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Attorney General William Barr has reportedly authorized federal prosecutors to investigate allegations of voting irregularities. Right now the focus has been on ballot fraud. Software glitches. Destruction or purchase of ballots. That kind of thing. However, I think voter intimidation needs to be a bigger part of the conversation. If people took voter intimidation more seriously, we could have avoided a lot of this mess. Also, the people responsible for the voter intimidation in Philadelphia are involved in the current scam as well. By looking back in time briefly, you can learn a lot about how we ended up here. But more importantly, it can help us get out of the jam we’re currently in as a country.

The Present Nightmare: Our Media Is Corrupt, Inept, And Arrogant

Most American news outlets I read reported Barr’s decision similarly to the NBC link I provided. This makes it seem like Barr is authorizing specific legal actions. However, Daily Mail UK reports on this more like an authorization of probes into wrongdoing. That is an important distinction for people to understand. People who oppose the idea that there was anything illegal in this election like to say there is no evidence. It is the same kind of boldface lie Biden tells in trying to discredit his scandals.

They claim Trump is making baseless claims. But the fact is, a lot of things have happened which need to be investigated in order to determine. For example, why were Republican poll watchers denied access to view vote counting – even under a judge’s order in Philadelphia. It was called an “isolated” incident by city officials, but it happened; and it shouldn’t have.

We don’t know what happened during the time it took to get access and having that access denied. For hours, even days, that went on. During time that no opposition can view the process, corrupt officials could have done any number of unlawful things. We will need to be able to prove that nothing improper happened during that time. It’s also hard to believe people who are forcing legal action in order to provide equal treatment under the law. But hey, that’s Philadelphia government officials for you.

American Media Is Hard At Work Lying About Election Results

If you read Axios’ coverage of the Bill Bar decision, it tells you everything you need to know. Look at this language, “President Trump has refused to concede the election to President-elect Joe Biden, alleging a conspiracy of widespread voting fraud and corruption by Democratic election officials. He has thus far not provided specific evidence for his claims, which have been shot down by both Democratic and Republican secretaries of state.”

First of all, Joe Biden is not the President-elect (yet) and media outlets do not determine that on their own. Second of all, there are very credible issues to deal with before America can accept any decision on this election. This article is mostly about Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania. But, for example, there is a lot of doubt surrounding the Michigan race, due to their election software “Dominion.” That also has implications for other states including some Pennsylvania counties.

Despite the legitimate concern of a software program’s error determining this election, outlets like Gizmodo are doing their best to discredit it anyway. They try to write-off the “glitch” as “human error” (as if that matters) because it apparently was the result of putting off a software update. If that’s true, we need to verify that update was installed on all other county elections which used that software. Without doing that, we run the risk of not knowing what the real result of the election is in any county where that software was used.

But thousands (or millions) of people still poured into the streets to celebrate their projected victory electing Joe Biden. It’s almost like they don’t care if this will all be overturned later, as long as it’s real (for now).

SNL did a bunch of skits and jokes acting like Biden actually won. But he didn’t (yet).

Even Jim Carrey has a hard time saying these unfunny lines.

Newscasters cried…because they’re actors, not journalists.

Van Jones crying…about the fake news that Joe Biden is the President elect.

Social Justice Nonsense Abounds

People talk about being proud of Kamala Harris for achieving such a status, as a woman (of color) in America. If she wins, that could be true. But it isn’t true (yet) and none of these celebrations are real either. The election hasn’t been decided. Despite what Axios would like you to believe, it isn’t (just) because Trump has yet to concede. Trump has yet to concede because the election isn’t over yet. The election isn’t over yet because of states like Pennsylvania which have been playing games all along.

This is like people starting their Super Bowl parade while the officials are reviewing a touchdown (which would decide the game) that clearly looks like it didn’t count. That doesn’t mean Biden necessarily lost, either. It means we don’t know what actually happened – yet. I’ve been projecting for a while that it will all come down to Philadelphia (and Pennsylvania in total). Maybe I’m just biased, but it does seem like it’s going that way.

So let’s take a look at some background on PA’s voter intimidation practices.


