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  • Georgia does not accept ballots without any envelope they are as good as naked ballots.
  • Georgia used the Opex 72 in the Senate run-off race, which strips ballots from envelopes, forcing them naked.
  • Therefore, all of Georgia’s mail-in ballots are naked, but got counted anyway – which is fraudulent.
  • Auditing these naked ballots could overturn the results of both Senate seats – given how Democrats voted.
  • This problem exists in PA & NY too, states that if flipped, would overturn the Presidential election as well.

These Contested Elections Have To Be Settled

Contested elections are the norm in America now. Whether you think they are completely corrupt, or perfectly pristine. Most Americans are dubious about election results or they are dubious of other Americans’ interpretation of those results. I think (hopefully) we can all agree on that. In fact, attempting to overturn elections is not uncommon anymore. Recently, Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats attempted to overturn the result of an election in Iowa for a seat in the House of Representatives. In response to this attempt, as Quad-City Times reported, “Iowa Secretary of State to Pelosi: ‘Iowans should have the final say in all Iowa elections‘.”

The states are supposed to control their own elections. But it’s clear that in America right now we are in the process of (re)writing the rules of law. So I thought it would be interesting to apply the naked ballot principle in Georgia. See what turns up.

There Are About 3,000,000 Naked Ballots From Georgia’s Senate Run-Off Race

If all the mail-in ballots are naked, these races could absolutely flip – if you audited them for this error.

For those of you who still don’t understand what a naked ballot is, let me explain again. Simply put, a naked ballot is a ballot received without an envelope. Some states have a secondary “secrecy envelope” the ballot must be in. In others they will accept a ballot without that secrecy envelope. But no state that I know of allows a mail-in ballot to be counted if it is not at least received in a mailing envelope. In Georgia, the mailing envelope is where a lot of the personal identification information is anyway. In other words, if you vote by mail, you can’t just hand in a ballot. It has to at least be delivered in the right mailing envelope.

Forget About Signatures, Signature Matching, Dates, Postage, Or Even Sealing It

Arguments have waged about voting & election integrity. The states almost unilaterally made it as easy as possible to vote last year. The signatures didn’t have to match on different parts of the ballot/envelope package. Some states like PA didn’t require postage – or they sent it out with postage. It was an absolute nightmare if you wanted consistency. But forget all of that. Because it’s already happened. We can’t undo the past. We cannot go back and force Georgia to only count ballots a certain way. The only thing we can do now is make sure they counted the right ballots, and counted those ballots correctly. Newsflash, and spoiler alert – they didn’t. Nobody did. You and the rest of the world only don’t know or believe that because they have yet to be forced into an audit. Like Pelosi tried to do.

So if it works in Iowa, it should work in Georgia.

Naked Ballots Are The Hanging Chad Of 2020-2021

Remember the hanging chad? Paper ballots in Florida hung the entire election of 2000. Eventually it was a ruling on the “hanging chad” that decided the election. This is what America needs in order to get resolution. 1 simple problem that everybody can understand. Everybody can understand that if a punch card isn’t fully punched, it’s invalid. Therefore if you counted punch cards that weren’t fully punched, that would be illegal. It would be a form of cheating whereby you count votes that shouldn’t count. Get it?

The simple fact is that this may not have started out as a fraud. It could absolutely have been poor planning and bad equipment specification on the part of the state. In other words, they might have just been inept & overwhelmed, not even noticing this glaring error in their process. So all the cries about fraud before the election aside, it was definitely fraudulent to count these ballots. If they didn’t know that, they still certified the wrong result (potentially) or at least certified a result they weren’t sure about. If the result is actually wrong, that’s even worse. We will not know unless we audit, and we must audit.

Not only that, as I’ve said before, this naked ballot problem exists in PA, NY, VA, and other places too. It effected down-ballot races also. Many politicians know this and have remained silent about it because they don’t want it to unseat them. Well, I’ve got news for you, nobody cares. The American people deserve better than fearful politicians who would cling to elected positions, taking our money in their salary, if they didn’t earn it. Even if they didn’t intend to, by keeping an unearned position, they are cheating us. Defrauding us. Scamming us. That has to end.

Correct Mistakes, Before Moving On

This stupid simple little error is causing the nation to lose it’s mind. We have to stop that and bring common sense back into the equation. It’s an accounting problem. The election boards & state legislatures messed up in the worst way possible. But we can’t just forgive them and forget it ever happened. We need to correct the mistakes all over the country. If we did nothing more in the next 4 years than make sure the right people were occupying those offices; we would be a lot better off than allowing them to pretend to legislate another 4 years down the drain.

The Ballad of the Naked Ballots

The Ballad of the Naked Ballots, by Matt E.B.

This song is about the phenomenon of naked ballots in Pennsylvania.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

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