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Millions of people were stripped of their votes in 2020. But they don’t know it. That’s because the idea of a “stripped ballot” has not been distinguished before. It’s a new phenomenon. That’s part of how the scam was so brilliant. If the result of the election was what they wanted, they don’t care. The people who are upset about the result have moved on. Everybody I talk to that believes the election was rigged or stolen are looking towards 2022. They are not interested or aware of how to fight against it, given Biden is in office. There is no procedure in our constitution for the removal of a President, and the installation of their former opponent.

However, I do believe that is what we are facing, underneath all the rhetoric.

If you accuse Biden or the Democrats of cheating, you are turned into a straw man. People think you’re in Qanon or otherwise a fringe lunatic with no concept of reality. I’m not just talking about MSM reporters or pundits, and hack politicians, either. You’ll find regular people defend to the death, the idea that the election was fair. Either they didn’t see the credible evidence, they didn’t believe it, or don’t want to think it’s possible. That’s actually a lot more people than I think you realize. Many people simply don’t want to know they live in such a corrupted place. But alas, it is.

I Might Be the Only Impartial Person Trying To Figure This Out

Me? I’m an unregistered voter. Never voted before in my life. Why? I always believed (at least in my region) elections were completely rigged by the powerful. Bid on like construction jobs; sold to the lowest bidder like other government work. So I didn’t feel it was worth wasting my time. That kept me out of politics for a while. But in 2019 after the first fake impeachment, I couldn’t take it anymore. So I started getting involved. Doing research on my own.

Writing about things. Then eventually getting actively involved. However, I still didn’t vote in the 2020 elections.

My interest in this is to get it right. We have to have fair elections in America. Otherwise we really don’t know who we are as a nation when it comes to who we want representing us. Working for us. Fighting for us. Even if it were just due to a series of errors, we cannot have the wrong President. So let me explain to you how your vote got stripped naked, and then counted anyway.

A Stripped Ballot Is A Naked Ballot The Vote Counters Created

If you really don’t know a lot about the mail-in voting system, don’t fret. It isn’t that complicated, but it also isn’t intuitive. That’s either due to ineptitude or corruption; possibly both. In Pennsylvania this was a brand new phenomenon, and the way they did it was even more novel. Just like the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 which the state used as an excuse to push the idea we all needed to vote this way. In fact, the state of Pennsylvania spent millions of dollars on misleading ads including one that indoctrinated people in how to create more naked ballots.

The PA mail-in voting system was similar to that of over 12 other states. States with enough electoral votes to have changed the course of the election if their results were off by a major margin. Not just thousands of votes in one area. But millions of votes across a significant portion of the states. Nobody else has found such a problem. But I believe I have. In order to understand that, you need to know a few things. You need to know what a naked ballot is because not every state had them. You also need to know what a stripped ballot is. A stripped ballot is a term I have invented to help people understand what happened here.

PA & Other States Spent Millions To Advertise Naked Ballots But Then Made Them All Stripped Ballots Anyway

The state put out dozens of ads explaining how to vote. In PA (and those other states) you have a ballot. That ballot is where you vote. The ballot goes into a “secrecy envelope.” This also gets sealed. Then the sealed secrecy envelope (which contains your ballot) goes into a mailing envelope. A naked ballot is a ballot that was received without its secrecy envelope. The state made a huge deal about this. They may have even unlawfully changed rules which allowed people to submit ballots with no signature. No postage. Even without a date, etc. But the state said it must come with a secrecy envelope. They put 100% of the responsibility on the voter. 0% on them to do anything.

However, all across Pennsylvania, millions of dollars were also spent on extractor machines. The create a stripped ballot. These are machines designed to remove thousands of ballots from these envelopes per hour. Side note: why did it take this state so long to count votes when they had purchased these machines in order to do so? I believe it’s because they knew they created this massive error (even if by ineptitude) and didn’t know what to do. But since this state and others are so hopelessly corrupt, or complicit, it didn’t matter to them in forging the result they wanted. But let me tell you why this really matters. It’s because even if voters all did 100% of everything correct their vote didn’t count.

The “Count Every Vote” Crowd Lost Bigly

Major (staged & arranged theatrical) protests broke out all over the country including in Philadelphia. I went to one to observe. Both sides were from NYC. Nobody from Philadelphia led anything there. I was treated very rudely by the people on the Trump side, too. They even tried to block my access to the street where they were protesting. I stood on both sides of the barricade and saw how people treated me thinking I voted for Trump (I did not). But those people were all arguing about which votes to count. A major charade, also acting like it was all up to us (voters or citizens who participated in the electoral process). But it wasn’t. Because in front of everybody, the votes were being stripped. Rendering them invalid in front of everybody’s eyes; but in a way that nobody understood.

