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Biden’s COVID-19 Response Was A Political Weapon From His First Tweet About It On March 15, 2020

By March 6, 2021March 10th, 2021Nobody Asked Me

Biden’s COVID-19 response started long before he was inaugurated. Since “Day One,” Joe Biden was aloof and disinterested in helping anybody but himself. He saw an opportunity to use this virus to his advantage, at the disenfranchisement of our entire nation, and he took it.

His selfishness and condescension towards our country caused a Civil-War-like effect. It divided the nation more than ever before – physically. Many people were incited into violence like never before, too. All while Biden’s friends in government at every level held the line to carry out this egregious plan.

Something to keep in mind, is that the Democrat primary election was officially over on August 11, 2020. However, you’ll notice Biden acting like the inevitable nominee the entire time.

I Hate To Burst Your Filter Bubble…

Most politicians and celebrities don’t run their own social media accounts.

Even though every single person alive, including politicians themselves and reporters pretend they do. This is widely known by anybody in marketing or media. But because it allows people to produce braindead content, they all pretend otherwise. So it’s with a giant grain of salt, and caveats galore that I write this article based solely around Biden’s tweets.

However, it is still true that these communications platforms act like a press secretary. So just because Biden himself doesn’t draft these exact statements, he is still responsible for the content.

Biden’s COVID-19 Response Launched With A Voting PSA

If you had any doubt whether or not Biden’s COVID-19 response was politically motivated, look at the first sentence of his first tweet about it:

Just so we’re clear, this was about a month after his old friend Nancy Pelosi was telling people to go out and eat in Chinatown. This was weeks after dim-witted mayor of Philadelphia Jim Kenney did the same stunt.

Just to be crystal clear, Joe Biden’s campaign HQ was in Philadelphia – in case you forgot or never knew that. He also knew Jim Kenney when they were younger apparently. This article does not suggest that Biden or his comrades planned to release COVID-19 like some kind of biological weapon.

However, they seized on it with such voracity – the effect was the same.

March 15, 2020 was a Sunday, by the way. So Biden was not advocating for people to vote on Tuesday, November 3rd. He was attempting to get people to vote prior to election day – by about 8 months. There were other elections going on at this time, so you could chalk it up to that. But let’s be honest, he was at least setting the stage.

Which Election(s) On Tuesday You Talkin’ About, Fat?

Following up with Biden’s tweet telling people to vote “on Tuesday,” (though he does not specify November 3, 2020 as the date of election day) he suggests that “absentee or vote by mail options are the best way to make your voice heard, while protecting your neighbors.” First of all, if you’re exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 at best a mail-in ballot could be an option for you. However, Biden is advocating that people use an absentee ballot if they’re feeling sick. That’s not right.

This is a coercive message.

If Trump can be impeached for inciting a riot, Biden should be impeached for inciting voter coercion en masse from this one tweet. Because as Biden himself goes on to say, “The words of a president matter.” Biden has used his to hype COVID-19 and mislead the American people. He was always unfit to lead.

Donald Trump shut down travel to China on February 10, 2020. That was not downplaying the virus. He did that the same month that Jim Kenney and Nancy Pelosi were advocating that people go to Chinatown to eat. Do you think that was downplaying the virus, Joe?

Jim Kenney had more of an impact on local policy than Trump did.

Another reminder that Biden thinks COVID-19 is about the election.

Biden’s COVID-19 Response: The Confusing & Scary Times Show

Biden’s COVID-19 response is: telling us that it’s confusing and scary.

So far he’s the only person I’m confused by.

He has said that Trump didn’t take the virus seriously when the speaker of the House and my mayor both advocated people go to Chinatown and called it xenophobic to refuse. At this point Trump was trying to get people to calm down and realize the virus was not as bad as some “experts” said it was.

We knew so little at this point, and the news was just loving the opportunity to speculate about the worst case scenarios. The narrative about this being Trump’s fault is also confusing if you read further how Biden both blames & doesn’t blame Trump for it.

