Changing The Meaning Of “Government Shut Down” Was Disastrous

By February 12, 2021Nobody Asked Me

It used to be that a “government shut down” was when the government shut itself down. Usually the reason was that Congress couldn’t balance their budget. That would be akin to a company halting production and distribution because they owed too much money to creditors. Kind of a ridiculous concept when you really think about it. But that’s the way it goes.

However, in 2020 city & state governments took unprecedented, unconstitutional actions. It has continued in an escalating downward spiral into complete madness. Here is an update for the state of Pennsylvania from December of 2020 which is basically ancient news at this point. But it still illustrates the situation. The mere idea that the government of a state could shut down its private citizens’ activity?


How It Started…

Back in March of 2020 the Pennsylvania government shut down of the people began. Governor Wolf did this. New York’s governor Cuomo, Michigan’s governor Witmer, New Jersey’s governor Murphy, and California’s governor Newsom all followed suit. These governors enacted unlawful measures to restrict the freedoms of American citizens. Some people thought this was necessary and they willingly conceded to it. Others did so begrudgingly. But a lot of people were forced out of business because of it; at a time they needed to remain open.

Restaurants still have a ridiculous capacity limitation. What’s the difference between taxing business owners 75% or forcing them to remain at 25% occupancy? But this has been going on for almost a year now.

The New Normal: Government Shut Down Of The People

This has become too commonplace to stop anytime soon. People who have abused their power don’t usually let it go easily. A lot of people are resigning from their positions now, like PA Secretary Kathy Bookvar. But others are being promoted – within the Biden administration – like Rachel Levine. So here’s the precedent: corrupt government officials make it illegal to live a normal life as a private resident and then they get a better job.

We, the people, simply had no response for this. Most people either went with the flow or got crushed by it. Those who fought against it may have won some small battles, but have failed to wholesale stop the momentum.

Yes this topic has been covered before. A lot, actually. But the difference here is the context of the shut down. Rhetorically we don’t even know how to talk about it. When you say the words “government shut down” it too easily gets confused with when the government shut itself down. That’s why I have proposed renaming and rebranding “the pandemic,” or all those other phrases, with “the reap.” Short for “the economic reaping of American businesses,” That’s what was really going on. Using a virus as an excuse.

The events of January 6th were a retributive pacifier.

Don’t for one second think that this was an “insurrection.” There was no substance to it. Just another empty and meaningless display for the media to pump out cheap content. Same goes for the 2nd fakest impeachment in history. These only pacify real opposition into submission. The display of grandeur makes many people believe that any resistance to Biden’s administration is over. Also consequently it casts any opposition to this man and his will as seditious.

That’s a very dangerous pacifier; soaked in anthrax.

Take the anthrax-soaked pacifier out of your drooling mouth.

Wake the fuck up.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

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