Let’s say you wanted to audit the vote in Philadelphia. Just to make sure that Biden won by as big of a margin as they said. Or to identify a trend in voting patterns in a part of the city. Maybe you’re just morbidly curious, who knows. But let’s just say you wanted to audit the vote. How would you know if a ballot they gave you was received properly? They are marked, and stored in a certain way so as to make this possible. But, are they stored with their secrecy envelopes and mailing envelopes? I can’t possibly see how they would be. The votes were all extracted.

Since You Can’t Verify A Stripped Ballot, They Must Be Thrown Out

If you can’t verify a vote with its secrecy envelope – you can’t be sure it was received that way. If all the mail-in votes were received and extracted in this way, none of them can be verified. That means they are naked. Therefore they must be invalidated. We know that Biden received an overwhelming margin of these type of ballots. Because of the fact that this anomaly exists in PA, NYC, GA, etc. this could mean something historic. It could mean that we inaugurated the wrong guy. Not because Trump definitely won the election, either, by the way.

We simply don’t know. All of those Biden votes could have actually been done properly by the voter. Biden could have actually won this election by the margins that were reported. But that doesn’t mean he should be President. It means that over a dozen states royally screwed the pooch on their end, but decided to keep silent to avoid the embarrassment.

I’ve confronted PA politicians over this and it’s also apparent to me that people in both parties at every level of government may have used this trick. If you corrupt the election board leadership, you can simply strip every vote and then say you won. After dumping fake ballots in with real ones, there is no way to tell the difference. Unless you audited the election boards and their reporting. Looking for errors, rather than fraud. Because the people operating these machines shouldn’t be liable. They were just doing their part without understanding the full scope of things.

The Necessary Unprecedented Action of the Next 4 Years In America

Yes, it would be disruptive to acknowledge Biden must leave office. Along with his entire administration. This would also require Donald Trump to want to be President after all that’s happened. His new business ventures in social media would also complicate things for the conflicts of interest inherent already. But this naked ballot phenomenon may also unseat others in government. State legislatures. Congress. That would be a major problem for progress in our legislative process. However, we have been in a stalemate for years on that front. The major legislation coming out of the Democrat party is mostly linguistic fantasy or fiction. The Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act, the Green New Deal, etc. These are not real laws. They are vision boards for America and some of them contain big lies.

If all we did was remove politicians who were elected unlawfully, in 5 years we’d have a real government again. That would be pretty great. Because right now we mostly have people just occupying and taking up space. They aren’t fighting for us, and they keep getting paid. While we suffer on the receiving end of their failures or intentional frauds. Neither party is working for the people anymore. The few remaining people like Rand Paul who appear to be serious, are incapable of making this kind of change on their own. Who knows, maybe even he got elected with naked ballots and doesn’t want to deal with the consequences.

Don’t You Want To Know What Really Happened?

Make no mistake, if I’m right, that means that millions of people in America had their votes stripped by election boards. Forging an illegal result, with the Biden administration. I also believe that Biden himself should be held responsible for that. He pushed for voting legislation over his 50 years in office. I guarantee you he knows about these naked ballots and what you can do with them. If he doesn’t, he’s definitely not sharp enough to do battle with Americas enemies. He made no effort to validate the result. Many people would say “why should he? Trump wouldn’t.” Yeah that argument doesn’t work on me. Because I don’t care who you are. If you’re going to be President of the United States and you won’t subject yourself to an audit of the vote, it shouldn’t be up to you anyway.

What & How Would This Happen?

First, a single precinct needs to verify that there are more naked ballots than they originally counted. Because they did not count any of the stripped ballots as naked. They might not have known (in every precinct) that they were creating naked ballots. But they were. Just because they didn’t mean to doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. In other words, if they’re invalid votes as a result of the counting process, they are still invalid votes. Because once commingled with legitimate votes, we can’t tell the difference without an entire audit of the vote.

Then, an entire county can verify they too have the same problem. At which point multiple counties should fall and admit they do too. You see where this is going? At some point states will have to acknowledge this. Once enough states with enough electoral votes admits it, the country will have its true reckoning. Who are we going to be? Are we going to be the country that shrugs its shoulders and plods along with Biden as President even though we know he shouldn’t be? Or are we going to be the country that figures out how to reverse the problem and fix it? I hope that we’re the latter. But there is no constitutional provision for how. Yet, Democrats have helped us figure out where to start: impeach Joe Biden for election crimes.

