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Biden Secret Email Story Censored By Tyrannical Social Media Proven To Suppress More Liberal Fraud

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Just reading “Biden secret email” makes you want to click it. Doesn’t it? To be honest with you, dear reader, I haven’t read the story yet. I haven’t read the email either. The implication is that Hunter Biden introduced his father Joe to a Ukrainian business person at some point. At the end of the day I’m not sure this will pan out to mean anything. On the surface it just sounds like a business contact, which is sensitive given Joe was VP at the time.

But Twitter decided this needed to be completely suppressed from their platform. The furthest I’ve gone with this story is to try posting the link and writing this article to allow people to still share the link on Twitter. But here you’ll see a screenshot of my attempt to post the link.

I was legitimately surprised this actually happened.

Here is the link to the story if you want to read it I encourage you to do so:



Whenever stories like this break, I’m always apprehensive to believe anything I hear in terms of implications or analysis. Usually when a story breaks my first thought is, “why do they want me to focus on this and what are they hiding as a result.” Because as much as the press can be helpful in exposing secrets, lies, and fraud, they are also good at covering up those things by way of what they don’t cover.

Contribute to the TruthContribute to the Truth

Hillary Clinton’s Email Release Is More Significant Than Biden Secret Email

Trump has been talking about Hillary Clinton’s emails as long as people have been asking him to denounce white supremacy. Well, they’re finally here: https://foia.state.gov/search/results.aspx?collection=Clinton_Email.

All ~33,000 of them.

My initial and continued belief is that this is an entire distraction. The likelihood that there is damning information in these emails is unlikely. I think at best, they will find evidence that suggests she invented the Russian collusion fraud or participated in knowingly spreading false information about it. But unfortunately, it will still be nearly impossible to convict her. I think there will be too much support from Obama to claim that they did this in good faith, with the hopes of protecting the American people. They will put a full-court press on the press pushing their patriotic duty, and people will eat it up. Whether they are truly guilty or not; that’s my prediction.


There are probably other things that could be found in her emails of even greater significance. While spying on Trump’s campaign is Watergate level corrupt from one perspective, that was in order to win an election. Even though elections are ultimately consequential, that just gets you into the Oval Office. What was Clinton up to that she would have brought into the White House? That’s what I’m wondering. She has been operating in shadows since her loss in 2016; but clearly shaping the party.

Her bitter resentment about losing has permeated the entire Democratic party. There were months where people were claiming that Trump is “not my President.” Prominent figures on social media and politicians echoed this sentiment all over the news. The impeachment was a complete sham and a fraud. That is to say, it was unlawful, disorderly, and predicated on media manipulation & the complete ignorance of our Congress. They are all (across the board) woefully inept and disconnected from our Constitution. I believe a few are true, and capable of leading. But others are amoral bastions of anti-American sentiment. They must be removed from office.

What If None Of These Emails Matter?

That’s what I’m afraid of. Knowing people in this kind of corrupt mentality I know that they don’t tend to put things like this in writing. You’d have to catch them on camera, or recorded somehow, to hear them say something incriminating. But that’s the other thing. Few people knowingly incriminate themselves especially when they’ve been involved in worldwide politics like the Clintons, Obamas, and Bidens.

To catch these kinds of predators, you need to do a few things:

  1. Learn To Think Like Them
  2. Consider Their Greatest Crimes Are Unknown
  3. Recognize How Media Suppresses Information
  4. Do Your Own Investigations As Citizens

Learn To Think Like Them

When you think about Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, or the people in their inner circle, you have to recognize they are very good at what they do. I think it’s humorous to talk about “Sleepy Joe” and how dumb he is. But it is only half the story. Even dumb people can be good at things. Obsessing over his overall capacity for actual intelligence is a distraction in my opinion. No matter what his “cognitive decline” may look like on the outside, he is clearly still capable of holding enough power to keep doing his thing. That is all that matters to people like him/them. So if you hate Biden, you should stop sleeping on him. Even if he has to cheat his way to the top, he’s trying.

Clinton was Secretary of State. That means she was the nation’s chief foreign affairs leader. Her job was international, and very powerful. The idea that she would be taken down because of a server in her house is unfathomable to me. It is much more likely that this was a move of arrogance, not overt criminality. Despite the fact that it may be illegal for a government employee to do that, she would be very unlikely to serve prison time for that. She is too smart to lose her freedom that way; in my opinion.

Respect Their Skills

Just because you hate Clinton and think she is bad, does not mean she’s bad at everything. Her lack of likability would have been an asset to the nation in some ways, leading our foreign affairs.

The thing I found most contemptible about her was that she did not appear to have principles. Her opinions changed over time, not out of a development of character, but out of a political necessity. If the party changed its opinion on things, so would she. That’s backwards to me. It isn’t leadership. That’s being a follower, not a leader.

Nevertheless, remember that these people are smart. They have been in power for a long time. That is hard to give up. It also means that if they are committing criminal acts now they likely have a track record of doing so. If you’ve never committed a crime, you might not understand. But even if you have ever stolen a candy bar, you know the rush you get. Adrenaline pumps into your veins. It’s very exciting. Imagine you also get away with it. That is even more exciting again. Then, like a drug (for some) they continue. It can become hard for people who get away with higher crimes to stop, in my experience. From hanging around criminals in my lifetime, I’ve observed this phenomenon to be true. Career criminals have a hard time quitting on their own accord. Even if they do quit, shouldn’t they pay for their crimes?

Consider Their Greatest Crimes Are Unknown

I’m taking the case that Twitter legitimately censored the sharing of this article. I will suspend my judgment deciding why, though. It isn’t obvious to me that Twitter (whoever at the company who made the decision) intentionally is trying to protect Hunter or Joe Biden. That kind of conspiracy theory is just as likely as it could be that the platform decided to do this as a publicity stunt to promote the story itself. I would be interested to know the analytics from NY Post to see if they got more or less traffic on that article than usual. PR has a funny way of distorting things, too.

In any event, it has become quite a mini-sensation.

But that means that nobody is talking about other stories which involve Joe Biden like my work exposing his campaign HQ’s proximity to human trafficking in Philadelphia. All the “bad things happen in Philadelphia” hubbub has also quieted down. The story about Clinton’s emails and her involvement in developing or distributing the Russian collusion conspiracy has been somewhat suppressed for the day too. Obama’s involvement with spying on Trump’s campaign isn’t talked about as much.

Maybe the confirmation hearing of new chief justice Amy Coney Barrett (ACB) is too boring for people. There have been very few salacious events or comments besides the very meme-worthy image of ACB holding up a blank notepad. You can fill in the blank paper with your thoughts about whatever.

This is how much evidence Bob Mueller found that Trump colluded with Russia in 2016.

Recognize How Media Suppresses Information: Biden Secret Email Secret

The media doesn’t always suppress information by “burying a story” necessarily. Sometimes the way that looks is pushing fake stories instead of real stories. Or promoting meaningless stories in lieu of substantive ones. I think that is a common practice, whether people realize they’re doing it or not. The editorial directors of these publications know what they’re doing I imagine. But the front-line writers at some of the nation’s biggest publications or regional outlets, are 24-25 year olds or interns.

They are trained or guided by the editorial directors, who teach them the wrong things. That turns into bad reporting which has an inability to actually get good information because they don’t know what that sounds or looks like. But they need to. So the media suppresses information by ignoring things. They also suppress information by outright denying the ability to share url’s they (social media companies for instance) deem “harmful.”

Do Your Own Investigations As Citizens

I recommend people actually investigate things on their own, as much as possible. So if you want to know what’s in Clinton’s emails…go read them. If you think that’s tedious and not worth it, then think thrice before believing people saying that there is anything meaningful in them. But think four times or more about claiming that you know anything about what’s in them. Similarly to this Hunter Biden story. Do you think it’s meaningful?

Personally, I’m more interested to hear Biden comment on the situation in Philadelphia that’s happening now 10 minutes from his HQ. I believe he is directly involved in human trafficking and a modern day slave trade. That may sound more insane to people than the fact that a story about Biden’s son introducing him to somebody is worthy of Twitter blocking it. Meanwhile my stories that tie Biden to this situation in Philadelphia get suppressed on Reddit sub-groups by moderators, and no reporters in Philadelphia will touch it. The entire city government is complicit in it too.

These international scandals are very exciting but they’re a little hard for the everyday American to understand. Outside of a cinematic representation most people have never been near international business or politics. So I think that it’s important to look for corruption in the Biden or Clinton circle that exists on American soil. In American cities. Like Philadelphia. Biden’s HQ is here, and they are virtually invisible.

Biden Secret Email Is A Red Herring, Not A Hoax

The term “hoax” has basically lost its meaning. Trump uses this word to describe a wide variety of things. He uses it too broadly, though, I think.

Even if it isn’t found directly in the dictionary definition, a true hoax requires the perpetrator to announce themselves. For example, Jimmy Kimmel ran a great and very entertaining hoax in 2013.

“Worst Twerk Fail” Hoax

What we all saw was a girl who twerked until she knocked things over and started a fire. This video went viral. Later, Kimmel revealed on his show, that he actually staged the whole thing. That’s a hoax.

People are tricked. Then the trickster reveals their trick. Like a magician.

When Trump calls something a “hoax,” sometimes he means a lie. Other times he says hoax and he means a deceptive interpretation of information used as propaganda. But the Democrats or liberal media pundits and writers who lie never admit they lied. That would be a hoax if they did. But since they don’t, it’s just a lie. Or a fraud. Maybe “scam” is a good one since that doesn’t necessarily imply a criminal act.

I think we need to reign in the use of the word hoax, because a) most of these are not funny, and b) it is destructive to the understanding of what’s really going on which is deception.

A Red Herring Is Not A Smoking Gun

People keep acting like Clinton’s emails or this Biden email is going to be some kind of smoking gun. It isn’t. An email alone is unlikely to be enough evidence to prove a financial crime. Usually you need bank records or transactions to prove that. So people will spend weeks or months pouring over these things and maybe never find anything substantive. That would be a shame.

So I encourage people to think about whether you can or should devote enough time to this red herring. If not, then keep looking at places where the Biden or Clinton contingent may have done damage in your community.

That is how you’ll nail these people.

With diligent adherence to the truth, and a voracious pursuit of justice.

So don’t get bought off by this slick PR stunt. Keep focusing on what matters to you and how these politicians mess with your freedom. That is what will ultimately unify people across the political divide.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligenceĀ as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University.