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In hearing the consistent complaints in the market, and keeping with our commitment to demystify marketing, it became apparent that MADE needs to make the services of creative & strategic agencies easy to understand. Instead of attempting to swoon our clients into contracts, we’d prefer to have clear expectations, promises, and appreciation for what we are being hired to provide. This leads to a clear & direct communication practice which leaves all people involved in our engagements aware of what is happening, why, and how valuable the work is.

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This is where it all starts. Why are we doing the things we’re doing? Is it working? How do we change gears if we’ve put a lot of energy in another approach? These are all questions you ask yourself when you’re in the midst of planning. Sometimes you need an outsider’s perspective on your situation. Other times you may need some technical expertise. Then there are times when you just need to bounce an idea off somebody to know you’re not crazy!


If the strategic plan is the bird’s eye view of your company, the creative direction is where the bird is headed and why. It’s your motivation. The essence of your brand and what you stand for. The “how” and “why” of your business itself. Providing creative direction requires having a highly philosophic understanding of identity as well as the facility to produce media expressions that make these abstract notions understandable.


Copywriting, graphic design, video production, animation, mixed reality, music…we put together creative media for brand communications.


We are your marketing department’s best friend. If you don’t have a marketing department you NEED TO call us. We plan and buy media, and can make other brand representations to help you create strategic partnerships.


MADE provides consultative services to companies in the areas of: pivoting or reforming business models, negotiating partnerships / joint venture agreements, crisis PR communications, increasing valuation, securing investment, sales or staff training, market research, cultural transformation, and IP development.

Case Study:

Johns Buckley

This company is a joint venture between senior leaders of Ritz-Craft Homes & Vaughan Buckley Construction. MADE served as a consultant on this new business development to aid these partners in finding mutually beneficial terms and conditions for the new brand. MADE also developed the entire brand from scratch including its philosophic identity; guiding principles and core values.


Both parties have grown revenue exponentially, created a more efficient service for their clientele, and solidified their future in the modular construction industry for generations. This saved both sides considerable money and opened up a new market for scaling commercial construction sales.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Creative Direction
  • Marketing Agency
  • Media Production
  • Business Development Advisor

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