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Live Like It’s Always Summertime

Ep.04 // Jody Skelton of YMCA Camp Huckins

Executive Director of New England Summer Camp

Camp is a special place for those that were fortunate to be able to go to one. While each camp has its own special qualities, there is something common about all of them.

It is an opportunity to explore, and to learn about yourself. The experience creates a lasting bond between people. For our host, and producer Kristen Berman, her camp experience at YMCA Camp Huckins was profound and has carried over into her career. There was a lot Kristen learned at Huckins about responsibility, leadership, and creating a community.

Learn how Jody Skelton went from being a camper to now Executive Director as she heads into her 50th year at camp. She has seen thousands of young girls transform and grow into powerful women over that time. Jody loves the great outdoors. She is full of life and love, and has a tremendous commitment to bringing the magic of camp to each new generation.

Learn more about YMCA Camp Huckins at

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Episode Credits:

Produced by: Philly Made Creative

Host/Producer: Kristen Berman

Producer/Sound Engineer/Music Supervisor/Editor: Matt Berman

Kristen Berman

Kristen Berman

Kristen Berman is a Creative Designer & Producer with over 10 years of experience leading projects that span across advertising, branding, marketing, and media production. She co-founded Philly Made Creative in 2014 and holds a B.A. in Communication Studies from Rowan University. Her work has elevated businesses in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, construction, food service, and education. She is also the host and producer of the podcast, Made To Be, and has interviewed extraordinary women at companies such as Campbell’s Soup, Ford, and Intel. Kristen encourages women, no matter their path in life, to achieve their dreams.