Biden is a trojan horse with men inside him.
The only thing accurate about this is the fact that Biden is a horse’s ass.

If you’ve been wondering how a Biden staffer spends their day, I have an interesting story to tell you. It will make you sad, no matter which side of the political aisle you reside on. Because this is an example of the hypocrisy and duplicitous behavior in our political system. While people will think this is simply a partisan article, the truth is I’ve never had a Republican group call me, text me, or email me trying to get me to register with them.

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An Enemy At My Gate – A Biden Staffer

Biden is a trojan horse for a progressive movement that has been broken for decades.
Some Trojan horses don’t even move anymore; like Joe Biden.

I’m sitting at my desk. The phone rings. I’ve been fielding calls for the last week about my article where I published George Floyd’s mugshots. Needless to say, I was skeptical at first about whoever this was. When I picked up she said, “Hi this is Jessica from…” and I can’t remember what organization she said. I told her, “that sounds like some Democrat bullshit. I’ve never been registered to vote at all.” She laughed nervously.

Guess what? It was bullshit. But it was even more bullshit than I thought it could be. Although in some ways, she was honest. You’ll see what I mean…

The Case For Biden, From A Biden Staffer – Without Mentioning Trump’s Name…

Jessica is very typical for a deranged leftist. She acted as if simply even saying Trump’s name would give her hives. The reason I asked her to make the case for Biden without mentioning Trump had nothing to do with her delicate feelings. It is more about wondering, as a potential voter, why exactly I should consider voting for Biden. I’ve seen Trump be President for almost 4 years now, and he’s doing just fine despite insane opposition. Prior to the pandemic, things were improving for most Americans.

Even from a logistics standpoint, it is disruptive to change leadership in a major organization like a country. So if Trump isn’t “literally Hitler,” then honestly, why shake things up in that kind of way? It’s not like Biden moves with great expediency on anything, so who knows how long it would take them to “install” his government management team. Nevertheless, I challenged Jessica to pitch me Biden without bashing Trump, which she *technically* did, but it ended up an even worse explanation.

“Joe Biden is a Trojan horse.” – Jessica (Biden Staffer)

Biden is a trojan horse for foreign adversaries to invade us from.
Trojan horses come in all shapes & sizes.

Just like whatever organization she claimed to be calling from, Joe Biden is a Trojan horse. This Biden staffer seemed to have no qualms about this either. Despite being self-identified as “far left,” and “progressive,” this woman is willing to sell out on her beliefs to get Biden elected. Her attitude was that getting Trump out (she didn’t say his name, but it was obvious) is so important that electing Biden is okay. Because having Harris as his VP means she’ll be able to run in 2024. She told me they (Biden staffer and campaign team) *know* he’s “getting old” and will not “make it” a second term. Therefore, they believe they can elect Harris in 2024.

It actually made me really sad. I told her that it made me sad, too. She seemed proud of this strategy, though, as if it will work. Not only that, she seemed to think this is the only way they can win. Here are a few reasons why that should depress any liberal reading this right now:

  1. This proves that the Democrats don’t really care about progressive values, they just want to win elections and remain in their positions.
  2. Democrat voters are being sold a bill of goods in order to get Biden elected, despite the fact he is not the candidate they want.
  3. Democrats are the racist, sexist bigots that they claim to hate, and their entire campaign against Trump has been a reflexive self-loathing effort.
  4. Trump is right to be concerned about coercion, manipulation, fraud, and other election rigging attempts.

If they would lie to prospective voters in order to court us, why should we trust them to keep their word about anything they say to us at all?

The answer: we shouldn’t.

A Trojan Horse Phone Call About A Trojan Horse Candidate

Biden is a trojan horse and everybody knows it.
A Trojan horse or an old car? Either way you’re drivin’ with Biden off a cliff.

This call was a Trojan Horse. It was obvious to me. Jessica pretended to be a disinterested party wanting to educate me about my voting options. Instead she wanted to really have a talk about Biden for President. I told her I’m an adult and I know how to vote if I wanted to. She entertained me briefly while I explained a few reasons why I won’t vote; especially now:

  1. The voting age is 18 but the minimum age to run for President is 35. I think that’s kind of strange because what if I thought I should be President? Can’t vote for myself for another few years. So why should I be compelled to vote for somebody else prior to being able nominate myself?
  2. I don’t think I could vote for somebody I’ve never met. While millions of people accept that kind of representative Democracy, I am skeptical because I’ve never seen a politician I 100% agree with on everything.
  3. The electoral college is still a mystery to me. I want to know exactly what my vote actually means prior to casting it instead of doing it because people shame non-voters for not supporting their desired agenda.
  4. Living in Philadelphia which is an 8-to-1 Democrat majority means “my vote doesn’t matter” is true. Also, Kenney and his administration regularly suppress conservatives from speaking or allowing them to voice an opinion – which I’m working to dismantle.

Whatever *Works* I Guess…

But then again, that tactic has been *working* for Democrats. They use BLM when it’s convenient, without putting Biden as the face of it, since it isn’t really about him. Democrats take cover in a lot of politicized events and have used everything from a pandemic to police involved deaths to try to convert people to their way of thinking. The entire notion of wearing a mask has flip-flopped as if it were up to Biden directly.

Governors like mine in Pennsylvania took unconstitutional actions to help effect the outcome of this election. I’m tired of pretending that’s not exactly what these dirty bastards are up to. Our mayor is doing this kind of stuff too. I think it is utterly despicable that instead of actually reforming their own party platform the Democrats are hell bent on destroying all of America. To use his own words, “here’s the deal…” the Democrats are systemically racist. THEY HATE THEMSELVES.

Tom Wolf has also used millions of dollars of taxpayer funds to pay for advertising for masks, mail-in voting, and other Democrat platform issues.

“I am the Democratic party” – Biden

But they are being lead by Biden, who admitted “I am the Democratic party” in his debate with Donald Trump. That means every single failure they have faced in the wake of this election race is his fault. He is the one that has been leading the “defund the police” calls. He is the one behind these encampments where human beings are trafficked. They break every available city law in the process. That’s happened in Portland, Seattle, Philadelphia, and other places as well. All places a Biden staffer would consider successful trojan horse missions. He is the one who therefore directed governors to put sick patients in nursing homes to kill the elderly too. This man, if he’s telling the truth (for once) is guilty of a lot here.

If “Silence Is Violence” Then Biden Is A Slave Trading Eugenics Specialist

The "silence is violence" campaign is a trojan horse too, like Biden.
Not sure I’ve been told what black violence is, have you?

Think about that. “Silence is violence.” They say this in order to force people to agree with them. The notion being that if you’re silent about something terrible (like fascism) then you are inherently guilty of violence yourself. In the context of something like an actual Holocaust I can definitely see this point. But in the context of something like “white supremacy,” the real deal is that it doesn’t exist everywhere. These Biden staffers want me and you to believe it does, because they are using things like “anti-fascism” as a trojan horse to instill actual fascism. Moreover, the way they’re going about it is going to make it easy to usher in actual fascistic governance in the future.

In Philadelphia, I’ve exposed the fact that there is at least low-level human trafficking going on that we can see in plain sight and the Biden campaign has been silent about it. That means they are committing this violence, according to their own ideological precepts. That’s the thing I hope conservatives take away from this. Take them at their word (because that’s very important to them – so they say) and see if they put their money where their mouth is.

If they don’t – then they’re either full of shit or they need to do more work on themselves in order to actually be who they say they are. Also, Biden has been in government for almost 50 years. If there is any systemic problem, he was there for it. Either he didn’t do anything about it (which would be equal to silence) or he did do something about it directly – meaning he’s responsible for it. Say it with me: Biden. Is. The. Racist. Candidate.

Biden IS One Of The Bad Things That Happens In Philadelphia

Biden, the trojan horse.
“US Vice President Joe Biden laughs during a celebration of the 5th anniversary of Joining Forces and the 75th anniversary of the USO at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, May 5, 2016. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)”

When Trump said “bad things happen in Philadelphia” during the debate, he was specifically referring to polling places. However, there are a lot more bad things happening under Biden’s watch here that people don’t know about. Nobody talks about it because our press is corrupt, but I’ve done my best to cover it for the benefit of the city.

Biden knew Mayor Kenney when they were in high school, apparently. Ed Rendell has been raising money for Biden since the beginning. Biden’s HQ is in Philadelphia. So why don’t you ever hear anything about them? They are doing a great job being silent. Which would mean that they are really busy being VIOLENT. They are silencing dissent in this city by orchestrating unconstitutional and illegal discriminatory practices. I’ve personally be a victim of this. They blocked my ability to advertise Trump or any other political messaging on SEPTA. Even though they allow BLM. Which we all know is technically a Biden campaign.

TROJAN HORSES. They are everywhere. But simply calling them out doesn’t necessarily matter if they keep getting away with it. I’m tired of letting them get away with it though. They lie, cheat, steal, and gaslight. The call I received violated consumer protection laws. You can’t falsely advertise yourself as one thing while you’re selling another. Don’t pretend that you just want to talk to me about my voting options when what you really want to do is sign me up as a Democrat to pretend I’m white with privilege like Biden himself.

It’s disgusting and it has to stop.

Her Name Is Jessica S. Dils (activist)

Jessica S. Dils is inside the Biden trojan horse.
Biden staffer Jessica S. Dils.

She only identified herself as “Jessica” on the phone. Her voicemail message doesn’t give her name at all either. But I looked up her phone number and found it attached to a document from something called “GreylockTalks” and their Guidelines & Logistics for Presenters. It had her phone number (confirming her identity) and an email address. This helped me discover where she works which is the “CENTER FOR LEARNING IN ACTION” at Williams.

From her bio on the website we learn:

  • Jessica “hires and oversees Williams students.”
  • She works with “Words are Wonderful,” “Friends of the Milne Public Library,” “Williamstown Community Association Scholarship Fund,” and “Music Committee at the Second Congregational Church in South Williamstown.”
  • Jessica also “writes fiction for young audiences.”
  • She is “represented by Sara Sciuto of Fuse Literary” *although she isn’t on their website so maybe she got dropped.

Use Your 1st Amendment Right To Protest

Jessica S. Dils is involved with the trojan horse of Joe Biden.
Jessica S. Dils Twitter bio picture.

Her phone number is publicly listed: (413) 884 – 4319 and her email address is JessDils@gmail.com.

If you are upset about the practice of lying to consumers about what company a person represents to try to get them to vote for a slave trading racist bigot like Joe Biden in order to later elect Kamala Harris (wtf are they doing honestly) then give her a call or shoot her an email. Tell her that you think it’s despicable that she supports a racist bigot like Joe Biden, and that if she’s going to do that, she should not be a coward about it. Don’t hide behind another organization. Be white & proud – and be loud. Stop pretending you’re an advocate for minorities or poor people. It is obvious that you are not. Neither is Biden. Biden is lyin’.

Jessica S. Dils believes there is nobility in lying to the American people.
“CAROLINE BONNIVIER SNYDER — THE BERKSHIRE EAGLE Organizer Jessica Dils takes notes as she listens to District Attorney Andrea Harrington speak during the Greylock Together meeting on Sunday afternoon.”

Thanks for the call, Jessica. It inspired this article and revealed how deceitful the Democratic party actually is. One thing is for sure now:

There is a virus in the Democratic party, and its name is Joe Biden.



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