This One's A Tear Jerker That Will Leave You INSPIRED

Ep.02 // Rachel Roe of Ford Motor Company

Lincoln Global and Regional Auto Show Marketing Manager

How do you bounce back after life knocks you down? Find out as I interview Rachel Roe, global marketing manager for Lincoln brand at Ford Motor Company.

Learn about how she took hold of the spirit of her upbringing. Hear her be incredibly vulnerable about her past experiences with her family and how she overcame adversity in the process.

Throughout her life, Rachel has gained a lot from turning her pain into passion. A number of sponsors/mentors also helped her in the process. She turned herself into somebody she is proud to be.

From her early years in the South, to the marketing a luxury brand in the auto industry, Rachel continues to grow as a person. She is a deeply caring, energetic woman, who shares a lot about what it took for her to become who she was MADE To Be.

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