What Does “Decisive Public Health Response” Look Like? Amputating The Economy To Save Socialism

Another reminder that Joe is confused. Speaker Pelosi, Mayor Kenney, and plenty of others were downplaying the virus in February. While they derided Trump as a racist for shutting down travel from the place where the virus originated. Joe’s either confused, or scared and stupid. Maybe all of the above. But his communications plan demonstrates this was meant to be a divisive political weapon for him. The biggest problem with that is that he therefore worked actively to belittle, invalidate, and dissuade the Trump administration from succeeding all while pretending to be America’s friend.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Are Racist Towards Poor People?

Now it’s air pollution & racism that’s making the virus effect minorities somehow? Is that Trump’s fault? Or is this the infrastructure we live in because of Joe Biden and his leadership (or lack thereof) in our government for half a century?

I’ll just remind you here that Cuomo covered up & lied about the number of deaths in nursing homes. The state of Pennsylvania did the same thing. Our city’s health commissioner also admits they release information in batches which gives the opportunity for misleading reporting. But this is also not the only group that Biden will pander to claiming they are more impacted.

More claims that the virus is racist. Or that Trump is somehow handling this in a racist way, when the state & local decisions were left to the governors and mayors; like Jim Kenney – Biden’s buddy.

Now Asians are being targeted for harassment because of the virus according to Joe; who claimed he is the Democrat party (thought you might need a reminder).

Trump Is (Not) Responsible Or He Is, Or He’s Not Isn’t He?

Trump is not responsible for the virus. But he’s responsible for “our slow, uncoordinated response.” No, Joe, he wasn’t. There was also plenty of coordination between the Fascist Five governors Wolf, Whitmer, Murphy, Cuomo, and Newsom, who all abused the elderly in their state’s schemes.

The coordination efforts on the local & state level were designed to make as many people sick, depressed, and violent as possible. That led to the riots which (if you’re following the timeline) are about a month away from popping off. But what was Joe Biden actually doing this whole time? He was campaigning. Raising & spending money. Setting up his administration for what he believed was a fait accompli. He was constantly talking about what he would do if he had any power, but as he told Chris Wallace at the final debate – he wouldn’t even call his governor connections because he wasn’t holding public office.

That means at best Biden sat idly by acting like he could fix things but doing nothing about it. Or at worst, he was actively coordinating efforts at the local & state level to thwart any federal response while convincing people the federal government was their enemy. Biden’s COVID-19 response was all about remaining on the sidelines in the public’s perception. All while subverting every process in our government as the country tried to heal itself.

More Performative Nonsense

A literal performance of musicians is not what the world needed. We needed Biden to stop being a partisan hack and reach across the aisle to Trump to work together to fight this virus. That is, if the virus was ever anything more than a SARS variant (it isn’t) and if it were actually any more lethal than the seasonal flu under normal conditions (seems like it isn’t).

The first tweet here, Biden is calling somebody courageous for volunteering to help in the delivery of ventilators. This manufacturing feat was orchestrated in part by Trump. Biden had nothing to do with that at all.

He then acknowledges that “older adults are especially vulnerable to COVID-19.” Infection control was a problem in nursing homes prior to COVID-19, at least in Pennsylvania, too. But regardless of Biden saying the Fascist Five in PA, NJ, MI, NY, and CA all had a policy to place the elderly back into their nursing homes after testing positive.

If You’re Worried About Something “Roaring Back,” Doesn’t That Mean It’s Gone Or Going Away Right Now?

There was nothing rational, or grounded in science about the elder abuse policy. However Biden never condemned these actions. In fact, as you’ll see later, he specifically praises governor Gretchen Whitmer for her handling.

Now he panders to women.

This was another weird thing. The testing obsession. Only thing I can figure is that somewhere along the line Biden’s donors are involved with the manufacturing & distribution of these kinds of products. Testing does absolutely nothing to slow the spread of an infection.

In fact, the deranged communications from so-called health experts like Dr. Fauci make that clear.

The COVID-19 Victims’ Family Voter Bloc

Now pandering to victims’ families. I called this out last year, but basically this codified a voting bloc for Biden & the Democrats. By pretending to relate to them, and blame Trump (but also not blame Trump) for the virus, he endeared himself to these people who were suffering. Creepy, right?

Look at the first line in the article, “The safest way to cast a ballot will very likely be by mail.” So much so that Joe Biden called a lid on in-person campaigning – or so he said that’s the reason why.

Biden Called A Lid On His Campaign Before The George Floyd Riots

Just remember all this rhetoric about how bad the virus is until later…

Remember Remember, The Senate Run-Off Race In Georgia

Biden probably knew it would come down to the Congress, so he got to work early fighting in Georgia.

More pandering to Asians…

It IS Trump’s Fault, But Also – Asian Hate Crimes

NOW he starts just blaming Trump. But also, take a look at the death-rate as it was being live-reported in June: 2,000,000 cases & 110,000 dead. That’s 5.5%. This is a good time to remind people that as the deaths & cases were being tracked they were not rising as they were getting reported. What I mean is, the way reporting works is you have to gather data then report it.

So it looks like the press is breaking news constantly tracking the virus’ spread in real time. But they’re not. Health commissioners reported in batches, the news did the same. They also spin the information to fit whatever narrative they are telling and in this case that’s another episode of “orange man bad.”

COVID-19 can impact anybody but for some reason it’s racist. But nobody can explain why. Read above again about the opportunistic and manipulative reporting tactics to see how this could leveraged to get people to vote.

Biden implies Trump tried to “tweet it away.” But while Biden was creating a podcast and working on the Senate race in Georgia, Trump was actually running the country.

According to Google, at the time of this writing, over 24,000 people have died of COVID-19 in the last 30 days. Joe Biden has been President for about 2 months now, and as you’ll see later, his “transition” team was supposed to hit the ground running on day 1. Biden’s day 1 came complete with almost a year of data, most people complying regularly with the nonsense government orders, etc. But now we’re losing more people per day?

Pandering To Health Care Workers

But Biden never said anything about the fact that most healthcare workers don’t get tested. Why? Because if you had even 1 nurse test positive for the virus, the entire hospital would have to shut down – in order to keep up the charade that the virus was really as lethal as they said it was.

I’ll remind Biden that it’s been over a year since the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the United States, and he still doesn’t have an effective plan to contain its spread – if we’re playing by the same rules.

Governor Whitmer Killed Old People For Biden & Received An Atta’ Girl

Detroit News reported on Whitmer’s failures with the elderly. As I’ve mentioned before, and will say a million times more, she was one of the Fascist Five who killed old people for Biden. Biden congratulates her here, which can only mean that he approves of this policy. Why has no member of the press asked him about that yet?

Trump Is NOT Responsible For COVID-19 – You Get It?

Trump is responsible, but not responsible. Therefore vote Biden?

Trump IS Responsible…?

Wait, Trump is responsible?

Wrong again, but still repeating that same lie over & over again. Trying to hide the fact that it was Democrat Congresspeople, mayors, etc. who advocated going out to eat in Chinatown up until February. Biden himself did not condemn that or advocate against it.


Trump incites violence? This tweet comes after several months of rioting, looting, and other lawlessness on the streets of major American cities like Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Kenosha, and many more.

Pandering To Cops, Or Anti-Cop Antifa, Or Both

This is one of those linguistic slights of hand liberals love to use. So “under Donald Trump” we have COVID and “Unwarranted police violence.” There is a “reckoning on race” too? I’m going to want to…circle back to that one later.

The common thread is not a President who makes things worse – not better.

The common thread is a former Vice President who was vying for power and looking to obtain it by any means necessary. Inclusive of slaughtering Americans, especially the elderly, with the helpf of his friends.

