Engagement Brief

Feng Shui Lighting is a brand of custom decorative and backlit architectural products. Their philosophy is rooted in ancient feng shui principles and fundamental practices of good lighting design. The company engaged with Philly Made Creative to produce a communications strategy in the form of a press release every month, which was then extended into a print format and their email blast campaigns. This campaign boosted awareness within the industry and past contacts of which they had not previous used digital marketing to engage. As a result, the company attracted new talent, and received valuable data about what aspects of the company were most engaging for their audience.

Through the use of creative communications, we were able to successfully add value to the brand identity. A series of tag-lines enhanced the existing understanding of the company and developed it further. These pieces contain content that is topical, current, relevant, and especially meaningful for the niche industry audience.

What We Did

Email Campaign, Print Materials, Press Release Copywriting


Lighting, Manufacturing

Tongue-In-Cheek Copy



How can you tell a lighting professional when they walk in a room? They look up at the ceiling. This product from FSL is a luminous ceiling system; and quite an impressive one at that.

Product-Application Fit


Potential Solutions

After performing some basic market research, we discovered that the target audience for FSL’s products are more interested in solutions and how companies can help them address the challenges they face.

plugging in to the digital landscape

Our HTML email campaigns took the core communications message we developed for FSL and brought it to thousands in their email list. Each showcased products within the cleverly veiled context of project installations and stories.

  • Creative Conceptualization
  • Clever Copywriting
  • Clean HMTL Design
  • Industry-Specific Content
  • Interactive

Remembered By The Light You Left Behind

Print Materials. High Design. Brochure.

Evolving Your Brand

We introduced this phrase to highlight FSL’s ability to create high end specification products with an artistic edge.

Keep It Simple

By breaking down the products’ core features, we can communicate them easily to your audience.

Keep It Moving

Even in print materials, you must move people forward, and give them calls to action.

Making You A Star

We will elevate the way you speak about your brand, and make the market think of you the same way.

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