On October 19, 2020 AP News reported, “Pennsylvania breaks past 9M voters at registration deadline.” That is a huge number. It’s a really big number. I mean, it’s such a big number, it sounds unbelievable. Here’s why I say that. The (2019) population of Pennsylvania is ~12,800,000. According to the 2019 Census, about 20.9% of the state’s population is under the age of 18. That means about 2,675,200 people are ineligible to be registered to vote. This would leave ~10,124,800 eligible voters. Does it seem reasonable that the state of Pennsylvania would have registered over 88% of the eligible voting population? It shouldn’t. Does it make sense that they got out 78% of the registered voters? I don’t think so.

If voter registration is down…cheat?

In September, the Brennan Center For Justice reported voter registration was down, compared to 2016. So far (as of this writing), about 147,537,665 votes were cast for Trump + Biden. There are about 209,128,094 people over the age of 18 in the United States. That means ~70% of the potential voting population actually did. How do you have historic voter turnout with lagging voter registration? If legitimate, that means you would have inspired many more already registered voters to actually participate.

Or, you do it by pretending that voting by mail is the only safe thing to do – intimidating people about voting in person on election day. That gives you the ability to manipulate the figures, while overloading your own system which makes accurate reporting impossible. This gives you enough time to attempt to cheat in any other way imaginable while you keep your opponent away from the process illegally.

Pennsylvania would have recorded an 8% above national average rate of voter turnout – by using this mail-in scheme. People that think you need to have irrefutable evidence of fraud before investigating it, have never investigated fraud. The fact is, there are enough things Philly and PA Democrats did that are actually unlawful, they lose credibility to defend themselves against any allegations until investigations are complete. We have seen them do it in the open. They don’t care, though. There is no way to hold them accountable in a town they run like a monarchy.

To give you a sense of how unnecessary this was, the city of Philadelphia had never had mail-in ballots. Never. In lock-step with the state, mayor Kenney pushed the false narrative that voting by mail was the (only) safest way to vote. The true irony is that I saw thousands of people return these mail-in ballots…in person.


This wasn’t by accident, and it wasn’t because people were actually concerned about COVID-19. Wolf used our money to pay for millions of dollars worth of advertising to coerce people to vote by mail. As I’ve mentioned before, Kristen pointed out one of their ads actually incorrectly demonstrates how to vote. In other words, they were shooting themselves in the foot with it. So either they were sloppy or just want chaos.

The city of Philadelphia engaged in plenty of illegal campaigning on their own:

  • Kenney discriminated against me and Trump, not allowing us the option to purchase advertising space on city property, therefore allowing Biden to do so is part of a discriminatory act intended to coerce & intimidate prospective Trump voters.
  • Kenney’s administration did not charge a permitting fee for the Biden ads, thereby giving an unlawful campaign contribution while also restricting revenue that could help fund city services.
  • the city (and their contractors) used improper hanging methods resulting in many of them falling to the ground and posing a public safety risk.

This all contributed to their voter intimidation scheme.


18 U.S. Code § 594. Intimidation of voters: “Whoever intimidates, threatens, coerces, or attempts to intimidate, threaten, or coerce, any other person for the purpose of interfering with the right of such other person to vote or to vote as he may choose, or of causing such other person to vote for, or not to vote for, any candidate for the office of President, Vice President, Presidential elector, Member of the Senate, Member of the House of Representatives, Delegate from the District of Columbia, or Resident Commissioner, at any election held solely or in part for the purpose of electing such candidate, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.”

Despite occurring in a local election system (Philadelphia) the crimes committed are federal offenses. That means our department of justice should be taking a look at it. It may be difficult to figure out how to adjust the election results if any voter intimidation is proven. But we need to at least figure out how to stop it from persisting in the future.

People have this perception about voter intimidation that it involves armed guards. Physical confrontations. Verbal inquisitions. That kind of thing. But it can be in much more subtle ways. Just like any crime or offense, voter intimidation has a wide range of actions that qualify. If an ad campaign convinces people that 1) they have to vote by mail to be safe, 2) Biden is Philadelphia’s candidate of choice, and 3) stopping Trump is part of the city’s mission, it would be easy to intimidate & coerce certain voters.


If you were an undecided voter and you saw people rioting over the prospect of Biden losing, you might be scared enough to vote for him. Or if you walked around the city and never saw Trump’s name once, you might think you’re the only person considering voting for him. That is the kind of tactic the city of Philadelphia preyed on to suppress the vote for Trump while also illegally boosting the vote for Biden.