If You Can Impeach Somebody After They’re Out of Office, You Have To Be Able To Impeach Somebody For What They Did To Get Into Office

This is simple. Trump got impeached after he was out of office. I actually agree with the premise that a politician could be impeached after they leave office. If they did something illegal, they should be held accountable. In the case of Trump, though, it was a bunch of malarkey. He didn’t do anything to foment a riot. If he did, I imagine it would’ve been planned better with a cohesive brand message. But that’s another matter. The point is, of course we should be able to impeach officials after they leave office. Some crimes take a long time to investigate.

So you can’t put the pressure on the criminal justice system to have to prove things that fast. But, if you can impeach somebody for what they did in office once they’re no longer there, shouldn’t you be able to impeach somebody for crimes they committed to get into office? If a person would commit high crimes or misdemeanors as a candidate, we can’t trust them to not do that as President.

Remember Complicity Kills

Being complicit in a crime is a crime. There are different names for it, and various causes of action in every single state that outlaw being complicit in the commission of crimes. You could be named an accomplice, co-conspirator, or just plain complicit. Joe Biden accepted the benefits of becoming President even knowing that there were illegal acts taken on his behalf. He accepted a result that could not be verified, in order to gain personally and flee from potential legal scrutiny using the protections of the Presidency.

At a minimum, if we prove that there are millions of invalid ballots that Joe Biden used to get elected, we should begin a hearing on his impeachment. Investigate his involvement with the power of Congress. Then take it to trial in the Senate. You might say that Democrats could block this because of their super majority. They might. But that’s why we – the people who care more about the country than a party – need to stand up and say they have to. We cannot sit idly by while our government gets ravaged like that. It’s everybody’s problem now.

Audit the Stripped Ballots In Your Area

Election boards move slowly, but they have to comply with our demands. It’s high time that citizens have the free ability to audit a vote. In fact, the voting system should be so simple that any US citizen can inspect them and verify results. If a lot of people want it to happen, we can create a system where groups get to do this. But if voting is so important everybody needs to do it, then why not have everybody with equal interest in auditing the results? The act of voting means nothing if the results are tampered with.

A stripped ballot is as simple to understand as a hanging chad. If you don’t remember what those were, they decided the 2000 election. I was a paper ballot issue. Long story short, the entire nation was hinging on what was going to happen in Florida. Back in those days, nobody had pushed for such early voting, though, so it didn’t take as long as it is taking now. However, for the entire year of 2020 Democrats pushed the importance of early voting. It was a trope of their campaign. In fact, news networks branded it “voting season.” As if voting occurred like winter.

Votes were counted for months (I think some never finished) after election day. It was down to the wire when Congress was debating the results. If election season begins & ends after election day, they never said it wouldn’t last past inauguration day. Why is that arbitrary date being honored, when no other part of the process was? It shouldn’t be respected in this case; because of the clear and obvious fraudulent results.

Blame Politicians, Not Each Other

Governments across the country made us think we would kill each other if we voted in person. Yet in Philadelphia I saw thousands of people waiting in line, prior to election day, voting in person. They may have brought a mail-in ballot, but every other action was the same exact that happened on election day itself. SARS-CoV-2 was the excuse.

All the millions of dollars spent advertising about “naked ballots” made it seem like voters were responsible. They spent $0 talking about a stripped ballot. There was no mention of the possibility of votes being stripped. I never remember a news report about the extractor machines before it was too late, either. Maybe those machines work in states where there is no secrecy envelope by the way. But because the states like PA made such a big deal about it that some elected officials and campaigning officials posed nude (really) to promote them, we (the people) have to audit their work. They had their chance to audit our work. Now let’s show them ours.

They Made It Your Responsibility, So Take Them Up On It

Don’t get mad at voters of either party. Most of them didn’t do anything to rig the election. Even the people who physically operated the extractor machines didn’t realize it. However, the people who work for the government that set these things up knew or should’ve known what they were doing. If they did, they need to be taken to task over it and face impeachment themselves. If they didn’t, they are too inept or gullible to be an elected official and should resign. But make no mistake, the election of 2020 isn’t over, if you really want to know who should be President now.

Don’t let a stripped ballot stand in the way of your democratic freedom. If you want to know if your vote was stripped go call your election board and find out. If voting is so important, auditing your vote should be too.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligence as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattebphl