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USA Today publishing President Maribel Perez Wadsworth has confirmed that they have blocked us from sending emails to their ~5,000 reporters.

USA Today Has Ignored My Stories About Human Trafficking & Election Crimes In Philadelphia For 7 Months

Email from USA Today Network President Maribel Perez Wadsworth

I have been emailing thousands of people from within this network since last year. Occasionally a few people would ask me to “unsubscribe” and I’d take them out of my spreadsheet. A few people would talk trash but then they’d ignore me again. The biggest question here isn’t even why they blocked us from communicating with thousands of people in their organization. The biggest question is why didn’t a single one of them respond to me with any meaningful or substantive questions?

If you want to know what these people value just Google things like, “USA Today,” and “Qanon” in the same search. I found almost 2,000,000 results for that. Less than 450,000 results for “USA Today,” and “human trafficking.” So they cover it, albeit at a fraction of the pace that they cover fringe conspiracy weirdos. When Wadsworth tells me that people claimed I was sending them “unrelated content,” that’s nonsense. Also, they blocked (3) of our email addresses including 1 that I just created less than a month ago, and Kristen’s which had previously not been used to communicate with these people.

Why Would They Do This?

They also censored our ability to email any domain, in addition to the 50+ Gannett-owned local news outlets I had been contacting for months. For a little background on this you can return to my first article from September where I began exposing the human trafficking ring in Philadelphia which was happening in the open during the Summer of 2020. Under the guise of homeless activism, hundreds of people were trafficked in & out of Philadelphia with sponsored resources & funding from the city government itself.

After attempting to get any news outlet in Philadelphia to cover this, I quickly realized that they were involved, or too ignorant to understand. This year I received confirmation that at least (1) reporter from KYW admitted to knowing there was “absolutely some human trafficking” going on there. Yet she decided to not report it. Then she lied to me claiming it had been covered by others. It hasn’t. I am the only one who has uncovered, exposed, and tried to do something about this. I reported it locally to the district attorney’s office homicide unit as a potential murder site – after a stabbing incident and (2) overdose deaths were reported there. Then I went to the office of the inspector general to report the corruption. They told me “it’s not illegal to not enforce the law.” Wrong again, city government.

Eventually I even reported this to the local office of the FBI. Never heard back from any of these places. So I realized I was going to have to go outside of the city in order to get the right kind of attention for this. At the same time I was also uncovering mail-in ballot errors due to the “secrecy envelope” that PA insisted on during the 2020 Presidential election. So I began making a list of about 20,000 reporters across the country. Many of them from USA Today or the Gannett network; because their emails were all available on their websites.

The Other Matt Berman Is Trying To Defame Me Now, Too

Matt Berman, politics editor from BuzzFeed, not me.

I copied a bunch of people on my response to Wadsworth in case nobody believed me. Somehow or another that got to this guy, the politics editor for BuzzFeed Matt Berman. He claims I’m “up to no good” even though he hasn’t read a single word of my writing. Also says I’m “spamming every reporter” even though these email addresses were all publicly available, and I’m sending news tips to reporters. Obviously journalists no longer look to the public for their sourcing because they just make up the news together instead. Lastly he claims I’m “ruining (his) good name” even though I never said one word about him. He decided to take this little limp shot at me. I never had a bad word to say about him – until now.

I called him an asshole and such. Then some of his colleagues came to make inane comments about each other to drown out the fact that none of them knew what my work is about. This morning I’ve come to find my account @mattebphl has been suspended. No warning or information from Twitter. I’ve had my account suspended before for foul language posts and usually they offer an opportunity to delete the post or appeal. I’ve tried to appeal but have yet to hear back from Twitter about why this happened.

Waiting For Comment From BuzzFeed PR Team

My email to the BuzzFeed PR team.

You can read what I asked them here. Looking to see if they have any comment about an editor attempting to discredit & defame me. He has done zero research into my work. These people are ashamed and embarrassed and I get it. Somebody with no journalistic background (me) has done more monumental work by accident than they will ever accomplish in their whole careers. I am officially sick & tired of pretending these type of people will ever change their tune. They will not willingly become diligent, meaningful writers. BuzzFeed has always & only been a heaping pile of trash with. So I’m not taking that part all-too personally even though it’s literally involving a guy with my name. Because none of these people have an individual personality anymore. They are all cogs in a wheel destroying the free press.

USA Today Knows I’m Right & They’re Wrong For Creating This Mess

I stumbled onto a story last year and didn’t stop until I proved it. This took hundreds of hours of my time. I have been ignored or harassed by people all across the world. Censored on Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, and now email. “Big tech” is often blamed as the censorship police. But they are downstream of information. USA Today sources news from their local publishers in every market across the country. If they refuse to acknowledge a story, it doesn’t exist to the general public. When they also attempt to shut down other outlets in their periphery, it makes it even harder to get truth out there. But don’t think this is only a liberal media problem.

I’ve sent these stories to dozens of conservative outlets too and they don’t respond either. That’s because they, too, are complicit in the outrage machine. People would rather consume fake stories about things like human trafficking, than know about the reality. Similarly, people would rather live the lie of a Biden Presidency rather than reconcile with how the election went.

But I’m right. They’re wrong. I will continue to fight.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligence as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattebphl