylvania state government are currently protecting their own asses not looking out for your vote to count. Your vote is about to not count, if Congress and the legislature abstain from voting. The better scenario would be to audit the naked ballots, because that actually has integrity. Will anybody do that, though? Who knows.

We might still have a few lawmakers in the country with the guts to do what’s right for the nation. I sure pray that’s the case. We will find out next year in January

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

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