Physical threats: riots, business destruction, random attacks. Riots in Philadelphia started back in May after the George Floyd incident. The city did not only acquiesce to them. In the case of the fake homeless camp riot, the city actually funded it and enabled it with their department resources. In fact, they continued rioting in a way like nobody has ever seen before. It was done so well people don’t even believe it happened in front of their eyes. This is one of the most heartbreaking untold stories of 2020.

Societal threats: doxing, boycotts, harassment, shunning. Some people truly fear (because it’s happened) losing friends or family members to political disagreements. Whether it’s being invited to protests, or the slow edge into rioting, there is a real fear among young people especially about being socially ostracized. If you’re not with the mob, you’re against the mob.

Whether they physically threaten or attack you, or force you to *socially distance* it has the same effect on voting. Voter intimidation. Democrats act like they don’t do it. The fact is, it can be a problem anywhere in either party. The conditions for voter suppression are not inherent in one party.

I think it helps to see a specific example.


While coercion often involves the threat of physical violence, it can include “other pressure” against another person. That pressure could be applied in a variety of ways, including people that are smiling. They don’t need to appear threatening to be in a position to steal your vote. Or influence how you vote. Seemingly nice people or innocent people can participate in the distribution of coercive propaganda intentionally. It can also happen unintentionally. Either way, it happened in Philadelphia in the 18th Ward.

This attempts to suppress the vote on election day.

If you actually follow the graphic, there is no path that ends with voting in person. All roads lead to voting by mail. A person who looks at this will either be confused (because it makes no sense and is overly complicated design-wise) or conclude that the only way to vote is by mail.

Even though this is a minor detail to some, it is unlawful to attempt to coerce somebody in how they vote. This person brazenly shared their activity, too, as if it was something to be proud of. By doing so, they show that either they don’t know they are doing something wrong, or they don’t care. But it’s still wrong. We deserve to know if the Biden campaign was in any way directly connected to the 18th Ward and this piece of propaganda.


The city of Philadelphia advertised (4) major messages across most major neighborhoods in the city.

Those messages were:

  • VOTE | BIDEN 2020

If you put these (4) messages together it makes a clear statement. Vote, and make a plan. That plan is to vote today (not on election day) and to vote for Biden. Therefore your vote is to stop Trump, by voting for Biden before election day – that’s the plan. I mean if you just put it simply, it’s obvious. If our city is in any way sponsoring this message, they endorse that. It is unlawful for a city to endorse a candidate and restrict an opposing candidate the way they’ve done it.

This messaging also came in waves. Prior to Yang & Booker appearing here one wave of signs went up. Before Obama spoke, another wave. Biden comes around? You got it. Another wave of signs. A bunch of different groups participated in this activity, but the problem is that the city did.

There were also several reports of Biden being advertised at polling places (signs, masks, and print materials) which is not allowed. You might think something like this doesn’t matter. But it matters so much that it’s illegal to do it under penalty of fines or prison time so yeah, it matters. If it didn’t make the difference in a close election, people wouldn’t commit a crime that could land them in jail.

To some people, this may seem inconsequential compared to some of the ballot schemes or computer errors that are surfacing now. But I implore the justice department and the public to take note of these crimes as well. They point to larger questions that have bigger implications for disqualifying Biden as a candidate entirely; or seriously challenging many of the votes.

Campaign Finance Violations, And Other Crimes To Investigate

It is obvious that the city of Philadelphia was complicit in enabling thousands of signs to promote Biden for President. They also allowed attack ads against Trump to try to suppress the vote. There was a concerted campaign to coerce people to vote “by mail” and not on election day, even if they were going to be present on election day. All of this proves beyond a reasonable doubt that there was an effort to cause the exact problem we have right now. Also, the city either gave money or refused to accept money in conjunction with providing unlawful (under city law) ads. That means there was an unlawful political contribution from our mayor to the Biden campaign. Using taxpayer funds (or restricting them) while campaigning.

Underneath the hubbub of voter fraud, remember voter intimidation is how we all ended up here. It doesn’t need to involve armed people (even though the PA National Guard was deployed for no reason and stationed close to polling places) because coercing people is just as bad in terms of election results. While Democrats have done a great job dominating the media claiming voter intimidation is only a Republican tactic, that’s ridiculous. Philly Democrats do it better than anybody in the country.

If the DoJ were to truly investigate this cesspool, I think you’d end up witnessing the trial of the century.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligence as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattebphl