When Will People Stop Pretending Trump Runs His Twitter?

By February 12, 2021Nobody Asked Me

Stop pretending Trump runs his own Twitter already. It’s childish.

I get it. You like to think Trump is so stupid and immature that he literally watches TV and hang out on Twitter all day. Hate to break it to you, but, he doesn’t. He can’t. Nobody in his position could possibly do that because of the sheer volume of meetings, phone calls, and other content he has to review. You could still believe he’s a moron who does his job badly. But pretending that he single-handedly tweets everything that comes out on his account is not only childish, it’s professionally insulting.

Pretending Trump runs his own Twitter account has been a lame joke from the left for years. They pretend to laugh at it, too, because it isn’t funny. It also presumes something that isn’t so; which has confused the public badly.

You know who benefits from that confusion? Twitter. Every time they are mentioned in an impeachment proceeding, they win. It’s amazing brand recognition, and it establishes them in history. Even though it’s nonsense.

Journalists know (or should know) that Trump can’t possibly be running his accounts. So do the people in marketing who also routinely make these claims. In fact the funniest part is, every politician who criticizes Trump’s tweeting activity knows he is likely not to run his own account. Because they don’t run their own accounts either. In fact most of the people in media know that Brad Parscale, Dan Scavino, and teams of other people ran and/or still run Trump’s social media presence.

Just like any other celebrity, CEO, or personality, Trump has hired professionals to manage those things. He directs the communications but also can’t possibly approve every single post. If you’ve never worked in social media, you know that clients like that never get very far. That’s because if they want to approve every single thing, they should just run the account themselves. But if you’re pissed off at something Trump tweeted you are probably mad at Scavino instead.

Remember How Clueless Congress Is During Any Hearing On Social Media

That’s because most of them don’t know anything about it. But look at all of them online and you’ll see they each have Facebook, Twitter, etc. So how is that happening? How do they have thousands of followers? Because they hire people to do that for them. That’s because their job is not to be promoting themselves on social media, their job is to govern. You just believe you’ve developed a relationship with them because it makes you feel better to think you have some kind of control or contact. You don’t.

Jake Tapper Talks More About Trump’s Twitter Account Than Legislative Policies

Pretending Trump runs his own Twitter account is half of Jake Tapper’s show. That’s because Jake Tapper, like most other pundit talking heads, are completely ignorant about the realities of government. They are more like actors on a set reciting lines. Jake Tapper is more like Drew Carrey than a real reporter. He has no idea what’s going on in the world, and reports on lines that are fed to him. The news that he’s reporting on is being produced by ever-more ignorant and childish individuals who knew even less about the world than he does. But people still watch this, lap it up, and play along.

That game has to stop. It’s so over I can’t even begin to tell you. These people know nothing, they have nothing of value to add, and they are there just to churn out content for advertisers. That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less. But watch CNN and count how many times Jake Tapper notes Trump’s twitter account. Look at the impeachment managers and how often they cite it. But none of them are even 100% positive that Trump himself authored, published, and posted those tweets.

As if it matters. But let’s just say it does.

If you think that the @realdonaldtrump or @potus Twitter accounts incited violence; you need to prove that Trump did that at least. But they can’t. So stop pretending Trump runs his own Twitter account unless you can prove it. The criticism isn’t even funny. Or original. But will that stop? No.

They won’t. Because the *evidence* being presented was more likely written and distributed by somebody else, and the Democrats in the House haven’t even pretended like they are interested in proving anything conclusively.

Our Congress Has Become A Social Media Activation Site

The losers occupying our US Congress right now are wasting time and money on something that everybody knows will turn out to be nothing. It is obvious that the people who are participating in this are doing so to produce content for their own social media accounts (because they demonstrated that’s all that matters to them) while collecting a check. We (the people) have yet to establish any provision against this.

The answer would be somehow restricting Congress’ access to their own funds if they are wasting time or abusing processes like we’ve seen. But since that doesn’t exist yet, we can’t stop it. Like a train wreck in slow motion, we are forced into the torturous activity of watching grown adults talk like children as they bleed us of money during an economic crisis.

Just like the Capitol riot itself, in the words of Senator Rand Paul, “this is nothing more than a partisan exercise…designed to further divide the country.” I just hope we can figure out a way to change course quickly.

Stop pretending Trump runs his own Twitter and start acting like an adult.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

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