He’s crystal clear about blaming Trump for COVID, crime and looting, and racially motivated violence. Oh, and bad cops. I guess in 50 years of government Joe forgot that the federal government doesn’t control local police action.

I…truly don’t know what this means. Trump didn’t give cops COVID and he didn’t shut down small businesses. In fact, he helped usher through probably the largest bail-out of small businesses in American history. I was one of the lucky recipients of the PPP which I begrudgingly took. I never wanted a hand-out from the government like that. Hard working people like to work hard; not be handed socialist entitlements like children.

Trump Is Not Responsible But He Is

This is Biden’s COVID-19 response in a nutshell. Blame Trump but don’t blame Trump because then Biden looks like Trump who they say blames everybody but himself. Biden’s COVID-19 response, or lack thereof, was politically motivated at every step of the way. In no way did his actions ever demonstrate that he cared for the American people.

Wait, I thought Trump was responsible? Looks like even after 8 months Biden can’t figure it out. It was Biden’s COVID-19 response that left us without any leadership. Trump was doing all he could, while facing opposition from Biden & Democrats along the way. Many Republicans barely fought back otherwise.

Meet The People Responsible For Destroying Our Country With Biden

Biden is already acting like he won, but still not doing anything at all. He is hosting shows like the most boring TV host imaginable.

Trump Is Not Responsible, But He Is A Criminal Somehow

If it is “close to criminal” to “do nothing” about COVID, what would you call it if governors intentionally spread it to the elderly?

Joe Biden Is A Super Spreader Of Misinformation & Propaganda

By this point Biden had waited to take action on COVID-19 for the entirety of the situation. While he has criticized Trump’s use of Twitter, these tweets are the most significant thing Biden brought to the table. Remember, he hadn’t been on the campaign trail this entire time.

The Curious Case Of Biden’s Test Results

Remember all that talk about how badly the testing was going? Biden is a former VP. You think he couldn’t get himself and his family and administration tests if they wanted or needed them? But October 2, 2020 was the first time Biden publicly acknowledged taking a test – and being negative.

Oh yeah. Remember when the Watergate guy mentioned Trump said once that he “likes to downplay” COVID-19? But then nobody cared because Woodward himself sat on this information for months. Really, though. If it was a big deal to downplay it, that story should have dropped immediately.

But instead, this information dropped conveniently while Biden was in the midst of downplaying a COVID outbreak in his circle.

Check that again. Over the span of 3 weeks Biden announces his first negative test. Woodward claims Trump downplayed the virus’ severity and then somebody on Biden’s plan tested positive for COVID? But Biden assured everybody the crew member was more than 50 feet away. So…you know…social distancing.

Wait a minute, though, when did Biden leave his house?

Trump’s plan was to keep calm until we really knew what was going on while taking normal precautions. His plan was to shut down travel to China and advise people to take ordinary sanitary measures in their lives like washing hands, etc.

Joe Sings The (Not) Election Day Blues

Things were going great until Biden & the press turned COVID-19 into the Cold War 2.0 & leveraged city & states to shut down the public. So just so we’re clear, this is Trump’s fault…Hey, isn’t November 3 election day? I mean for a guy whose first tweet started with, “The right to vote is the most sacred American right there is,” So his stance pivoted fully to one that believes it was unsafe to vote in person. I mean…he didn’t even campaign in person that often and when he did he almost caught it!

Less than a week after election day and Biden is rocking the “Office of the President Elect” seal on his media.

Now there’s a transition team. Where were all these experts before? Why weren’t they actually doing anything? Or, were they working behind the scenes? Maybe we should investigate these people and see what they were up to this whole time.

Don’t make me laugh. Not wasting any time? Even if Biden was lawfully elected by this time (he wasn’t), it was still going to be 2 months before they assumed office. So, more wasting time from sick Uncle Joe.

Post-Election Day Surge Reports Were Predictable

Yeah, he admits it. He’s not going to do anything. Still.

Remember what I said about the governors. Specifically The Fascist Five.

