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If we do not create a “masks optional establishment” certification soon, retail may never come back. When I say “we” I mean we the people by the way. Not city government. Not state government. Definitely not the federal government. This is a long time coming, too, because masks should have always been a recommendation not a forced-compliance tyrannical government policy. There doesn’t even need to be any consistency to it.

Why would there need to be consistency? There is no consistency to the SARS-CoV-2 testing materials, procedures, technology, or anything else. Dr. Fauci has never maintained consistency or cogency in his arguments about masks, social distancing, or vaccines. Nobody in public policy making or the major healthcare companies are pushing fitness, nutrition, or things that promote a healthy immune system. It seems like everybody is waiting around for their turn to die. Hinging on the government to decide what industries stay or go. But no more.

Masks Optional Establishment Certification Is Common Sense & Essential

If you are afraid of contracting a novel strain of SARS, feel free to live in a mask. In fact, get one surgically attached to your face if you feel like it. That’s your business. This whole “your mask protects me” game is over. That’s absolute and total nonsense. Either it provides the individual with protective value or it doesn’t. Every single living adult with a brain knows that it’s got limited utility just like anything else. Nothing is 100% and tomorrow you could wake up with the news that a new variant penetrates the masks we have right now.

So grow up, get on with it, and wear a mask if you feel like it. But nobody, especially the government, ever had the right to mandate masks. The threat of state force for non-compliance scared a lot of businesses into an economic suicide that never had to happen. This is such a shameful disgrace I think the whole planet is struggling to figure out how to get back.

It’s Your Choice To Patron A Business. It’s Their Business If They Want You As A Patron, Too, Though.

If a business requires masks and you don’t want to go there; don’t go there. Or wear a mask there as per the private businesses’ restrictions. But if a business decides to become a masks optional establishment, you have no right to stop them. If you are afraid of leaving your home and you have the means, be a complete shut in. Live online and get all your meals & clothing delivered to you. That’s your choice. But stop making your hypochondriac lifestyle ruin a good time for everybody else. Most of us just want to live normally. SARS-CoV-2 is not an abnormal virus. It was treated abnormally to manipulate data sets which mean we have no control group for this thing. But masks optional establishment certification can help us generate a control set of normal adults dealing with this virus.

I think it’s fair to allow a business owner the right to refuse somebody who is trying to force an illogical anti-science policy on them & their customers. We have no idea how many people would shop at places that were masks optional because nobody has ever tried it on scale. I only found a few Google results for it and none of them were businesses advertising this. The search results occurred inside of reviews left by customers. Some of them were pissy and rude, others were appreciative. Most of them were from last year. It’s time to revive this with a vengeance.

Print A Paper That Says “We Are A Masks Optional Establishment” & Put It In Your Window

That’s it. Literally that’s all that exists right now for mask adherence. There’s that and the deputized civilians who think they have a right to force cloth on people’s faces. But they don’t have that right. At least they don’t have that right at a private business. They can file a report with the health department – if they can get in touch with anybody there since I’ve tried and apparently Tom Farley is busier than Joe Biden. There are also only (10) people on Farley’s team here in Philadelphia (probably similar in your area too) that are capable of checking on compliance at all.

Not to mention all the filthy kitchens they aren’t doing anything about. Maybe they should check on food poisoning not civilian transmission of potentially new variants of SARS. It’s over, folks. Time to find a new obsession. I know Trump is gone and you’re still feeling empty inside, but read a book. Take a nap. Stop being so woke. Get over it already.

The State Was Always Just Playing A Very Dangerous Game That Has Now Cost Too Many Lives

Take down the signs that say the state is mandating this. They aren’t. In fact, there has always been a clause availing people to not adhere to their stupid policy if you have a medical condition. Not only that, nobody can discriminate against you for having a medical condition. I’ve proposed “NOVID” as a viable medical condition for the neurologically normal. People who are literally getting physical symptoms from the anxiety produced by living under rules that makes no sense. From people that have no decency: like Tom Wolf & Rachel Levine.

So become a masks optional establishment on your own with a simple piece of paper. Or hit us up and we’ll design a really dope one for you. Either way, just get it done. Stop living in this delusional fantasy that the state will ever get it together. They have proven to be a nuisance beyond repair. It’s time to force them to levy fines or try, and then go beat them in court. These arguments haven’t been heard in the right places yet. Bitching on Twitter isn’t it. The game is to go get the justice system to rectify the ills of the past, and finally hold the right people accountable.

The End Is Near

So wear a mask forever if you’re scared, but let’s do what always was right and make them optional. Don’t wait for the nanny state to declare this, though. Force them to reconcile with us about it. If I had a retail store I would’ve been done this. But in the meantime I’m happy to help fight it with business owners who are struggling still. The next thing to do is fight back against the capacity restrictions, but I think the masks optional establishment certification will help. People will begin to understand that you are a location with common sense & decency.

It will also force the press and public to grapple with the stupidity of all of this. We need to utterly, totally, and completely embarrass the Tom Farley’s of the world until they are shamed out of office and locked up in federal prison. But it starts with this stupid simple linguistic game. Playing that game & beating them with it.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligence as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattebphl