Why We Need A Basic Counter Impeachment Process

By February 10, 2021Nobody Asked Me

When Trump was first impeached, I argued that he should be able to launch a counter impeachment in response. It never occurred to our founding fathers that one day a phony or fraudulent impeachment process would (or even could) be pulled off. Maybe (to their credit) they never even dreamed of something so corrupt. But at this point a lot of Americans agree that the first impeachment was a sham. The people who think it was legitimate think their opinion is correct because of how it played out.

But there is no process in place that could determine the impeachment’s legitimacy. The only way we would actually be able to tell if an impeachment were fraudulent would be if there were a counter claim against it. If an impeachment were actually fraudulent, that in itself should be considered an impeachable offense. In other words, the people responsible for executing a fraudulent impeachment should be, themselves impeached. Simply put, fraud is at least a misdemeanor crime, if not a “high crime.” But without that, Trump was only able to defend himself.

He could not go on the attack more than rhetorically calling it a hoax, etc.

But he should have counter impeached Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, and others.

Biden’s 3 Stooges In The House Of Representatives: Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff

Schiff used a fake whistleblower report to instigate an impeachment inquiry. Nadler turned that into a process which broke so many procedures it was almost impossible to watch. Pelosi presided over the entire thing and actually forged the vote, as well as usurping the position of the clerk.

These individuals used their party’s majority in the House to turn their chamber into a mockery of itself. However, there was no legitimate process for Trump to counter it. There is more evidence that the impeachment process was abused, than there ever was evidence Trump behaved unlawfully. Yet there was never an actual hearing about this.

Trump Was Treated Like He’s Below The Law

If somebody sues you for something baseless, you have legal standing to sue them for damages. The very act of launching a legal battle on false pretenses is enough to damage somebody. Therefore, there are legal provisions to protect people from baseless or fraudulent lawsuits. For all the cries that Trump is a dictator who is “above the law,” he was actually treated as if he were below the law. Stripped of rights that any other American should have. Just because the idea of a fraduulent impeachment was never conceived by the framers of our constitution.

This is a very dangerous precedent.

The precedent they set is that a majority in the House can force a President to suffer an impeachment trial with no ability to stop it. If a single political party controls both the House & the Senate with enough of a majority, they could essentially sue any President out of office. That’s horrible for the American people and our entire federal government. An evaporation of the protections of checks & balances. But that’s what we have right now without a counter impeachment clause in the constitution.

To my knowledge no scholar, reporter, politician, or anybody else has ever presented this even as a concept. So before you criticize it, keep in mind that it has never been seriously considered. Trump would have to make an issue out of it, too. Otherwise it won’t come up again until the next time a President is fraudulently impeached; which is inevitable now.

You Won’t Find Another Source Talking About This

If you find it let me know.

But I’ve not seen any other person discuss the possibility of a “counter impeachment” trial. Am I fishing for credit? Yeah. Give it up, folks…

If you look up the search term “counter impeachment” you’ll only find it in the context of countering the impeachment from a defensive standpoint.

But this is not a suggestion about how to counter the charges against the President. It was about the President being able to submit charges against a false or corrupt accusation. This is why Trump is being impeached again.

While not in office. But that opens up another interesting wrinkle…

If Trump Can Be Impeached While Out Of Office, Biden Should Be Impeached For Crimes He Committed Before He Was Inaugurated; Like His Campaign Crimes & Election Rigging

This second impeachment is being considered constitutional, even though the accused is not in office anymore. An unprecedented event. However, nobody has suggested that Trump be able to counter this one either. We do not want a world where the President is only capable of being a defendant in an impeachment proceeding. Especially if that President claimed he was there to stop corruption & “drain the swamp.” Let’s see if he really is or not.

While we’re on the road to crazy town with the Democrat agenda and vendetta against Trump, shouldn’t the reverse principle hold true? We never thought about a person being impeached while they aren’t holding any office anymore. Yet it does make sense, if the person is actually guilty of violating the public trust. They should not be allowed to hold any office in the future either. But we can’t have a system where a person can get muscled out of service if they didn’t really do anything wrong. Worse, we can’t have a system where a person can get muscled out while being accused of the crimes the people accusing him of actually committed.

However, if we can impeach a person who isn’t in office anymore we definitely should be able to impeach somebody in office for what they did to get into office. That was basically the accusation levied at Nixon. Nixon was actually guilty, though, so he wouldn’t have needed or been able to exercise any kind of legal defense. Therefore he just resigned. But Biden is guilty of election offenses, as are other members of the Democrat party.

Yet they will get away with it if things keep going this direction.

I’d like to think that Trump is serious. That his team is serious. I want to believe they are doing their best to defend the former President and our institution of government. But they are also probably all enjoying their moment in the sun, on television. The attention these people are getting for their firms and careers is immeasurable. No matter what the media says about them, they will win business from this exposure alone.

In fact they’ll probably get more money the worse the press treats them.

If Trump’s legal team had the same thought as my little theory that they could launch a counter impeachment, they would be stupid not to pursue it.

On the other hand, by being the perennial fighter against unfair treatment, Trumps fans and customers in his businesses are supporting him like always. Maybe that’s enough for him now, and the theater on TV keeps his name in people’s minds like always.

Just another part of the sh*t show.

This is much bigger than Donald Trump, though. He is just the unfortunate subject in this charade. But the American people need to get this right because we do not want Presidents to get impeached on political grounds while hiding the crimes of Congress.

That’s a really bad deal.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

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