Don’t let Cuomo go down alone.

The mayors of course. Biden’s plan to subvert the American processes of this election were brilliant, albeit sinister.

So Joe knew that this entire thing was going to force people to be abused with no way out. He didn’t stop it. Didn’t even try.

Forcing Economic Hardships Was Key To Biden’s Plan

On “Day One” they were supposed to “pull every lever of government.” I want you to rethink that phrase in context after looking at the all-governors call. Then the all-mayoral call. These people had to have been in touch prior to these webinars. What were they talking about in June? Or February? Or October of 2019. Right before the first fake impeachment.

You get the picture…

It’s your “patriotic duty as Americans” to wear a mask? No it isn’t, Joe.

Schools still aren’t opening, masks aren’t working, and the vaccine is still in the first generation.

Dr. Fauxi Is A Liar

If Fauci has been there all along, and it’s still not under control, what sense does it make to keep him around? No sense. Because it’s all nonsense. Also Fauci famously participated in the PPE PR stunt heard round the world. Do you remember (of course you do) when the media and Fauci acted like masks didn’t work? This was a lie they told to try to divert stock of PPE to people on the front-lines in medical facilities who really needed them.

Because healthy people in normal conditions don’t need to wear a mask to protect them from novel viruses.

This is the vaccine that the healthcare industry worked on with the Trump administration while Biden did absolutely nothing but tweet and host a podcast.

It’s not a patriotic act. It isn’t even something to reduce COVID cases. It is a performative gesture which means nothing but compliance to Biden’s delusional campaign against America-first.

Back To “Day One” Again

Back to the Georgia Senate race! Biden needed Georgia in order to get elected & inaugurated. Without control of the Senate, Democrats might not have been able to push him through. Even though Republicans largely proved inept or disinterested in ensuring a fair eleciton. But that’s another story for another day.

Biden took the Trump vaccine. Dose 1.

Biden’s COVID-19 response is the model for Democrats, too. Scary.

Not exactly filled with the Christmas spirit of hope, Biden claims the darkest days of the virus are…*checks notes* “ahead of us – not behind us.” I truly don’t understand and that’s because Joe is confusing. If he is supposed to be better than Trump, and Trump is responsible for how bad the country is doing (from racism, to COVID-19), and Biden is going to be President, how are we going to be worse off – in his mind?

Second dose! Good for you, Joe.

In COVID-19clusion The Only Thing I’m Sick Of Is Talking About COVID-19

Thus concludes the coverage of Biden’s personal twitter account’s mentions of COVID-19. From the first instance on March 15, 2020 to the last instance on January 11, 2021. What did we learn?

  1. Joe Biden’s COVID-19 Response Was All Political Campaign Rhetoric, No Action That Benefited Americans
  2. Joe Biden Regularly Put Out Conflicting Information About Whether Or Not He Blamed Trump For Anything (Or Everything)
  3. The Nation’s COVID-19 Death Rate Is Being Reported As Higher Per Month Under Biden Than It Ever Was Under Trump
  4. Joe Biden Claims Things Are Somehow Going To Get Even Worse Under His Presidency, But Not As Bad As If Trump Had Stayed In Office
  5. Joe Biden Waited Until October 2020 To Get & Announce His First Negative COVID-19 Test, Then Somebody On His Flight Crew Had It
  6. COVID-19 Disproportionately Impacted Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Women, But We Don’t Know How Or Why & That Hasn’t Stopped

I’m still waiting on the report of how many Democrats vs. Republicans got positive test results and/or died from it. I mean if we’re releasing enough personal data to get somebody’s race, why not their political affiliation? If we were to look under the covers of that one, I think we’d find a typical, yet still abnormal disparity.

Biden’s COVID-19 response was abysmal if you love America. He should be investigated about what he knew prior to March 2020. His connections to China make it impossible to believe he knew nothing about COVID-19. But he didn’t sound any public alarm until after his comrades were advocating Chinatown visitation as a cure.

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