Our Branding Agency Process

Every project is different. As a branding agency, our approach is to explore with our clients. One project in particular that highlights how we do things is the case of Johns Buckley. This article will take you through part of our process in the work we did. It goes in more depth than the case study which may be helpful if you are in need of a new brand from scratch.

It All Started…

Personal Branding ConstructionOur client Vaughan Buckley approached us with a strategic need. He saw the need for his business to undergo a transformation from a product sales company to a vertically integrated provider. In doing so he realized the need for a new brand. At first the strategic aim was to build a new factory from the ground up.

While our role is generally of a creative nature, sometimes our strategic experience plays an important role. We recommended our client consider forming a joint venture with a vendor. This would allow the project to accelerate considerably. Rather than waiting for at least 24 months before a new factory could be built, new projects could be taken on immediately.

It Happened Quickly

Within 8 weeks of our consultative engagement to explore joint venture partnerships, a deal was signed with the Johns Brothers of Ritz-Craft a building product vendor. Shortly after, the (4) partners of this company wanted to brand their new outfit to fulfill orders they had waiting. We were tasked with creating a brand identity for this new company given one thing: a name.

Johns Buckley’s Essence

Our process began with questions about the identity of the partners, and their relationship. What emerged in these conversations was a tremendous amount of mutual respect and professional admiration. It was also apparent after studying competitive brands, that there was a severe lack of creativity in the industry.

Vaughan and his partners were intent on standing out, making a statement, and providing great products.

Branding Agency Creative Process (Highlight)

We analyzed about 50 competitive companies and their brands. Stylistically. Color palettes. Tag lines. SEO. After taking all of this into account it occurred to us how to make the logo stand out of the crowd. A lot of companies have attempted to add a “building” type element into their logo. Generally speaking it looks like a very flat corner. However, Johns Buckley is a modular building company so we chose to showcase that in an obvious and meaningful way.

In a moment of inspiration, we decided to turn the initial “J” and “B” into interconnected pieces that would make up a geometric¬†modular block. It was bold, solid, and fitting within the construction industry.


Our challenge was to quickly develop a brand identity around a new venture. This required us balancing the views and interest of (4) different partners while delivering something they all loved. The communication plan that supported their go-to-market strategy contributed to exponential growth. After being open for 6 months the company closed on millions of dollars in manufacturing contracts. Our brand made a distinct impression on this industry.