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Rachel Levine Is The Man

Will Rachel Levine be charged with elder abuse, and taken to task over it? They should be.

Rachel Levine is now the assistant health secretary of the United States. While many celebrate this as a success for diversity, Pennsylvanians are reeling. This person is responsible for the policy that killed thousands of elderly people during the SARS-CoV-2 hysteria of 2020. Not only that, but Levine also lied about those numbers. They helped governor Tom Wolf use this as justification to continue locking down our state, threatening business owners and the public with force. This is a person who has openly and proudly called for the use of “pubertal blockers” for children.

Senator Patty Murray celebrates this confirmation as “a historic step.” Howie in Philly feels differently. You can understand why when you watch the clip he shared. This is a segment of one of Levine’s speeches at Franklin & Marshall. It makes their position clear, obvious, and apparent. There is zero ambiguity about it.

Rachel Levine on pubertal blockers and “the wrong puberty.”

Will Rachel Levine push for legislation & government policy to expand the use of medical intervention for kids?

Probably. They didn’t answer Rand Paul when he asked directly. But after seeing this clip, we all know the answer.

When Will Rachel Levine Go Through The “Right” Puberty Themselves?

Prior to this video clip, I had never heard the term “the wrong puberty.” In fact, whenever people online argue with me about transgender issues, they routinely deny this fact. People act like they don’t support giving children these hormones, but it’s an open secret. Just like the fact that Levine forced SARS-CoV-2 on the elderly. In Pennsylvania we have become so used to corrupt officials, with no checks & balances, that most people just accept this. But I don’t. I don’t accept that people who do things like this should get ahead. They should go to prison.

Will Rachel Levine’s Victims’ & Their Families Get Justice?

Will Rachel Levine be able to keep progressing in their career, despite the medical malpractice?

If you or one of your loved ones were forced to contract this virus in a nursing home because of Rachel Levine please contact me: and tell me your story. I understand it will be difficult, especially if you lost somebody in this way. But, the American people are about to suffer at the hands of Rachel Levine for 4 years and we cannot accept that. It was bad enough to happen here. Imagine this person setting policies for schools. Think about how loose they are going to be with tax dollars for transgender transition drugs or surgery. To continue allowing this individual free reign in our government is a dangerous game. A game I am not going to play.

You shouldn’t either. If you have information about the actual data of deaths, and cases, in nursing homes specifically, please let me know. Rachel Levine & Tom Wolf lied about the numbers just like Cuomo. They covered up the reality and redacted hundreds of fields of data. This was all intentional, to cover their tracks. Getting a promotion like this is a disgrace to our country. People always talk about the children, and that they’re watching.

What are they seeing?

The Children Are Learning That Cheating Is An Acceptable Method For Winning

Rachel Levine cheated. They lied. Abused the elderly. Encourage the abuse of children. That last point is going to upset a lot of people but the rest of it can’t be argued. We were told numbers in batches, which provided misleading information. Cities based their policies on this as well. Philadelphia became a desolate ghost town very quickly when Tom Farley & Jim Kenney began droning on about “the science” and “experts” they were listening to. Who were they listening to? Rachel Levine. Tom Wolf. These people are teaching your children how to bald face lie to people in order to get their way. It’s borderline personality disorder type mentality. That we would allow a person to ascend to a new, federal position, without being investigated to see exactly how bad it really was in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvanians Shouldn’t Forget This & We Shouldn’t Let This Go

Let me tell you: it was really bad in Pennsylvania.

Does Biden or his administration think PA did a good job? You would have to assume they do. Otherwise why promote the person responsible for the horrible response here? It worked from Biden’s perspective. He knew that SARS-CoV-2 was a crisis they could exploit, and exploit it, they did! Will Rachel Levine ever have to answer for this?

At the current rate we’re going – no.

The trajectory is that Rachel Levine will be lauded an American icon. A hero of sorts. Even though they are responsible for atrocities that will go unacknowledged. At a minimum, Levine & their supporters would have to admit that spreading SARS-CoV-2 to the elderly in a disproportionate and irrational manner was somehow for the greater good in their deranged minds. Because that could be their only argument, given we know what they did.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

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