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Boomer Remover by Matt E.B.

If you don’t remember the boomer remover meme, just Google it I’m sure you’ll find a few articles about it. To the left you can stream my song about it called aptly, “Boomer Remover.” If you want to support my ability to make more of this crazy type music, you can download the song and the album here too. As hard as it might be to believe, in 2020 there was a period of time when the media was reporting that boomers weren’t taking the virus seriously. In fact, many reporters themselves tweeted or wrote about their own parents and the difficulty they had getting them to stay home.

Remember that? It wasn’t enough to “mask up” or “socially distance” back then. No. We had to “shelter in place” as if an atomic bomb was going off (as if that would help) for no real reason. Well, the reason that we were given was that this virus was ravaging the world, and it was incredibly dangerous.

Our state & city governments (especially in Democrat-run places like Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) convinced enough people to fear SARS-CoV-2 (unscientifically called COVID-19) so much that we shut our economy down over it. But was it really that lethal? No. Did it spread uncontrollably? No. In our state the spread of “COVID-19” was completely forced unnaturally. It wasn’t thrust on the entire population like this either. Our governor & health commissioner chose the most vulnerable victims they could find: nursing home patients. At this point everybody seems to know this but nobody knows what to do about it. But we can’t do nothing about it.

Rachel Levine Was Pennsylvania’s Boomer Remover

First of all, forget everything you know about COVID-19 for a second if you can. Just imagine for a moment that I told you a novel strain of a virus was just discovered. All we know about it is that it can create a respiratory infection in the lungs. Eventually, if untreated and the person has a weak immune system, they could die from it.

Would you:

a) put somebody who you discovered had this novel virus back into their nursing home population


b) put them literally anywhere else or at a minimum quarantine them in the facility when they go back

You do not need to be a doctor, scientist, virologist, medical expert, or have a genius level IQ to figure this out. In fact even children would know the answer. Because when a child feels sick (with any illness) they stay home from school. If your child was feeling ill, would you:

a) have them stay home and get them rest, fluids, possibly over-the-counter treatments until they feel better


b) demand that every child in their entire school district be sent home just in case they might also be sick

I think again, the answer should be obvious.

But not to Rachel Levine.

This Boomer Remover Is Still Averting Suspicion For Their Part In The Most Massive & Public Elder Abuse Scam In History

To Rachel Levine, the introduction of a novel virus that was relatively easy for healthy people to fight off meant we need to shut down everything. Schools – closed. Businesses – closed. Public spaces – closed. This insane person demanded, and used state threats of force to enact, a war-time-like state of emergency forcing us in our homes. At the same time, however, Rachel Levine was enforcing a policy that required nursing homes to keep sick patients. It wasn’t until late last year that Philadelphia or any other county in the state had overflow facilities. You may remember in New York famously, Donald Trump sent a military boat for extra space, and Andrew Cuomo didn’t use it. He too was a boomer remover, doing the same thing Levine was doing.

Many people think these elected or hired officials are stupid. A lot of people might wish that were the case. But unfortunately the truth is worse. They wanted to kill these old people. These people were expendable to Levine. In pursuit of a narrative that could blame Donald Trump for the deaths from this virus, Levine ordered the elderly to contract it. That’s the bottom line. Regardless of gender identity or expression, Rachel Levine was a boomer remover of the worst kind.

Now We’ll Have More Federal Policy-Making By Evil Morons

Even though it was intentional, it was still stupid. You just can’t blame their stupidity for the “mistakes” here. Unless these people like Levine were never intelligent enough for their positions. In that case, you have to blame whoever did the hiring. But regardless, they held this position and abused it. By abusing the elderly. What does Rachel Levine get in response to this egregious behavior? A federal promotion in the Biden administration.

Forget about puberty blockers for a second, too. You’re talking about a person who administered a lethal policy when it would have been obvious to every sane person what would happen. You don’t need to be an MD to realize that old people have vulnerable immune systems. Nobody needed a scientific study to figure out that the elderly would be the worst hit from this disease. In fact I can’t imagine there is a virus out there which the elderly would have a natural advantage against compared to younger people. It’s common sense. But common sense is not a virtue to Rachel Levine.

Common Sense Is Uncommon On Team Biden

Nor is common sense a virtue to anybody else on the Biden team. You can see that at the border, with their relief bill waste, etc. It’s all over the place. We also know that Biden has close connections with the state of Pennsylvania government from his long relationship with Ed Rendell. Rendell was the former governor of PA, chairman of the DNC, mayor of Philadelphia, and DA of Philadelphia. Philadelphia was also the HQ for Biden’s campaign in 2020.

I know that nobody remembers that or cares, but it’s a big deal. It means that he was complicit with this policy or completely unaware of it which would be worse. There is no way that Biden could not have picked up the phone and called Tom Wolf to say, “hey Tommy Boy, I don’t really know why you’re doing it, but looks like the old folks are dying.” But he didn’t. He kept his stuttering mouth shut about it. Biden should be questioned about this directly.

Was Biden The Real Boomer Remover?

Seems like the kind of scam he would have been in on. If he wasn’t, he certainly allowed it to go unchecked. We all know that Biden was running a shadow campaign with his buddies. Democrat governors like the Fascist Five did the same things together. Wolf didn’t act alone. A lot of people think Cuomo was the ringleader of that operation. I think he is too stupid, but who knows. We should have an investigation into their coordinated effort in this elder abuse. To allow Rachel Levine to be promoted and for Biden to be unscathed by this would be a travesty. We need to hold people accountable for this evil sedition by calling it what it is and drawing international attention to it. Maybe other countries did it to? The boomer remover turned out to be government tyranny, not a novel strain of SARS.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligence as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattebphl