Communication For The Easily Offended

Communication In Its Simplest Form

It’s the first sound we make when we’re born. How you ask for more. When you go to the store, it’s how you ask an associate to show you the floor. If you’re broke, it’s how you tell people you’re poor. Or…a communication is how you express something that surrounds the core.

Speaking can be a weapon. PR is all about changing perception. Advertising influences buying decisions.

Marketing is a tool and a discipline that you have to practice. Communication doesn’t have to be verbal or written, it can be seen in your actions. Why can’t you laugh yet? Was it a bad joke or did you not catch it?

Is Your Communication Strategy On Point?

Or do you treat it like the void?

At All Costs, Thinking It’s All Lost.

How many chasms can you cross? Is it worth it to be the boss? Maybe not, so you should just throw in the knot. Tie it like a lock and then throw it in a box. Just be careful they record every time you talk.

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Feelings. They Get Hurt.

So what I made fun of your shirt? It could have been worse. Like blaspheming in church. Better yet, you could just reveal all the terms – SEO outing people for what they choose to search. Without thinking first.

Sir, would you prefer sushi or a surf & turf? I’m about to burst. Our society wants to flirt – with the kinds of practices that turned – world powers into dirt. It all makes me irked. The revolution’s getting birthed.

Not On Television

Seen only with double vision. People black out drunk like it’s their only mission. Meanwhile I’m just laughing in the corner at the ridiculous nature of the system. Wondering when it’ll change but it didn’t.

What’s It Like?

To stay up late every night. Wondering how people will react to what you write. It gets tiresome from the fight. But it’s worth it when it’s like – they can finally see the light. Nothing good comes easily, aight?

That’s Life.

That’s right.