Arrest “The Fascist Five” For Elder Abuse

By February 18, 2021Nobody Asked Me

The Fascist Five are governors Cuomo, Wolf, Witmer, Murphy, and Newsom.

The TL;DR version of this article is just looking at the links in the sentence above. All of these governors have been challenged by local news in their state about the response they all followed – which apparently was contradictory to CDC guidelines at the time.

Cuomo is the first to get called out this year for his role in an elder abuse scheme that claimed the lives of thousands of people in 2020. Though some people are being bought off by the calls for ending Cuomo’s emergency powers, or asking for his resignation, it’s not enough. Ron Kim, a NY Democrat, has been in the news lately for challenging Cuomo, who is currently under several federal government investigations.

But these are pathetic excuses for challenges, if you ask me (which nobody did, like usual). Because where was Ron Kim last year about all of this? It was widely publicized that Cuomo was doing this, along with his colleagues in PA, MI, NJ, and CA. So Ron Kim wants brownie points now for being some kind of tough guy going up against Cuomo, but it’s just another planned opposition. Nonsense that makes waves in social media, but has no teeth.

Investigate The Fascist Five As A Criminal Conspiracy

The Fascist Five are responsible for more COVID-19 deaths than any other individuals in the nation. People blamed Trump for every single death as if they were war-time casualties under his direction. However, no individual action or policy decision from the Trump administration directed people to place sick individuals around the elderly.

There are only (50) governors in the United States. They obviously know each other. If they weren’t coordinating together during a *pandemic* I would say that was negligent on their part. I think it’s also obvious that governors in adjoining states like PA, NJ, and NY would have to talk together. Interstate commerce or travel was a big deal during the lock downs, remember. So of course Wolf, Murphy, and Cuomo talk.

But these 5 governors all made the same decision, against the better advice of experts, as well as common sense. If you know any children, ask them what happens when they get the sniffles or don’t feel well. Do they go to school to possibly infect everybody? Or do they stay home and rest. We never called that quarantine, because that makes it sound like you’re battling some lab-made science-fiction disease.

But that’s what it is.

You Didn’t Need To Be An Epidemiologist To Know COVID-19 Hype Was Bullshit

So if a novel virus comes out, common sense would tell you to isolate sick people from healthy people. Common sense would say that older people are more likely to get sick and die from something that we don’t understand yet because they are more likely to have weakened immune systems compared to younger healthier specimen. You don’t need to be a doctor to know that.

But our state health commissioners went along with this, or advised it themselves. That means people like Rachel Levine (who got a promotion in the Biden administration for their part in this madness) are guilty too. They should not simply resign or get promoted, though. No, these people need to go to jail. Instead of fake court proceedings or phony impeachments of Donald Trump, let’s put real criminal politicians in federal prison for the rest of their miserable lives.

No Sympathy For These Devils

The Fascist Five does not deserve any sympathy from the public. Neither do the sycophantic mayors like Jim Kenney or their lame brained health commissioners like Tom Farley. These people all knowingly took actions that would kill people. They did it in order to pretend that COVID-19 was a more lethal virus than it really is, to blame the President for it during an election year. This opportunistic treachery was one of the most disgusting wholesale abuses of power in the history of our nation. What’s worse is that the press and Democrat operatives praised these people for it.

That means either these people who support Cuomo and his cadre of fools are unaware or in disbelief (denial) about it, or something worse. What’s worse is that every day Americans could actually be aware that the elderly were slaughtered in order to win a political game against Donald Trump, and they were totally okay with that. No, some people support it. In fact these dead people are viewed with reverence in some circles. Just like all the love bombing “essential workers” have been given.

The trial of The Fascist Five would be one of the most watched television shows ever, too. I know I’d watch.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

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