Mercy Career & Technical High School is an anomaly – and we love that. They are a co-ed Catholic career & technical high school. There are probably no other schools like them in the entire country. Not only that, they serve students in some of Philadelphia’s poorest neighborhoods. Mercy CTE is giving hope to young people who need it most.

Not only do they provide a valuable service, Mercy CTE is lead by powerful women who want to innovate education itself. They offer virtual reality in some of their curriculums and they spoke to us at length about their desire to build a new school. We were contracted to support an effort to eliminate the taboo of trade education and faith-based schools while promoting their amazing programing.


Mercy Career & Technical High School



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Instead of looking at it as some kind of stigma, kids should view trade school as a way to get a leg up on their peers

Skilled labor shortages are threatening the manufacturing and construction industries right now. Mercy CTE has a strong commitment to rebuild the working middle class in America by providing opportunities to those who are willing to work hard. They give a lot of love, and a lot of guidance to a population that deserves both.