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Creative Agency Is More Than A Business Model


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If your creative agency isn’t working hard enough then maybe parting wouldn’t be such sweet sorrow. Plus I really don’t care how long you’ve been together and I can be in your office by tomorrow.

Time for a review, shoot out at the OK Corral. New strategies to increase revenue and boost morale. But I can’t hear them over the sound of this YouTube video of Allen Ginsberg reading “Howl.”

Give me your tired, your weak, your hungry. I’ll turn them into product development roadmaps for money.

I think these established advertising veterans are funny. They bitch and complain about the state of the industry from a safe job in an established company. Having creative agency of a brand’s message is an honor not a luxury. The state of the world worries me. But I keep my head up and charge on courageously.

Voraciously. Speak my mind all the time and act spontaneously. Not plugging my brain into a computer directly that’s crazy to me. The internet isn’t saving me. In fact if anything it’s blatantly adding to my cortisol levels daily. Still gotta stay plugged in long enough to land business for the agency.

I’m Worth At Least A Dozen Times A Dozen Dimes I’m Not A Dime A Dozen.

$12 an hour is not enough, cousin. I might look like McLovin but I’m a fighter like 300. Haters I seem to have but I’m like, “fuck em'” since they don’t know shit about me except I’m buzzin’. Attention is a currency now and you can’t survive on nothing. So I gotta prove to the world that I’m really somethin’.

When I got more time I’ll record this more properly. But for now it’s just good SEO practice to talk about my philosophy. Mine is that rhyme is one of the quickest ways to get to the truth about what bothers me.

So if you’re looking for a creative agency you should come talk to me. Or come to South Philly and take a walk with me. I’ll show you all these copywriters and creative directors that keep stalking me.

If you dig this style then you really need to hit me up (don’t stop). If your team’s been slacking I can help them pick it up (a lot). If things are going great we’ll get them to kick it up (a notch). Or you can send your product to me for a review (unboxed).