High CRI = Our ‘Creativity Rendering Index’

Low CRI Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Low CRI fluorescent lamps are fading out of existence…

If you’re an experienced lighting professional, a lot of this will be elementary for you. Forgive me for that. For those of you who aren’t as educated about lighting, you’ll appreciate the 101 information. In lighting, CRI relates to how well a light renders color. The higher the number (100 being the highest) the more true to an incandescent light bulb the LED is. Fluorescent lamps typically have a much lower CRI which accounts for why so many people have a poor experience with those types of light sources.

As far as this relates to creativity, consider other marketing agencies a lower CRI than us. Bold…I know. But our direct hands on experience as lighting sales people, designers, and marketers makes us uniquely equipped to develop strategy and execute creative for lighting companies. Few (if any) other marketing agencies you’ll find can say that both of their founders used to sell the products you do. For some companies, we literally used to sell your products!

In our roles we dealt with the entirety of the sales channel from OEM component manufacturers all the way through to the end users purchasing the product for their properties. High CRI LED fixtures were a part of our arsenal. We found ways to communicate the value of these products to each person and company in the sales channel. End users are very focused on the end result, and price. Contractors need to know how it’s installed…and the price. Specifiers? They are more interested in the art of it all. The engineers need to talk lighting calculations. In other words, we know how to have the same conversation a bunch of different ways. In the end, that’s how you need to market your brand.

We Haven’t Done It All But…

One of the things I eventually learned as a lighting rep was that new problems will always come up. There will always be a ceiling condition I’ve never seen. Some kind of left over electrical problem from a previous renovation may get in our way. A manufacturing issue can delay things. You name it and we’ve seen a lot of it. But there’s always something else to be prepared for. That taught us to remain nimble in order to address changes as they occur. Our high CRI mentality gives us a strategic edge. That’s what we provide our clients in this industry no matter what project we’re involved with.

Tangible Example

Press releases in the lighting industry are usually a snooze-fest. BORING. “So and so used to work at this company, now they left and work at this company.” No flair. No artistry. Professionals in the lighting industry are some of the most boisterous yet the marketing and PR communications are usually lacking in energy. So instead of “Mr. Blah is excited to join Such&Such Lighting as VP of Operations” (which would be like 80 CRI – creativity rendering index) we’d say something like, “Mr. Blah believes that lighting is an art form, and he is reinvigorated by the opportunity to work at Such&Such Lighting where he’ll be connecting operations and marketing on a deeper level.”

Linear LED Lighting Installation

This is a trippy linear LED lighting installation

You get the idea.

How We Do It

It’s not that complicated. We mix our intimate knowledge of the lighting industry, and what everybody in this community takes for granted – with our creative communication style. This results in some of the most inventive creative marketing the lighting industry has ever seen. At this point any creative risk a lighting company takes stands out like a high CRI luminaire in a sea of low quality product.

How You Get It

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