Engagement Brief

Vaughan Buckley is an Australian construction entrepreneur working in the Philadelphia real estate market. Vaughan asked for our assistance in the development of a new venture. Originally the project was to raise investment capital for building a new modular building factory. We advised that a more cost and time effective solution is to form a joint partnership.

Vaughan and his partners the Johns Brothers (owners of Ritz Craft Homes) gave us a name “Johns Buckley.” It was up to us to bring their partnership to life. We facilitated conversations to uncover a common set of corporate values. These values and principles serve to guide the company. Then we designed all the creative elements: logo, color palette, style guide, website, business card, etc.


Johns Buckley


Construction, Manufacturing

What We Did

Brand Identity Creation, Strategy, Digital Marketing

Construction is really cool. But the branding usually isn’t. We wanted to change that.

The premise for the logo was, “make the partnership look like a modular building block itself.” So the J of Johns and B of Buckley were forged into this incredibly strong element. Vaughan has a theme in his portfolio of companies with respect to branding so a secondary logo (a shield) was designed as well.

Consumer brands in construction tend to have some swag to them. B2B  construction companies generally look lack-luster or unoriginal. In this day & age that is all changing, as more business is developed with relationships that form online. Brands in the construction industry now have to be instantly recognizable and difficult to forget.

Balancing multiple logos requires a nimble communication strategy.

A brand new brand is something to behold. Your brand is integral to the company’s entire communication strategy. It is difficult to say what is or isn’t “on brand,” because it is so nascent. Before designing any of the collateral we first create a brand book. This is to commemorate the brand elements, identity, and help showcase the right ways to present the logo/mark, and other style points. As a brand evolves, periodically the brand book should be revised or refreshed to reconcile what changes to keep.

Manager’s Retreat